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The 11th Hour

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Title Screen

The 11th Hour

Developer: Trilobyte
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Platforms: Windows (original), Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X (re-release)
Released in US: November 1995
Released in EU: 1995

The 11th Hour is the sequel to first-person point-and-click classic The 7th Guest. It's got four times as many CDs as the first... but as with most FMV games, filesize is inversely proportional to actual game quality.

Easter Egg

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It is (somehow) possible to trigger an Easter Egg in-game and get this image to appear. Roquel Devine is the daughter of designer / programmer Graeme Devine, and her name was used as the file extension (.roq) for movie files in The 11th Hour.

The 11th Hour-easter egg.jpg