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Space Shuttle Exploration

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Title Screen

Space Shuttle Exploration

Also known as: Space Destroyer Exploration
Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: Trump Grand Manufacturing
Platform: Unlicensed NES

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Space Shuttle Exploration is a completely original shmup by Hummer Team that has co-op and is hard as hell in single player.

Rinco Copyright Screen

SpaceShuttleExploration RincoScreen.png

Similar to Panda Adventure, this was supposed to be released by Rinco but no copies published by them have been found. Unlike Panda Adventure however, this game does contain a copyright screen. While playing, changing the value in 0004 to 06 will trigger it. All the palettes and animations play correctly and it even has the Rinco fanfare but the pointers must've changed because it loads the incorrect graphics. Even then, there appears to be graphics for what could've been a bigger Rinco logo (similar to the one in The Dragon intro) but none exist in any cart this game has appeared on. Since you can't exit the screen, it's possible this was originally an Easter egg and not an intro.

Unused Graphics

SpaceShuttleExploration RincoGraphics.png

Not only do the graphics remain for the Rinco logo but also what appears to be some Arabic. Rinco's only known game The Dragon did include an Arabic option for the language but given where these graphics are stored, it's possible this was supposed to be for the copyright screen.

SpaceShuttleExploration MenuFont.png

Some letters on the title screen go unused as well as a copyright symbol. Given the unused letters, it's possible the title screen would've mentioned "Ramar Intl' Co., LTD" (Ramar International Corporation, Limited which is Rinco's full name) similar to The Dragon's title screen. The "96" might imply this game was originally made in 1996.

Unused Music

In address 0701, there's two unused tracks:

22 - Mortal Kombat II Special Vs. Screen

For some reason, the Mortal Kombat II Special track used on the Vs. screen is in the ROM and not used anywhere else.

23 - Rinco Fanfare

The Rinco fanfare plays when you access the copyright screen above. Unlike Panda Adventure, this variation actually uses percussion.


Space Destroyer Exploration


An alternate version of this game exists on some Famiclone systems which replaces part of the logo. Strangely, this version loads the font from Bucky O'Hare into the PPU on the title screen, but it's never actually used.