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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/Unused Object Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Graphics that are never displayed in-game.

Playable Characters



Unused Yoshi heads, looking up from the front and back, and an early hit animation. These exist in both empty and full form.

Yoshi sticks to magnet.

An unused frame of Yoshi repeated two times with a different palette, found next to two magnet frames. The other two magnet frames are found near the Baby Mario graphics.

The magnet was used in a scrapped bonus game involving the Helicopter transformation in early builds of the game, and is still loaded out of sight behind Yoshi when using said transformation.

(Source: Peardian, helicopter morph find by Doggycharly, potatoTeto)

Go, Yoshi, Go! Swinging in the breeze.

Some early frames of Yoshi skiing, none of which include Baby Mario. His eyes also have some odd shading applied.


An alternate design of the giant Yoshi egg with a thinner outline.

Baby Mario

Goo goo?

A lot of Baby Mario frames are never used. Three frames are of him facing the screen.

The kanji on the right is 仮 (temporary), so it may have just been a sort of artist's scratchpad.

(Source: Peardian)

He's very slowly getting away!

Baby Mario crawling. These sprites were used in an early prototype when he fell off Yoshi, but ended up being replaced. It is possible to see these sprites among the jumbled graphics that appear as a result of the "eat Baby Mario" glitch, however.

(Source: Peardian)

Two points!

Baby Mario doing a victory pose.

(Source: Peardian)



Walking along Watch out!

Bob-ombs! The first set of tiles is uncompressed in the ROM, while the other three are compressed. The actual palette is currently unknown.

(Source: Peardian)

Early Sluggy

Go on a diet, you...thing.

What appears to be a larger, rounder version of Sluggy.

(Source: Peardian)

Grinder Kong

Mr. Miyamoto is not pleased.

A giant version of the Grinder enemy, made to resemble Donkey Kong. It even has a barrel-throwing animation. And barrels!


Buncha Muncha Cruncha Yoshis

A spotted version of the Nipper baddies that appear in various areas. It's worth noting that this Nipper design greatly resembles the Nipper Spores used in the final game.

(Source: Peardian)

Rocky Wrench

Wrenching excitement They can walk?!

The only Mario series enemy to throw wrenches is Rocky Wrench. All that remains of this enemy are what appear to be a pair of legs.

(Source: Peardian)

Shy Guy

Heave Ho

Unused animation of a Shy Guy lifting an object.

Huffin' Puffin


Two unused frames of Huffin' Puffin.

Baby Bowser

YI-UnusedRock BabyBowser.png

A small rock is stored with Baby Bowser's graphics.

Super Mario All-Stars Leftovers

Right game, but wrong graphics.

A Shy Guy and a Tweeter, imported from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2. These may have been used as reference graphics by the artists, but there's no Tweeter enemy in the final game.

(Source: Peardian)




An unused bubble size. This is smaller than the bubbles that Baby Mario and the transformations appear in, but larger than the bubbles that some enemies spit.

Dragon Coin

It's huge!

A Dragon Coin, first seen in Super Mario World. This was probably replaced by the Flower item, as they're mechanically similar: there are five of them in a level, they both make a coin sound when collected, and collecting all five gives the player a 1-Up. Prototype builds used Dragon Coins as a currency.

(Source: Peardian)

? Block

Please hold all questions until the end of the article.

Found early in the ROM, uncompressed. While its use seems to be obvious, it doesn't really fit in with the Yoshi's Island gameplay style. Note that ? Blocks later appeared in Yoshi's Island DS.

(Source: Peardian)

? Box

What's inside? The stuff dreams are made of.

An alternate design for the crates in the game. These graphics are loaded in rooms that use the stone bridge tileset, but no crates are ever present in those areas.

Snow Platform


A smaller version of the tilting snowy platform.

Bandit's House


There is a copy of the Bandit House's chimney stored as a sprite.




Two arrows pointing in a clockwise fashion. This is found next to the menu cursor graphics.

World Map

I know what 3 means.

A map icon for a third control style, which was used in the ys_romX_0 prototype. The text translates to "config".

This graphic is only in the Japanese version. It's blanked out in all other revisions.

Placeholder Graphics

Before After
Choose a player Yoshi!

Placeholder graphics. "Player" is where the Yoshi graphics will be placed in VRAM, and the 7 is where the countdown timer is stored.

Obscured Graphics

Sprite graphics that are used in-game, but parts of them cannot be seen by normal means.

Lunge Fish

Did you wake me?

Since the Lunge Fish is always submerged in opaque water, the lower half of its body is not entirely seen.

Water Platform

Looks like an egg.

Like the Lunge Fish, the lower half of this sprite is always submerged, unseen.

Raphael the Raven

Ravenstar Runner

Raphael the Raven has a star on his belly, but it's never seen, as the palette the star uses is always the same color as Raphael's skin. This might have been used for the Raphael constellation earlier in development, but in the final version that constellation is part of the background, not a sprite.