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Super Mario Sunshine/Unused or Unseen Map Geometry

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario Sunshine.

All levels in Super Mario Sunshine have some sort of view of the other areas or islands, but some of the level geometry can't be seen in normal play.

Main Menu

File Select Pier


In the scene used for the File Select menu, there is a poorly-textured pier hidden just offscreen. Oddly enough, it has collision, and thus can be walked on.

Delfino Airstrip

Duplicate Waiting Room


The map for Delfino Airstrip has a copy of the waiting room floating above the map. This in itself isn't unusual, as this is how the game handles separate interior areas in Delfino Plaza, but this particular room goes unused because the waiting room is simply part of the main map. What makes it more interesting is that this room has more details in it than the used version, as well as having different lighting. The added objects include papers and pencils, a passport stamp, and various crafts.

Oh my...

It's only possible to access this room during the second visit to the Airstrip using rocket storage, or turbo storage, however the room appears invisible during the second visit. Only during the first visit to the Airstrip upon starting a new save file will the room appear visible when inside. During the second visit, this room contains a pair of doors, two coins, and a pair of Soarin' Stus that flutter back and forth in a tight path, passing through each other. The doors are linked with the doors in the regular part of the map, so if one pair is destroyed by the Turbo Nozzle, the corresponding doors are also destroyed. During the first visit, this room is empty aside from the doors.

Delfino Plaza

There are a few differences between the playable map of Delfino Plaza, and the scaled-down map of Delfino Plaza that's viewable from the Airstrip:

  • All the normal palm trees were replaced with banana palm trees.
  • The island with a pipe does not have a pipe.
  • There are no pillars leading to the secret stage pipe, nor is there a secret stage pipe.

Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza (Flooded)

Delfino Plaza's flood scene (dolpic9) has some subtle yet interesting changes, and is also a bit simplified, suggesting this map is based on an earlier version of Delfino Plaza.

  • The map collision is far simpler, and visibly unfinished, as seen in the wooden beams of the fruit market stands lacking it altogether, and by the beach near the lighthouse having its collision not match with the actual map model.
  • The texturing of certain areas is slightly simpler, and the base of the bell tower by the pier is intact, whereas the roof texture is incorrect in the other versions of the plaza. The same thing also happens with the sides of the windows of the large building by the central fountain.
  • The red double doors at the foot of the Shine Gate is also visibly messed-up, whereas it is completely normal in the standard plaza.
  • The sewer system does not exist, and any manhole not submerged in water is just a texture. Interestingly enough, the flooded plaza features a manhole placed inside the jail cell which does not exist in the standard plaza.
  • The jail cell is also both blocked off by bars, and walled-off completely. This, coupled with the aforementioned unique manhole, suggests that the player originally had to traverse the sewers to enter the cell and grab the blue coin inside.
  • The room with a Shine Sprite beneath the bell tower by the docks does not exist. Not only that, but its door is part of the level geometry, as seen in pre-release media, though a breakable saloon door is still hidden behind the wall.
  • The palm tree in the center plaza closest to the fruit market is rotated at a slightly different angle.
  • The boathouse and box minigame interiors also do not exist in the map, due to their respective buildings being closed down.
  • The 100-coin Shine is placed over the Bianco Square statue, instead of above the raised wooden platform. This cannot be seen during normal gameplay, as the flooded plaza lacks enough coins to get this Shine.
  • The hidden Shine Sprite image normally found close to the lighthouse is instead in front of the rightmost umbrellas on the opposite side of the beach.
    • Moreover, spraying the Shine image spawns a yellow coin instead of a Shine, likely a placeholder behavior. This can be witnessed in-game by using a bug where swimming under a floating log lets you walk underwater.
(Source: Catley)

Darkened Crate Minigame Door

SMS Darkened Door.PNG

The "darkness" in the doorway that leads to the crate minigame is actually a door with very dark shading. It is even present in the space behind the regular door when the crate minigame is closed.

Slide's Secret Platform


In Delfino Plaza's "secret" slide stage, located under the left hole in the first row is a platform. This platform is the only one of its kind in the level's design. For some odd reason in the Japanese version only, Mario treats it like a slippery surface. To the top left of the platform is an invisible wall that jitters Mario back and forth off the platform if he gets too close. This is most likely a forgotten leftover from an early design of the stage.

(Source: Super-Xnot)

Bianco Hills

Bianco Hills' stage geometry shows off a lot of the other levels in the distance. Interestingly, this is one of the only times where a stage in the game forms an almost complete model of the dolphin-shaped island. There is also a creek that goes on for some way (which is boarded up).

When viewing Ricco Harbor from the start of any episode, the helipad is replaced by girders in a square layout, as seen in pre-release material.

Ricco Harbor

Any Episode

SMS RiccoHarbor Gelato.PNG

Gelato Beach can partially be seen from Ricco Harbor, however the Sandbird Tower has columns around the walkway which do not appear when actually visiting Gelato Beach as a level.


Delfino Plaza can also be seen from Ricco Harbor, but a key difference besides the low-polyness of it all is that the fruit basket island has a pipe modeled on it. The actual island with a pipe is on the other side of Delfino Plaza, and is nowhere close to Ricco Harbor.

Also, the palm tree on the island, as well as the ones visible by Bianco Hills, are using an old style of colored shading seen in pre-release material as well.

Blooper Surfing Safari

SMS RiccoHarbor SurfingSafariSky.PNG

While you never see a sky in the Blooper Surfing Safari, it uses the train track sky box that is used in some secret levels. This is also the case with Corona Mountain.

Gelato Beach

Gelato Beach kind of has Isle Delfino in a dolphin shape, although it looks more awkward than with Bianco Hills. Delfino Plaza and Sirena Beach/Hotel Delfino are somewhat visible from Gelato Beach, but only southern Delfino Plaza and some of Hotel Delfino's top floor can be seen. Oddly, Pinna Park's beach is modeled, despite the fact that it cannot be seen by normal means.

Pinna Park

SMS PinnaPark FerrisBack.PNG

At Pinna Beach, the back of the Ferris wheel is fully modeled, but because of invisible boundaries preventing one from swimming far enough, only part of the backside can be seen.

Sirena Beach

SMS IsleDelfinoFromSirena.PNG

Isle Delfino is once again shaped a bit like a dolphin in-game. The island's model is kind of similar in appearance to the Bianco Hills one.

Noki Bay

Any Episode

Unlike other levels, Noki Bay isn't on a dolphin-shaped island at all. Depending on the perspective of where Mario is at in the level, you can see a lot of the hills in the distance to Corona Mountain, or just see a few big hills. However, Corona Mountain itself is fully modeled, including the top with a geyser modeled in. There are other levels that have very similar geometry regarding Corona Mountain, but most are cut somewhere down the base of the model to possibly save resources and reduce load on the hardware. This is the only time in the game where the full model of Corona Mountain is actually used, although it cannot be fully seen.

The waterfall crevasse and the interior of the wall jumping section below the alcove with the ice block are fully textured, but not everything is visible in-game.

The Hidden Book

There is an infamous hidden book that can never be retrieved in the Red Coins in a Bottle episode. The models are actually parts of the level geometry and not separate objects.

(Source: TI2ophy)

Shell's Carved-Out Room

Mario inside the secret room.

Episode 6, "The Shell's Secret", has an unseen part of its geometry. Behind the first block with a brazier you see is a hollowed-out area. It isn't known if this was intentionally left in or was from an early design that was forgotten, but since most players are heading towards the Shine and not moving the camera around to find secrets, this is unseen.

(Source: Super-Xnot)

Pianta Village


Pianta Village is shown to be in a circular abyss that takes up a large portion of this weird, barely dolphin-shaped island. Additionally, Noki Bay appears as the upper cliffs including the pond at the top of Tricky Ruins, but only a glimpse can be caught during gameplay.

Secret Stage

Located far underneath the course is a flat white square facing downwards. This white square is the course's map model, which is supposed to be empty being as the course is entirely made up of objects, so this shape was likely an accident. This square is located far below the map floor, making it impossible to see in-game.

(Source: Inkstar)

Corona Mountain

The not-so-secret level.

As with Blooper Surfing Safari, Corona Mountain also uses the train track skybox.

Corona Mountain Crater


Despite Corona Mountain being the highest point on the island, most of the level models have the inside of the crater modeled out. It reveals that the crater has a rather interesting structure, which makes sense given the structure of the Corona Mountain level.