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Star Fox Adventures/Dinosaur Planet Leftovers

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This is a sub-page of Star Fox Adventures.

Dinosaur Planet is what essentially became Star Fox Adventures. There are a surprising number of leftovers from this earlier incarnation. As the plot was heavily rewritten for the final game, there are a slew of differences between what's in the game's data and what's actually in the game.

Unless noted otherwise, all the text seen here was ripped from GAMETEXT.bin. Any text that is italicized was transcribed.

Additional leftovers exist in the Star Fox Adventures July 2002 demo. A full N64 build dating from December 2000 was released by Forest of Illusion on February 20, 2021.

Unused Cutscene(s)

Unused Cutscene at Galleon

Version Action Replay Code
USA Kiosk 041D77F4 60000000
USA v1.00 041E13E4 60000000
USA v1.01 (BvqR zxi5) 041E19D4 60000000
Japan v1.00 041E14D4 60000000
Japan v1.01 041E19D4 60000000
Europe v1.00 041E1B1C 60000000
Europe v1.01 041E1C24 60000000

(Source: BvqR zxi5)

(Source: Rare Thief)

Unused Graphics


Starfoxadv-sfakrystaladv.png Starfoxadv-sfasabreadv.png
SCREENS.bin contains two splash screens that were used when starting off the original protagonists' stories.

Original HUD

A very small remnant of Dinosaur Planet's HUD can be seen with the texture files.
This image is used for the "Unknown" item in the inventory, which is never given to the player. Appeared as "Warp Crystal" in the Dinosaur Planet prototype, where it was the first item acquired.

Unused Voices

General Scales/Krystal Confrontation

Some of this very same cutscene can be seen in leaked Dinosaur Planet N64 footage.

Sound Character Transcript/Text
General Scales General Scales, ruler, tyrant, and
dictator of the SharpClaw Tribe.
And who might you be, animal girl?
Krystal My name is Krystal
and I've come for the princess.
General Scales You seem a long way from home, Krystal.
I can't believe the wizard asked a girl to
do his dirty work.
Krystal How do you know the wizard?
General Scales Let's just say we had a
nice little chat and he's agreed
to take a rest for a while.
At least until I've taken
over the planet.
Princess Kyte You coward, Scales. My mother
will send an army against you.
General Scales Ah, yes, Princess Kyte. Your mother.
Once I've dealt with this... animal...,
then we'll pay your mother a visit.
Heh heh, nice try, but you'll have
to kill me before you can save the princess.

Bad Future

The creators had a very different endgame in mind - one that obviously had less Star Fox elements. This section refers to a scrapped plot to recover the fifth SpellStone from two time periods before it disappears in the present. The other speaker is a dying physical Krazoa being who originally gave some exposition of the larger plot.

Sound Character Transcript/Text
Krazoa 'Twas the Dragon. After you entered
the time rip, he completed his task
and unleashed the power of the ancient
Kamerian Heart. Sabre had tried to stop him,
but he was... destroyed.
Krystal Sabre is dead?
Krazoa We fought our final battle here in
(gasps) the palace. (gasps)
The Krazoa are (gasps) no more
...the (breathes) dinosaurs are no more (gasps)...
Dinosaur Planet has been destroyed.
Krazoa Somewhere within the remains of the palace,
Randorn left a spellpage. (gasps)
Find this, return to the past,
and stop the SpellStone from ever being taken.
(gasps) Maybe then, this future will
never happen.
Krazoa Find the spellpage and return
to the past.

Unused DarkIce Mines Dialogue

Strangely, there are two different variations of this dialogue remaining in the game's data; one with Sabre being mentioned, and the other with Fox.

Sound Character Transcript/Text
SnowHorn Welcome, stranger. Word is you
wish to find the SpellStone.
 "Across the ravine you will find
our most sacred treasure, 
the Horn Of Truth." 
 "Only a true believer may 
cross the divide."
"Believe in your quest Sabre,
 you must believe."
"Use the Horn wisely Sabre. 
It will summon help in times of need."


ThornTail: How's Randorn? I hope he's OK!

Unused Text


WIZARD RANDORN| Sabre's father

A reference to two characters not in the final version.

"Sabre, Look!"
"Come on Tricky, We've got to help him!"

A very similar line is in audio form, but Sabre has been replaced with Fox. What's even being referenced here is unknown.

"You have placed the first ..."
"  "
"There are 7 more that must be returned"
" to Warlock Mountain!"

This implies that eight Krazoa Spirits existed at one point, but there's only six in the actual game. Also, instead of returning them to Krazoa Palace, it appears that they would have been returned through Warlock Mountain.

"Follow the path to Swapstone Hollow."

Swapstone Hollow would later become ThornTail Hollow.

"Hello there little fellow, I'm Rocky."
"My twin brother met a friend of yours."
"Now let me tell you how I can help."

"Now, now ... Don't be scared."
"Krystal's friend, Sabre, is on the other side of the planet."
"To complete the adventure you will have to guide both characters."
"To do this you must visit me, or my twin brother Rocky."
"Do you understand?"
"Good, now let's swap to Sabre."

"Hey, Shouldn't you get that Spellstone activated?"
"Ok, now if you push left on your joystick,"
"Then I'll send you to one of those WarpStone thingys...!"
"We'll get back to that in a minute."
"And if you push forward on the joystick."
"Then you can enter the Store of Treasures."
"Now, this one's a bit special."
"When you have collected a Krazoa Spirit, then push right on the joystick."
"And I'll send you to Krazoa Palace."
"Now, you know what I do, so hurry up and make your choice!"
"If not then press B so I can get back to sleep!"

Dialogue from two characters that were completely removed from the final game, Rocky and Rubble. They would have served the purpose of swapping between Krystal and Sabre.

"Hey scaleface, pick on someone your own size!"
"What ... Who's that?"
"I am Fox McCloud, Royal Knight of the Lylat System. I've come to take the Prince back to his ... home?"
"Hey wait!"

This line shows up in the N64 prototype, fully voice-acted, which suggests the idea that Fox was a "royal knight" might have been planned as a concept early in the conversion to a Star Fox game.

"Now, now ... Don't be scared."
"Krystal's friend, Sabre, is on the other side of the planet."
"To complete the adventure you will have to guide both characters."
"To do this you must visit me, or my twin brother Rocky."
"Do you understand?"
"Good, now let's swap to Sabre."

A removed element of the game was to swap between characters.

"Look out boy!"
"Hey, Its the young Prince."
"And who is this with you?"
"This is my friend sabre,"
"My mother sent us to find you."
"Your mother sent you did she lad."
"Nice lady your mother."
"She said you'd know something about a spellstone?"
"A Spellstone! HMmmmmm."
"My name is Garunda Te."
"I am a SpellStone guardian."
"Many moons in our past,"
"The great Kameria Dragon formed,"
"a group of Dinosaurs known as,"
"The SpellStone Guardians."
"Five Dinosaurs from different tribes,"
"Were each given a SpellStone."
"Each Guardian was to keep this Knowledge secret."
"And pass down this duty,"
"through following generations."
"General Scales learnt that I was a Guardian,"
"and gave me a choice."
"Either reveal where I had hidden the SpellStone or,"
"My whole tribe would be destroyed."
"I had no choice!"
"The safety of the many must come before the few."
"It is my duty."
"But my daughter did not think this way"
"My daughter told scales that she knew"
"where to find the SpellStone."
"Scales kept his word and did not destroy the tribe,"
"He enslaved them instead."
"My daughter has dishonoured me."
"What can we do?"
"It is up to you to find the SpellStone"
"before General Scales."
"I will open the mine."

Early dialogue with the introduction to Garunda Te, who is referred as a Guardian instead of a GateKeeper. The general tone of the story is similar to the final version, but it is worded differently and the backstory itself reveals that five tribes were responsible for guarding a SpellStone each. Rather than opening the gateway, he only opens a mine.

"I cannot thank you enough for releasing me. Take this as a reward."
"I found it whilst working yesterday. It looked important so I hid it from the SharpClaws."
"Thanks. This belonged to my Father."
"If you're heading for the Mine then please look out for the Guardian's daughter."
"Her bravery alone saved us from certain death at the hands of General Scales."

A slight reference to Randorn was removed and the dialogue was rewritten to mention Belina Te earlier.

"HORN OF TRUTH| Summon The SnowHorn"

The Horn of Truth is most likely an early name for the Dinosaur Horn. The dialogue itself isn't used in the game in any form.

"So the wolf thinks he's fast."
"Wanna race SharpClaw?"
"Rules are simply... first to bottom... wins."
"Wolf too scared to race?"
"You were lucky that time."
"Wanna harder challenge?"
"You're too slow wolf boy."
"Wanna try again?"
"We race again."
"This time wolf must smash all of the crates." 
"Wolf too fast."
"Take this and leave SharpClaw alone."

There's no explanation to the race and the cutscenes that play when winning or losing don't have any dialogue from the SharpClaws. Interestingly, the SharpClaw refers to Fox as "Wolf", though this is likely a coincidence if the text dates back to Dinosaur Planet.

"Dad, Look what we've got."
"Well done, you have both made me very proud."
"Now let's see if we can get it activated."
"Time to go, your mother will be waiting."
"There are many more secrets hidden within the temple,"
"including the way to get back to your planet."
"When all of this is over I will be able to assist you."
"Thank you Albada, my father needs to get home as soon as he can."
"I understand, this is a difficult time for us all."
"Be strong Sabre, be strong."
"Albada, don't you have something for our son?"
"Aaah yes. Now Tricky,"
"I have been very impressed with your good work with Sabre,"
"so it is time for you to have the Guard Command."
"I'm sure you'll soon find a use for it."
"Now let's waist no more time, you have a SpellStone to take to the Volcano!"

A cutscene for when Sabre got a SpellStone.

"????????WIND LIFT"
"For our non-flying guests. "
"Please use lever to change"
"wind direction"
"??????POWER ROOM"
"Provides power to all Wind Lifts."
"Access by key only."
"Notice to all Cloudrunners"
"Regal Perches for Royal family use only!"
"For security, the door will only open"
"when Regal Perches are in use."
"We thank the Great Kameria Dragon for"
"providing us with this great source of wealth."
"Only Tunnel Construction Engineers are"
"allowed entrance."

The wind lifts, the power room, and the royal chamber are all in the final version. However, there was apparently a gunpower storage room, jewel mines, and treasure rooms. Whether or not any references outside of GAMETEXT.bin is currently unknown.

"It's good to see you again Sabre."
"You have taken good care of my son."
"Where's father?"
"The SharpClaw drove our tribe away and have taken the sacred stones from this room.."
"And they took your father into the Walled City."
"With the RedEye's and Hookclaws! We've got to help him!"
"I forbid you to enter that evil place."
"But mother!"
"It's alright Tricky, I can look for your father."
"There are many dangers within the Walled City. Follow me, I will open the Jungle Door for you"
"6�?�E?�Stay with Sabre as far as the wall."
"He may need your help."
"Thanks Mom I'll be careful."

An early version of Sabre/Fox and Tricky being informed of King EarthWalker getting kidnapped.

"I think the Prince EarthWalker is ready for a new skill."
"This is the Distract Command."
"Use it to get by those who block your way."

Tricky's cut Distract command. Note that it was originally going to be Kyte's signature command in Dinosaur Planet.

"Dad, dad you're Ok!"
"Tricky my son, you don't have to worry about me, I am the king."
"You must be Fox, Randorn spoke very highly of you."
"You know my Father?"
"Of course."
"It is because of me that you are on Dinosaur Planet."
"My soldiers uncovered a chamber beneath this very temple,"
"it was from there that I was able to contact, General Pepper."
"There are other planets out there? With other civilizations?"
"Of course, we are not the only ones you know."
"Dad how do we get you out of here?"
"You must go into the chamber beneath this temple and collect a SpellStone."
"It has been taken by the leader of the RedEye tribe."
"Bring it back to me, as only I can activate it."
"You're a Guardian?"
"And it is a role that you will have to continue one day."
"I'm gonna be a Guardian, I'm gonna be a Guardian."

Early dialogue for meeting with King EarthWalker. Note the odd replacement of Sabre with Fox. This is odd, since Randorn is still mentioned, making this a Dinosaur Planet leftover.

"You would not believe what we had to do to get this!"
"Aahhh Yes"
"I forgot to tell you about the CLANNAD-ack."
"I had a run in with him a few years back."
"But I managed to freeze him in a waterfall."
"I hope you gave him my greetings."
"Father, Father!!"
"I'm sorry father, I made a big mistake."
"No, I'm sorry, You did the right thing,"
"Scales would have destroyed us anyway."
"It is time for the work of the SpellStone Guardians"
"to be secret no more!"
"(Ahem) Excuse me but...."
"The SpellStone"
"Aaah yes sorry Boy, now lets see."
"You must take this to the volcano Force Point Temple."

Klanadack and CLANNAD-ack are likely early names for Galdon, judging by the fact that it was found frozen. Also, Belina and Garunda are apologizing to each other, which isn't shown in the final game.

"I can taste your fear animal"
"It is very sweet"
"Do not believe everything the Krazoa have told you."
"We Kamerians did not start the Great War."
"But now it is time to end it."
"But by defeating the Krazoa"
"You will destroy Dinosaur Planet."
"Why should I, Drakor be concerned"
"With the fate of a pitiful race of dinosaurs?"
"I will not stop even"
"If I must obliterate this planet"
"and all that live here."
"Nothing is more important!"
"Even though the Dinosaurs believe"
"in the Kamerian Dragon?"
"They worshipped this heart as a god"
"AAahh ..Yes,"
"The great Kamerian Heart"
"Though haven't you just destroyed their God?"
"Even If I believed that the Krazoa were an evil race,"
"Why would the Quan Ata Lachu be asking us"
"to complete the alignment?"
"They talk only of peace in the universe."
"You are more foolish than I thought"
"The Quan Ata Lachu are a rare life form of pure evil"
"Each individual spirit holds no powers"
"But when combined they become"
"The most deadly weapon in the Universe"
"It will be focused through Warlock Mountain,"
"creating the ultimate weapon of destruction"
"You talk of destruction and evil without once mentioning yourself"
"My Father lies dying of wounds inflicted by you"
"You do not understand!"
"I understand the Krazoa have done nothing to harm us"
"They built everything on this world"
"Which the Dinosaurs use for peace"
"The Quan Ata Lachu are not what you say "
"The alignment will finally bring peace to this Universe"
"Your only wish is to continue the Great War"
"The Krazoa only started the war to stop YOU from destroying us all"
"As you wish"
"If you will not see the truth then you must DIE!"

Drakor has practically no dialogue or character development in the final version, but it's implied that he would have been the Great Kamerian Dragon and he would prefer to be rid of the Krazoa Spirits.

"FIND| Uncover the things| only Sidekicks can"

A find function is in the final game, but this implies there was more than one sidekick.

"DISTRACT| GuardClaws cannot| resist this"
"GUARD| Stops baddies| nicking stuff"

Some commands that were removed from the final version.


Fire Spell is probably an early name for Fire Blast.

"MINDREAD SPELL| Reads Only Small Minds"

Something that isn't in the final version, likely because the developers had no purpose to use it in a plausible way.

"Used Distract command| to fool Guardclaw"
"Return to Snowhorn Wastes, maybe| there"
"s a dinosaur stupid enough| to use the Distract command on"

Another explanation for the Distract command.


It seems that a cinema viewer, as well as big head and giant head modes, were to be in the game, likely as cheats. Needless to say, these are absent in the final game.

Krystal & Kyte

In the final game, Krystal largely remains encased in a huge crystal. While she does talk during the main game, she is unplayable aside from the prologue. However, in Dinosaur Planet, she was supposed to be playable along with Sabre, who later became Fox.

Kyte would have been Krystal's sidekick, who would have first been found on the Galleon. While there is a CloudRunner on the ship in the final game, it's just left on the ship and has only a brief appearance.

"_I'm home, Krystal"
"This is CloudRunner Fortress"

Said when Kyte and Krystal went to CloudRunner Fortress.

"Did you find the Guardian yet?"
"Guardian? You mean a SpellStone Guardian?"
"Yes, he was locked up in the dungeon."
"So that's who he was... Yes, he's waiting for us in the courtyard."
"Good, that means Scales hasn't found the SpellStone yet, but we've got to hurry."
"When the SharpClaws attacked, my mother hid my five brothers around the fortress."
"We've got to find them."

This particular dialogue indicates that five CloudRunner children needed to be found. In the final game, only four need to be collected.

"She's dead... she's... dead!"

This line of dialog seems to belong to the original scene where General Scales killed the Queen CloudRunner.

"Krystal, you've found me!"
"Its good to see you again Kyte, now lets get you back to Cloudrunner Fortress."
"Listen Krystal, I've learnt some new skills since we were last together."
"Lets try out my find command."

In the final game, finding secrets is a skill Tricky has from the beginning.

"I'm scared of heights,"
"Sorry I won't fly to the top of this pillar."
"If you can go this high, then so can I."
"Thanks krystal, because of you"
"I no longer suffer from vertigo."

Kyte would have been afraid of heights. This is odd, since Kyte would have been a CloudRunner.

"Is all the CloudRunners' gold on-board?"
"No sir, we're still removing it from the Treasure Room."
"Well hurry up!"
"If the princess will not tell me"
"where she has hidden the SpellStone,"
"then I will just take everything else,"
"including her life!"

An event that doesn't happen in the final game. The SharpClaws are not shown stealing the eggs in the final game.

"Nobody enter Cape Claw"
"Unless maybe girl has something to give?"

Unsure who would have said this, but it's likely dialogue from the golden scarab statue near the entrance of Cape Claw or a similar NPC.

"He was going to kill me!"
"Let's get out of here,"
"we haven't found all your brothers yet and"
"we'd better stop the SharpClaws ransacking gold."

This dialogue implies that finding the siblings would have taken a little longer than it does in the final game. It likely occurred after the above conversation.

"When all this is over"
"I must return to rule as queen."
"   "
"I think you'll make a wonderful queen Kyte,"
"your mother would've been so proud."
"i�?Baby Lightfoot whimpers."
"Are you lost little one?"
"I don't like this Krystal,"
"It doesn't seem safe."
"Krystal! Look Out!!"
"That's the one."
"That's the STEENKING girl that"
"took the spell page."
"ooohhwh, what happened?"
"I am Chief LightFoot,"
"And we don't like thieves!"
"What are you talking about?"
"You take our treasure and give it,"
"to that steenking Sharpclaws"
"Yeah and you take my spellpage"
"I didn't take your spellpage."
"You gave it to me."
"Let me show you what we do to thieves."
"Kyte, Help me out!"

It appears that Krystal would have been captured at LightFoot Village, instead of Fox. Also, the spellpage in question is instead a Fire Gem in the final game (although the dialogue doesn't specify). A CloudRunner does help Fox, but it isn't Kyte specifically.

"So, we meet again General Scales."
"Why if it isn't the animal girl."
"I thought you were dead,"
"how did you survive the fall from the galleon?"
"I have been given powers that you can only dream of."
"I wouldn't do that."
"Give me the SpellStone"
"Did the king earthwalker not tell you?"
"If you shut down this temple how do think"
"you are going to get back to your planet."
"The moment that it is placed, the power"
"in the Communication Chamber will stop."
"You'll be trapped here forever."
"Don't listen to him he's lying."
"You may speak the truth Scales,"
"But I'd rather remain here and"
"save this wonderful planet"
"than watch you destroy it!"
"Close your eyes Kyte."

Presumably, the climax of the game, where Kyte and Krystal were trapped on a planet.

Early Item Descriptions

"BLUE MUSHROOM| Earthwalker Food"
"DINO EGG| Restores your energy"
"WHITE MUSHROOM| Earthwalker Medicine"

In the final game, mushrooms are referred to as GrubTub Fungi and Dino Eggs are called PukPuk Eggs. The final game even goes so far as to state the PukPuk Eggs are *not* dinosaur eggs, but rather bird eggs.

"You have picked up a ..."
" "
"They come in many"
"different colours and are"
"used to power Weapons."
"Walk over the gems to"
"pick them up."

These are Staff Energy Gems in the final version. Also, note that the text implies that there are other weapons aside from staffs.

"These are ..."
"  "
"The SharpClaws keep"
"them hidden in crates"
"and baskets."
"  "
"Walk over them to collect"
"and they'll recharge"
"your energy!"

Presumably, Energy Eggs are another name for Dumbledang Pods, as the description most closely matches the final description for the latter.

"This is a ..."
"They are the currency of"
"Dinosaur Planet!"
"You find them inside"
"baskets and they come"
"in many different"
" "
"Watch out for the most"
"valuable Scarabs, as they"
"do not like to be caught!"

This is largely the same as the final game, but the last part is quite different. In the final game, it says "The more valuable the Scarab, the harder it is to catch!"

"You have earned your first ..."
"  "
"This increases the maximum amount of energy"
"you can hold to four units!"

The final game does have units of energy, but it is limited to the number of magic gems collected.

"You have collected a ..."
"Scarabs are Dinosaur Planet's currency."
"This bag will hold ..."

In the final game, the player can hold up to 10, 50, 100, and 200 scarabs, depending on the bag the player has. At no point in the game is the player restricted to 20 scarabs. Also, the description appears to be a temporary one.

"This is a ..."
"They are dinosaurs"
"favourite food!"
"Being their favourite"
"food means that they"
"do not like to be"
"collected and can only"
"be picked up if stunned!"
"You'll need to feed them"
"to Tricky if you want him"
"to do anything for you!"

In the final version, it mentions that the Blue GrubTub (mushroom) is the EarthWalkers' favorite food, not just the dinosaurs as a whole. The description is also far longer than what is in the final game, as Tricky mostly describes the fungi himself.

"This is a ..."
"  "
"These magical creatures hold strange powers"
"that can restore life!"
"  "
"If you run out of energy and have collected"
"at least one duster, it can be used to restore"
"you back to good health!"
"As well as collecting Dusters for your own good,"
"they hold another secret for you to discover!"

Dusters were likely early versions of Bafomdads.

"This is a"
"  "
"Chop it down with your"
"staff and gather the"
"magic that it drops to"
"the ground!"

Magic Crystal Plants would be known as Staff Energy Flowers.

GREEN APPLE SFA-00036220.png
RED APPLE SFA-00036740.png
BROWN APPLE SFA-00036C80.png
FISH SFA-0003BA40.png
SMOKED FISH SFA-0003C360.png
EAT FIRST SFA-00040440.png
Small Sidekick Foodbag
Medium Sidekick Foodbag
Medium Magic Chest
Large Magic Chest
Small Player Foodbag SFA-0003E200.png
Medium Player Foodbag SFA-0003DCC0.png
Large Player Foodbag SFA-0003D720.png

One of the more interesting aspects that got cut out of the final version. Apparently, food needed to be given out rather frequently for the various tribes more than the final version.

"BLUE GRUB|Cloudrunner Food"
"RED GRUB|Cloudrunner Food"
"OLD GRUB|Cloudrunner Food"

Grubs would have been given to Kyte, who was the Princess CloudRunner and would have been a sidekick.

"RED MUSHROOM| Flame Fuel"
"OLD MUSHROOM| Earthwalker Food"

It seems like separate GrubTub fungi/mushrooms would have been used for different actions. In the final game, there is only one type of GrubTub used for Tricky.


Presumably would have increased the number of mushrooms carried. In the final game, the player can only carry up to 15 mushrooms and there is no increase in the amount of mushrooms one can carry. It's unknown as to why these were scrapped.

"POWER CRYSTAL| CloudRunner Fortress"

Power Crystals would be referred to as Light Gems in the final game. Oddly, the final game still stays "Place Crystal" when highlighting it in the inventory.

"CLOUDRUNNER CALL| A cloudrunner | baby's toy"

This would likely refer to the flute used to attract the CloudRunner children.

"GOLD TREX TOOTH| Walled City"

RedEyes were originally simply known as T-Rexes.


An item completely absent in the final game.

Nintendo 64 References

"To cast a Spell,"
"press the LEFT C BUTTON"
"to activate the menu."
"Press the LEFT C BUTTON"
"again to highlight the"
"spell you want to use."
"Then press the A BUTTON"
"to cast it!"
"To use an Object,"
"press the RIGHT C BUTTON"
"to activate the menu."
"Press the RIGHT C BUTTON"
"again to highlight the Object."
"Then press the A BUTTON to use it!"
"Sometimes you might try to use the"
"wrong object at the wrong time."
"But don't worry ..."
"It will stay in your Object Menu"
"until you find the right"
"place to use it!"

Leftover explanations from Dinosaur Planet, containing references to the Nintendo 64 controller (the GameCube uses a C-stick).


More references to the Nintendo 64, this time referring to the Expansion Pak that the game would have required. There are also early copyright strings.

(Source: Game Text Dump, Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet!)