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Not displaying this text is the least of this game's problems.

Action 52

Developer: Active Enterprises
Publisher: Active Enterprises
Released: 1991, Unlicensed NES

Action 52 is easily one of the most infamous unlicensed titles for the NES. From the rushed 3 month development with inexperienced college students programming the game to the (then) laughable $199 price tag for 52 buggy games, it has been widely mocked since its release. It's also become a gateway into unlicensed video games, partially due to how legendarily bad the game has become.

This legendary badness has resulted in people hacking the game open to see what's been hiding inside. Given the lack of development time and the large cartridge space, quite a fair amount has been found inside of the game. This includes small little graphics here and there like (The) French Baker's title screen, unused levels like those for Billy Bob, and partially implemented ideas like Bubble Gum Rosy driving.