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Talk:Sonic Riders

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Used clips

I'm pretty sure a good handful of the voice clips ARE used...in the GameCube version. I haven't played the game in a while, but those lines stick with you for a long time, so I'm not imagining them. I didn't check the full list, and I'm not 100% sure, but I can say that I remember hearing at least the lines "Get a great start!", "Who'll break out of the pack first?", and "Wow! Look at that display of overwhelming strength!". {EspyoT} 17:24, 17 May 2016 (EDT)

Then could you at least underlines some of lines in the article that are actually used? I really need a help in this. --Luma.dash (talk) 12:52, 13 August 2016 (EDT)
Honestly, it's really been far too long, and I can only barely remember this or that line. In order to actually get a finished list of what lines are and aren't used in what versions, we need experts on each version to chime in, I'm afraid. {EspyoT} 12:54, 13 August 2016 (EDT)
And those lines, are they that huge on this page? I mean in which section of these unused lines you are referring to, all of them or some particular section? Luma.dash (talk) 12:59, 13 August 2016 (EDT)
They're specific lines, not entire sections. There are some I'm very confident are used on the GameCube; I could almost bet an arm on it. They are, at least, the three ones I refer to on my first message. {EspyoT} 13:05, 13 August 2016 (EDT)

To add also, some if not all lines listed included in the console ports are also in the PC version. --Danhanado (talk) 18:58, 15 November 2019 (EST)

Unused level?

The level files are stored internally as the level number without any extension, as well as a Multiplayer variant and a Versus variant, and a file for the minimap (ex. 1, 1M, 1V, and 1TE would be the files for Metal City). In, at least, the PC version, these are 1-19, however the Gamecube version has an additional level: 0. It lacks a minimap (0TE) file, but those are interchangeable between maps, so you can just rename 1TE to 0TE and it'll work fine. Doing this and using a level select code to try and load it (006129AB 00000000) causes it to try and load a sound file via a string that points to some invalid data just before the valid strings for level sounds, address 0x005E58C8. Because the file doesn't exist, the game never leaves the loading screen. That's as far as I've managed to get it to load.

Also a while back the PS2 version of the E3 demo for the game was released. That in of itself should be interesting, but the demo itself also contains an earlier beta used as padding! It's only half of the beta, unfortunately, so it's not runnable, but many of the FMVs survived, and have a few differences between the final game. --Yacker (talk) 14:55, 15 November 2017 (EST)

Omochao clips

The Omochao clips actually are used, at least on the GameCube version (which I have). Does anyone know if these comments are used on the PS2, Xbox and PC versions? --RobowilOFFICIAL (talk) 13:12, 26 November 2017 (EST)

Judging by the original uploads, these were ripped from the Windows version, so it's likely they're unused there by default. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 13:23, 26 November 2017 (EST)
I've never edited an article before (I'm new here), but how would I word that the Omochao voice clips are used on the GameCube version? --RobowilOFFICIAL (talk) 16:52, 27 November 2017 (EST)