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Talk:Felix the Cat (NES)

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Pause cheat?

GDRI found the programmer's profile on Facebook recently. Here's a quote from his work section:

Felix the Cat
Mar 1991 to Jan 1992
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), using MMC3.
- only 1 programmer, developed game and system and tools.
- changing BG character ROM bank to animate BG.
- compressing BG vertical cells with run-length and storing to dictionary, and horizontal data is referencing dictionary, and decompress only playing area from them to ram.
- has cheat command at pause.

I don't think the pause cheat mentioned has been published or found. Might be worth looking into. --Rabidabid (talk) 06:50, 2 March 2019 (EST)

Japanese text - Game Genie code

The code AEKEALEA doesn't seem to work with "Felix the Cat (U) [!].nes" or "Felix the Cat (E) [!].nes", so I added new codes for those versions and described the old one as "unknown version". --Qalle (talk) 08:10, 21 May 2020 (UTC)

Japanese script differences

Are there any major differences between the used English script and the unused Japanese script? If there are, they should probably be added to the page. --Murnjendoof (talk) 01:28, 31 March 2023 (UTC)