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Super Mario World (SNES)/Unused Levels

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario World (SNES).

Unused Level Intros

Three unused level intros exist, all with a "No Yoshis" sign that appears nowhere else in the game. These can be triggered when the GFX header of a level is equal to 2, 6, or 8.

#2 Morton's Plains

Something broken this way comes
Level ID: 016, 017
Layer 1: ?
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: ?

These two levels are duplicates of Donut Plains 1, referencing the same level data, the latter of the two having a glitched background and the name "#2 MORTON'S PLAINS" (an erroneous combination of the strings "#2 MORTON'S" and "PLAINS", suggesting the string table was changed). The level names are blank in the Japanese version.

The background tilemap in level 017 is the same one seen in the intro story level (0C5) and several other levels, but with the wrong graphics and palette applied.


This is only a TEST level.
Level ID: Many
Layer 1: 30200
Layer 2: None
Sprites: None

A placeholder level, consisting of the word "TEST" and a down arrow made of turn blocks, that nearly all of the unused level slots point to. The first one is at 012, but there are far too many to list.

The level seems to have been last used to test the secret 1-Up points (the numbered mushrooms in the image): touching points 1-4 in order will cause the fourth one to spawn a 1-Up.

Vertical Slope Test

We've got slopes and that's all.
Level ID: 108
Layer 1: ?
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: ?

A vertical level containing eight slope objects and some ground objects. The slopes here are specially designed to work with the odd memory map used in vertical levels, and their placement across a sub-screen boundary implies that the level was used to test this functionality.

Fixed that

Changing the tileset to "Underground 3" (normally unused) via Lunar Magic fixes the mountains in the background.

Ride Among the Clouds

One early level.
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 30263
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: 3C500

The first level in the ROM aside from the TEST level, suggesting that this was one of the earliest levels created. It bears a vague resemblance to World 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. 3.

This level is notable for being the only instance of the floating green/orange platform in the entire game. Furthermore, prior to discovering this level's sprite data, it was believed that the flying platforms from Forest Secret Area were the only platforms capable of activating the Fast BG Scroll sprite.

The pipe at the end of the stage leads nowhere. It has no screen exit assigned and isn't even set to be enterable.

Mushroom Scales

The obvious fish pun has been avoided.
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 302BD
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: 3C50E

This level's sprites indicate that the mushroom scale platform was once programmed very differently, and did not automatically spawn a second platform at a fixed distance from the first.

Furthermore, it actually uses the classic Piranha Plants!

Boss Test

Boss rush!!!
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 30338
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: ?

A room with doors to each boss for testing purposes, leading to (from left to right) Bowser, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, Iggy, Larry, Reznor, Lemmy, and Wendy. The ordering may suggest that this was the order the bosses were programmed into the game or (barring Bowser) an early boss arrangement.

The two blocks at the start of the level contain a Cape Feather (left) and Fire Flower (right).

Lava Cave

This looks fun.
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 304EB
Layer 2: 30464
Sprites: 3C575

A complete (aside from lacking a goal sublevel) layer 2 level. Note that this level uses the generic lava object 1A, whereas the final game always uses tileset-specific object 3A for underground levels, due to the sloped lava tiles overwriting the generic lava tiles.

Twin Blocks

Great balls of fire!
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 3059C
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: 3C59B

Two stone blocks with two Hotheads and two Sparkies moving around them. Probably meant to test enemies that follow walls.

Early Wendy's Castle

Early Level: Toned down quite a bit.
Final Level: Comparison image.
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 305AB
Layer 2: 30701
Sprites: 3C5A9

Early Level (top): The only early version of a level found in the final game, 01A Wendy's Castle. This level is almost identical to the finished one, but harder. Also, there's no door at the end for some reason.

Final Level (bottom): Comparison between versions. The colors indicate which version is showing: Blue: Final; Orange: Early; White: Both.

Pipe 'n' Ground

Modern art, am I right?
Level ID: None
Layer 1: 3073D
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: ?

A pipe and ground, the latter spanning 8 screens. Interestingly, it uses the ground normally reserved for Ghost House exits.

Ghost House Exit

Level ID: None
Layer 1: 30875
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: 3C5FD?

Like the other Ghost House exit levels, this one is probably supposed to use an empty layer 2 level as its background. The specified sprite data simply contains a goal bar and may actually belong to the next Ghost House exit or some other level.

Cloudy Ghost House Exit

Level ID: None
Layer 1: 38260
Layer 2: 38281
Sprites: 3C5FD

Same as above, except this one has clouds on layer 1 and three bushes on layer 2.

Lonely Goals

The loneliest goal bar.
Level ID: None
Layer 1: ?
Layer 2: ?
Sprites: 3C5FD, 3C602

Some orphaned pieces of sprite data. Both contain a single exit goal bar at coordinates (30,23), with the first being a normal exit and the second being a secret exit. The only known layer 1 data that matches this position is that of level 132, a Star World level, and levels 1F0 and 1F1, both underground exit sublevels.