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Super Mario Strikers/Unused Models

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Some of the models appear to have corrupted textures, and all but the Dull Bones pic were taken in a 3D model-viewing program. Take transparent pics of these models, and see if it's possible to restore the broken textures.

Most of the unused models use a texture format different from the texture format used for the models in the game.


At one point, each of the captains was to get their own pack of original sidekick characters themed after their captain, instead of the Toads, Shy Guys, Hammer Bros. and Koopas in the final game. Untextured models remain for Mario and Donkey Kong's sidekicks, as well as an untextured Luigi.


MarioSidekick MarioSidekickA MarioSidekickB MarioSidekickC
SuperMarioStrikers MarioSideKick.png SuperMarioStrikers MarioSideKickA.png SuperMarioStrikersMarioSideKickB.png SuperMarioStrikers MarioSideKickC.png
(Source: Dogon McBanana)


The model of Luigi's unused sidekicks use Luigi's default outfit model as a placeholder.

SuperMarioStrikers LuigiSideKick.png
(Source: Dogon McBanana)

Donkey Kong

DonkeykongSidekickA DonkeykongSidekickB DonkeykongSidekickC
SuperMarioStrikers DonkeykongSideKickA.png SuperMarioStrikers DonkeykongSideKickB.png SuperMarioStrikers DonkeykongSideKickC.png
(Source: Dogon McBanana)


Camera Characters

Models of a Pianta and a Shy Guy each holding cameras, both of which were replaced by automated cameras. Although these Shy Guys can be seen in the demo build, the textures for the camera appear to be different.

Pianta (StandupCamera_rigid) Shyguy (CameraGuy_rigid)
SuperMarioStrikers CameraPianta.png SuperMarioStrikers CameraGuy.png

(Source: Dogon McBanana)

Recolored Marios

Three recolors of Mario's default outfit model. Although the textures appear very corrupted, it's barely clear enough that these recolors were based on Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi respectively.

MarioGreen MarioOrange MarioPurple
SuperMarioStrikers MarioGreen.png SuperMarioStrikers MarioOrange.png SuperMarioStrikers MarioPurple.png
(Source: Dogon McBanana)


Found in the game are 2 separate (and quite different) models listed as "Goalie". One appears to be a scrapped unique model similar to the sidekicks, and one uses a model of Luigi. Both's textures are very corrupted.

Goalie (Unused Character) Goalie (Luigi)
SuperMarioStrikers Goalie2.png SuperMarioStrikers Goalie.png
(Source: TetraBitGaming)


DullBones SuperMarioStrikers.png

The medic appears to be a 3D Dull Bones from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door wearing a red cross shirt. It uses the same texture format as the models used in this game.

(Source: Dogon McBanana)

Security Pianta

SuperMarioStrikers SecurityGuardpng.png

Security Pianta once had a presence in prerelease versions of the game, but went unused later on. Just like the Dull Bones medic, it uses the same texture format as the models used in this game.

(Source: Dogon McBanana)

Peach Palace Goomba

Found in a Peach_Palace folder is this model of a Goomba guard with corrupted textures, also listed as Peach_Palace.

SuperMarioStrikers GoombaGuard.png
(Source: TetraBitGaming)

Test Balls

Found leftover are several unused Test Balls. Each of them have a unique texture including one with Mario and Luigi's emblem. All five balls' textures appear to be varyingly corrupted, with the fourth one having it the worst.

testball1 testball2 testball3 testball4 testball5
SuperMarioStrikers Testball1.png SuperMarioStrikers Testball2.png SuperMarioStrikers Testball3.png SuperMarioStrikers Testball4.png SuperMarioStrikers Testball5.png

(Source: TetraBitGaming)

Mario's Hammer

A leftover from Mario's scrapped Super Strike that was seen in the E3 2005 trailer.

SuperMarioStrikers Hammer.png
(Source: TetraBitGaming)

Start Screen

Found amongst other unused stages is a file listed as Start_Screen. It appears to feature a soccer ball inside of a rectangular prism.

SuperMarioStrikers Start Screen Model.png
(Source: TetraBitGaming)

Unused Stages

Leftover in the game are several unused stadium models for stages that appear to have been scrapped. These all appear either unfinished or corrupted, to say the least.

DK_Daisy FEStadium Koopadome Mario_Stadium Peach_Palace
SuperMarioStrikers DKDaisyStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers FEStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers Koopadome.png SuperMarioStrikers MarioStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers PeachPalace.png
Peach_Toad_Stadium Training_Stadium Wario_Stadium Yoshi_Stadium
SuperMarioStrikers PeachToadStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers TrainingStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers WarioStadium.png SuperMarioStrikers YoshiStadium.png
(Source: TetraBitGaming)