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Super Spy Hunter

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Title Screen

Super Spy Hunter

Also known as: Battle Formula (JP)
Developer: Tokyo Design Center[1]
Publishers: Tokai Engineering (JP), Sunsoft (US/EU)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: September 27, 1991
Released in US: February 1992
Released in EU: 1993
Released in AU: 1993

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Two unused songs.

Super Spy Hunter is a fast-paced driving game starring a sentient car that hunts super spies...or something like that.


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Development Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

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Unused numerals and vehicle icons at 034C10.

Your parents help you hook it up!

A Nintendo Entertainment System logo is stored with the graphics for the title and copyright screens of the English versions, and was likely intended to appear on the latter in place of the plain text used in the final game.

Animated CHR Bank Numbers

SuperSpyHunter-Stage5CHR-1.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage5CHR-2.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage5CHR-3.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage5CHR-4.png

SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-1.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-2.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-3.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-4.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-5.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-6.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-7.png SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR-8.png

Two sets of numbers appear among Stage 5 and 6's tiles which, out of context, do not appear to have any use.

SuperSpyHunter-Stage5CHR.gif SuperSpyHunter-Stage6CHR.gif

Viewing the character banks they appear in reveals their purpose: they are meant to indicate the order in which the stages' animated tiles are supposed to be shown.

Leftover Stage Graphics

SuperSpyHunter-CutStageCHR-5.png SuperSpyHunter-CutStageCHR-8.png

These curious stage graphics are present only in the Japanese ROM, occupying space which is otherwise taken up by the title screen in the English releases. The numbered tiles indicate they are frames 5 and 8 of an animated background, for a currently unknown stage which does not appear in the final game.

Extra Lives

Come on...big money...no Whammies...STOP!

At the title screen, hold Select and press Start. Numbers from 0 to 12 will roll across the screen; press A to make them stop. The number you get will determine how many lives you start with.

Hyper Tennis

Turn that turret upside down. Whoa! HYPER TENNIS! This is gonna be sweet! ...oh. :(

At the "CONTINUE/END" screen, select "CONTINUE" with the turret cursor, then press A (×8). The cursor will then point downwards. Press Start to enter Hyper Tennis, a simple Pong clone. You can either play against another person ("1P VS 2P"), or challenge the CPU ("1P VS COM"). If you beat the CPU, you will be rewarded with 20 extra lives; otherwise, you'll continue with 0 extra lives.