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Super B-Daman: Fighting Phoenix

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Title Screen

Super B-Daman: Fighting Phoenix

Developer: Amble
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: July 11, 1997

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A port of the SNES version featuring Game Boy renditions of the Blastin' music! Also compatible with Super B-Daman Battle Phoenix 64 via N64 Transfer Pak.

Debug Leftovers

Game Genie code 013‑09F‑E6A enables a couple of debug features.

  • Any time during the game, hold Select, then press B to stop the game. Press B to unhold it back.
  • Hold A + B + Select, then press Start to soft-reset the game.
  • During the game in "BiDa" mode, press Select to enter the "TEST MODE SET" where you can change the parameters of the current stage.

Super b-daman - fighting phoenix (j) -s-.2017-05-14 18.04.30.png

  • At the Mode select menu, select the "Caravan mode", hold Select and press A or Start to see the ending.
  • During the game in the "Caravan mode", hold Select and press Start to instantly return back to the Mode selection menu.
  • In "JBA" mode, enter the "BINGO" screen, press Start to instantly see the item at the corresponding bingo position.
  • At the "JBA" mode select screen, put cursor to "Data Save" option, hold Select and press A or Start to enter the Bingo field edit mode.

Unused Super Game Boy Border

Super B-Daman - Fighting Phoenix J SGB Unused Border.png

Game Genie code 380-58B-80A will load the unused border, which was either an oversight caused by setting the wrong jr,z instruction where it should be a jr,c setting, or the developers couldn't decide on which border to display.

Error Border

Super BDaman Fighting Phoenix ERROR BORDER.png

An error border will be mapped if the PCT_TRN command is not loaded. Game Genie code 0C0-38B-D52 will allow the border to display if using an emulator. The second border does not have an error handler.

(Source: nensondubois)