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Super Monkey Ball 2/Unused Levels

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This is a sub-page of Super Monkey Ball 2.

Using the debugger's level select, you can access a variety of unused levels.

Super Monkey Ball Leftovers

Levels leftover from Super Monkey Ball.

Stage 150


The tutorial level complete with updated textures.

Stage 137

Smb2 137.png

A textureless version of the Jungle Circuit race track from Monkey Race.

Early Levels

These levels were likely used to test moving objects within levels. Most of these levels are identical to the final versions of the levels, but there are a few that are slightly different. In most of these levels, you start out on the large circular platform from Spinning Top which contains a couple of warps that rotate around the platform. There are also five switches on the platform that control all moving objects in the level.

Stage 69

Early Final
Smb2 69.png SMB2-stage9.png

Early version of Hoppers which only has one hopper instead of two.

Stage 80

Early Final
SMB2-stage80.png SMB2-stage27.png

Early version of Arthropod which has a singular cylinder instead of five rings. The goal is also in a different position.

Stage 87

Early Final
SMB2-stage87.png SMB2-stage63.png

Early version of Flat Maze which has the goal on the right side of the maze. In the final version, it was moved to the upper left corner of the maze with four banana bunches taking its original spot.

Stage 96

Early Final
SMB2-stage96.png SMB2-stage259.png

Early version of Grid Bridge which has smaller walls on the left and right sides of the map.

Stage 146

Early Final
SMB2-stage146.png SMB2-stage144.png

Early version of Exciting Puzzle Ring from Monkey Fight 2.

Stage 147

Early Final
SMB2-stage147.png SMB2-stage145.png

Early version of Amazing Flower Ring from Monkey Fight 2.

Stage 148

Early Final
SMB2-stage148.png SMB2-stage143.png

Early version of Square Jungle Ring from Monkey Fight 2.

Stage 369

Early Final
SMB2-stage369.png SMB2-stage340.png

Early version of Nintendo. The GameCube model is much larger and doesn't animate.

Stage 376

Early Final
SMB2-stage376.png SMB2-stage219.png

Early version of Linear Seesaws which has a basin underneath the level along with a second goal. Both of these were removed from the final version.

Stage 378

Smb2 378.png

An early level which doesn't appear in the final game. It consists of three long seesaw platforms, each with a goal at the end.

Stage 380

Early Final
SMB2-stage380.png SMB2-stage235.png

Early version of URL where the letters are individually rendered. The final uses a texture to represent the URL instead.

Test Levels

Stage 181

A multi-stage test map.

Stage 182

A standard test level which doesn't display properly in-game. You can see its collision if the DIP_STCOLI Dip Switch is enabled.

Present among the files for this level are early versions of Guillotine, Heavy Sphere, and Tiers.

Stage 183

Another multi-stage test map.

Stage 185

A very large, obstacle course like test map.

Stage 186

Another test map and a large one at that. This one can't be explored normally since the game crashes as soon as you land; The reason why this happens is that the level's .gma and .tpl (model and texture files respectively) combined go over 2 MB, which is the maximum that can fit into the game. Upon landing, the .lz (the collision information) causes the game to run out of memory and hang. Deleting the level's .tpl will allow you to play through the level. The various numbers on the ground represent the mipmapping, some of which you can see by changing the zoom on the minimap. Every so often, the sky will flash white, making it impossible to see anything for a few seconds.

Stage 187

Another level which doesn't display in-game.

Present among the files for this level is an early level gimmick that never made it into any level.

Stage 188

Another level which doesn't display in-game.

Present among the files for this level are early versions of Giant Comb and Twin Basin.

Stage 189

Another multi-stage test map.

Stage 190

This level appears to be broken. As soon as the announcer says "Ready?" the speedometer instantly goes to 999mph.

Looking at the files for this map reveals that it's another multi-stage test map.

Stage 191

Another level which doesn't display in-game.

Present among the files for this level is some cube.

Stage 192

Another level which doesn't display in-game.

Present among the files for this level is an early version of Sliced Cheese.

Stage 193

Another level which doesn't display in-game, but you can see the collision with the DIP_STCOLI Dip Switch turned on.

Present among the files for this stage is an even earlier version of Flat Maze.

SMonkeyB2 DebugMaxGoal msg.png
This level has many goals since Coin Slots is mixed in with several other levels. When you fall out here, a debug message is very briefly (~2-4 frames) shown that mentions the level has over 16 goals, which is the max number allowed.

Stage 194


Stage 195

A small test map most likely used for testing various graphical effects.

Other Levels

Filler Level


A simple filler level that occupies any unused level ID slots.