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Syphon Filter

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Title Screen

Syphon Filter

Developer: Eidetic
Publishers: 989 Studios (US), SCEE (EU), Spike (JP)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: August 12, 1999
Released in US: February 17, 1999
Released in EU: July 9, 1999

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
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Syphon Filter is a stealth third-person shooter game that had some troubled development, partially because of the developer's lack of experience making such games but also due to the constant reworking of both gameplay and plot. Despite all this, it became a commercial success.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Dummy Files


Present in the original US release (Version 1.0) are DUMMY1.DAT, DUMMY2.DAT, and DUMMY3.DAT, which contain the cutscene from Bubsy 3D (another game developed by Eidetic) where Bubsy races a Woolie to the finish and jumps to an isolated castle.

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In the PAL version, DUMMY.DAT appears to be an OVL archive, containing game data. When opened in any text editor, it begins with this:

This is a DUMMY Data file used to keep the CD-ROM head on the Playstation from Spinning off into nowhere land

Unused Audio

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In the game's files, you can find a lot of unused audio. This video has all of them.

Unused Models

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In the battle with Anton Girdeux and against the chopper, a character model can be found called "IRMODEL". The first case seems to be a glitched texture, or a "burnt" Girdeux, while the second is just a far LOD of the Rhoemer Base enemies.

A model called "BOMB" is present in the first level of PHARCOM Warehouses. If you try to use it instead of Gabe, you will glitch and die through a "black hole".

Unused Weapons

In the game's memory (and in the file WEAPDESC.TXT), you can find references to many unused weapons. Through memory manipulation, you can access and use them. The weapons lack descriptions, stats and icons (apart from two weapons), and many of them causes glitches when used.

  • NO_WEAPON: Weapon ID 0. Apparently in some sections of the game you would start without any weapons in your inventory, but instead you will always start with the default equipment.
  • 9MM: Weapon ID 2. The 9MM without silencer is used only by terrorists of the first three levels. Indeed when you take ammo from them it will replenish your 9MM Silenced ammo instead of taking another 9MM (like the two sequels). If memory is edited for using it, it will have a firing sound (only in the first three missions). It has a slower fire rate than the 9MM Silenced, but has the same damage and ammo amount.
  • .357: Weapon ID 3. The .357 is a cut revolver (and the only one found in the entire franchise). It has an icon. Apparently it only has a "clip" address, which makes it so you can't reload. It doesn't have a crosshair when in first person aiming and people will glitch when killed. It also does little damage.
  • Flamethrower: Weapon ID 15. A flamethrower is included in Gabe's equipment. Unfortunately it will not act as such, but will be a very deadly assault rifle (can kill with just one shot!). It has a 90 bullets clip.
  • Chopper Gun: Weapon ID 22. Yes, you read right, the gun of the Rhoemer Base chopper. It is a duplicate of the flamethrower. It has the same capability to kill with one shot and has a 90 bullets clip. It too has an icon.
  • Unknown: Two more weapons (ID 26 and 27) can be found. They aren't mentioned in the WEAPDESC.TXT file. The first was maybe meant as an assault rifle, but is hard to confirm as with memory editing you still can't shoot with that weapon. The other is a strange weapon. It has a 17 bullets clip (no weapon in-game has a 17 ammo clip), a very fast firing rate and pistol stance (maybe was meant for an alternate G-18, K3G4 or another weapon). It has a sound in every level (but is borrowed from the M-79). People will glitch when killed like with the .357. Even more weapons are present in memory, but trying to access to them very often will crash the game or are just glitched duplicates (for example small clip or glitched weapon's fires colors).

Cheat Menu

A Cheat Menu is found in the US version of the game. It has many cheats like infinite health, ammo, and teleport. A video is available and shows all of its functions in all levels (to note that some don't work).

Level Select

Pause the game, then choose Options in the pause menu. Highlight "Choose Mission", then hold Left + L1 + R1 + Select + Square + X (US) or L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Square + Circle + X (Europe).

Regional Differences

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The German version changes the blood from red to green.