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Super 45-in-1 (JY-120)

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Title Screen

Super 45-in-1 (JY-120)

Also known as: 45-in-1, Super 45-in-1 (SC-120)
Developer: JY Company
Publisher: JY Company
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Super 45-in-1 is a multicart that would probably not be all that notable had it not been the only time JY Company released the finished NES Super Mario World (the standalone cart was an incomplete build).

Unused Graphics

JY-120 Super 45-in-1-smwsprites.png

Graphics, mostly of Mario and Yoshi, ported over from Super Mario World. These appear to be from an early version of Hummer Team's bootleg.

JY-120 Super 45-in-1-shapes.png

Some miscellaneous shapes.

JY-120 Super 45-in-1-border.png

A border, likely from another multicart's menu.

JY-120 Super 45-in-1-font.png

An alternate font, which is slightly out of order and missing a few characters. Like most fonts, there's not a whole lot to say about it.

90-in-1 Menu

45-in-1 (JY-120A) (Unl)-dipswitchmenu.png

An alternate, 90 in 1 variant of the menu exists in the ROM (albeit with no extra games; it just repeats each one under a different name). No cartridge of this version has been discovered so far, but it indicates that it can be changed by a dipswitch in the cart, as it can be done with most of JY titles/PCBs. The extra menu items in this version are as follows:

fast city connection
mega mach rider
mighty magmax
turbo route sixteen
professional wrestling
sonson jr.
speed spartanx
ultra spelunker
popeye the sailor man
uni bomber man
hard wrecking crew
anti arkanoid
miss pacmen
pacland plus
virtual front line
cheat challenger
bears wars
crazy visionary mario
better pacland
snes super mario world
italian plumber
original aladdin iii
super soccer
russian puzzle
mega metro cross
power ninja ii
random ninja iii
bump beep car
easy elevator action
two forty flappy
kamikaze forty two
cyber seicross
burst bwings
giga galg
hype geimos
higher gyrodine
lower sqoon
zeroin star juster
turbo thexde ii
twentytwenty twin bee
virtual volguard ii
extra xevious