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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows)/Repentance

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This is a sub-page of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows).

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To do:
  • All the animations
  • Lots of differences from Rebirth and the other expansions, especially new sprites. For instance, some of the bosses were changed back to they looked in the original Flash game.
  • An unfinished online multiplayer mode is available through the debug console.

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is the third and final (for real this time) expansion pack for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It features tons of brand-new content, much of which is integrated from The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, a fan-made expansion that was originally released as a mod for Rebirth.


Miscellaneous Unused Graphics
You'll get your chance one day, Edith...

Unused Music

Re-reversing the "mirror world" BGM reveals that it's actually a completely different arrangement of the music, with more ethereal tones and lighter instrumentation.

This is a layer for the Home track. The stage doesn't actually call for this track at all, so even if enough enemies are spawned to trigger a layer, it won't play. Oddly enough, bits and pieces of this appear in the official soundtrack version of this track.

Unused Bosses



That's a wrap

  • Enemy ID: 919
  • Boss ID: 98
  • Base HP: 792
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: No


Raglich is a boss that appears to be a member of the Rag Man lineage. It does not appear in any rooms, meaning it can only be spawned with the debug console. Its portrait does not have a shadow, which implies it was cut before the revised Vs. screen was implemented. Raglich has three phases and a rather barebones attack pattern:

  • Upon spawning, summons two Rag Creeps.
  • Hovers along the walls of the room, occasionally stopping to fire a purple Brimstone beam. Despite being colored purple, this beam does not have homing properties.
    • This is followed up with a quick dash to the opposite wall.
  • Occasionally spawns a Rag Creep.

Raglich enters its second phase at approximately 66% health. Upon performing its dash attack, it will stop to shoot a volley of four purple fires in the diagonal directions, followed by another volley of fires in the cardinal directions.

At 33% health, Raglich will summon a pair of giant arms from below that rip out three columns of tiles on both sides of the arena, leaving only a small area to move. If Isaac lacks flight and is standing on a tile as is being removed, he will fall into the pit, take damage, and respawn after a few seconds, much like stepping on a Pitfall. Raglich then resumes his previous attack pattern.

Unused Enemies

Do note that these enemies have a very small chance of being spawned by one of the glitchy randomized items produced by the TMTRAINER item. However, they are considered unused for the sake of this wiki.

To do:
  • Upload gifs of the animations for these enemies.
  • Gameplay footage maybe?

Corpse Eater/Carrion Rider

Together we ride
  • Enemy ID: 239.100/239.101
  • Base HP: 48
  • Stage HP: 2.5
  • Champion: No

TBOIRepentance-BestiaryCorpseEater.png TBOIRepentance-BestiaryCarrionRider.png

Corpse Eater and Carrion Rider were enemies in Antibirth, which could appear in the Mausoleum and the Corpse. They wandered around the room, charging randomly and eating other monsters. Their behavior in Repentance is clearly unfinished, as they behave identically to Grub in every way (even spawning the same enemies on death) and their animations do not function correctly in-game.

Rag Creep

  • Enemy ID: 240.2
  • Base HP: 17
  • Stage HP: 4
  • Champion: No


Rag Creep is an enemy summoned exclusively by the unused boss Raglich. It fires four homing shots in a straight line.

Split Rage Creep

  • Enemy ID: 241.1
  • Base HP: 16
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: Yes


Split Rage Creep is new to Repentance. It fires two Brimstone beams at 30° angles, leaving a small blind spot in the middle.

Blind Bat

  • Enemy ID: 803
  • Base HP: 18
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: Yes


Blind Bat was another enemy in Antibirth, which could appear in the Caves, Mines, Depths, Necropolis, and the Cathedral. It hung from the ceiling, waiting until Isaac passed under it to strike. In Repentance, it has no behavior other than dealing contact damage, instead sliding around the room when hit like the unused Skinless Hush boss. As a result, it never changes from the first frame of its animation of hanging from the ceiling.


  • Enemy ID: 832
  • Base HP: 25
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: Yes


While Exorcists do appear in Repentance during The Heretic's summoning ritual, they do not appear as standalone enemies like they did in Antibirth, where they could appear elsewhere in the Mausoleum. Despite this, Exorcists seem to be fully functional and even have updated sprites, though their behavior is very different from Antibirth:

  • Wanders around the room, summoning a Lil' Haunt a few seconds after spawning. If the Lil' Haunt is killed, it will spawn another one after a few seconds.
  • If any enemy is killed while an Exorcist is alive in the room (including summoned Lil' Haunts and other Exorcists), it will leave behind a red ghost, identical to those that appear when Isaac holds Vade Retro.
    • Oddly, ghost-like enemies (Lil' Haunt, Wizoob, etc) do not normally leave behind red ghosts when Isaac has Vade Retro. They will only ever leave a red ghost behind if an Exorcist is present in the room.
  • If there are any red ghosts, an Exorcist can walk up to them and revive them as Lil' Haunts.
    • Revived Lil' Haunts will turn back into red ghosts when killed.
    • Vade Retro can be used to prevent this by destroying the red ghosts.
  • When all Exorcists in the room have been killed, any red ghosts remaining in the room will disappear unless Isaac has Vade Retro.

Interestingly, while Exorcists are not normally used, they do appear in the game's bestiary and in unused Greed Mode enemy waves. This implies that the enemy was cut late in development.


  • Enemy ID: 839
  • Base HP: 25
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: Yes


Strifer was yet another enemy in Antibirth, which could appear in the Mausoleum, strafing back and forth while shooting lines of four bullets. This enemy also has no behavior in Repentance. If spawned, only its lower body will appear properly.


Night at the mausoleum
  • Enemy ID: 842
  • Base HP: 25
  • Stage HP: 5
  • Champion: No


Nightwatch was an invincible enemy in Antibirth, which could appear in the Mausoleum, patrolling the area. If they spotted Isaac, they would summon reinforcements to attack. This enemy has no behavior in Repentance, and can be damaged like normal.


That's no birb!
  • Enemy ID: 843/843.1
  • Base HP: 16/18
  • Stage HP: 2
  • Champion: Yes

TBOIRepentance-BestiaryCanary.png TBOIRepentance-BestiaryForeigner1.png

Canary and Foreigner were intended for the Mines, as indicated by their body sprite. Given the "x" in their filename, they were planned for the unreleased Antibirth update. Once again, these enemies have no behaviour.


  • Enemy ID: 858
  • Base HP: 60
  • Stage HP: 0
  • Champion: Yes


Vessel was, once again, an enemy in Antibirth, which could appear in the Corpse. It wandered around the room, occasionally spawning Small Maggots and creating green creep. In Repentance, it has no behavior.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unimplemented Enemies

The following enemies only consist of sprites and/or last will portraits - they aren't coded as entities, and thus can't be spawned in-game.

Name Graphics Comment
Cadavra TBOIRepentance-Cadavra.png A cut boss. The thin and fat twin are named "Nibs" and "Chubs" respectively in the animation file. This boss was teased by Edmund on Twitter before the game's release, but is nowhere to be found in the final game.
Tainted Mr. Maw TBOIRepentance- TaintedMrMaw.png A tainted version of Mr. Maw for use during the Ascent. It likely would have split into multiple parts.
Red Fly Bomb TBOIRepentance-RedFlyBomb.png A Fly Bomb, but colored red and with added spikes.
Barfy TBOIRepentance-Barfy.pngTBOIRepentance-BestiaryBarfy.png Graphics for Barfy, a Corpse enemy that was present in Antibirth but cut from Repentance.
Grave Robber
This enemy was planned for the Antibirth update, but never made it in the game.
Echo Bat TBOIRepentance-EchoBat.png This Mines enemy fired sonic waves that reversed your controls. It did not make the cut for Repentance.
This enemy appeared in the Mausoleum and screamed if you got too close, petrifying you. All that remains of this enemy in Repentance is its last will icon.
Coil was an invincible enemy in the Corpse that connected to other enemies via a damaging laser. Only its last will icon is present.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Curses

Curse of the Giant


Curse of the Giant was a curse introduced in Antibirth, which would force all regular rooms on the floor to be large rooms by combining multiple smaller rooms together. This curse exists in Repentance and is fully functional, but can only be accessed with the curse command. It may have been cut due to its unstable nature—some room combinations can result in strange layouts, broken puzzles, unfair enemy combinations, and other issues.

Curse of the Mist

Curse of the Mist removes all of Isaac's stat increases and items for the duration of the floor, reverting him to his base stats. This technically isn't actually unused, as the Mom's Shadow area in Mines and Ashpit use this curse to disable Isaac's items, though the name of the curse, nor any icon at all, is shown to the player.

Dogma's Unused Attacks

To do:
  • Dogma's unused attacks can apparently be re-enabled by changing Dogma's state with Lua mods. Investigate this.

Dogma has two unused attacks, which cannot be reactivated in-game but can be spawned with debug commands.

Angel Babies


"Dogma Angel Baby" would have spawned in the middle of Dogma's spin attack in its second phase. They float around aimlessly for a bit, before stopping to charge directly at Isaac and explode at the end of its path.

Black Hole


This blackhole sucks in a horde of red projectiles for a short time, before dissipating and leaving a large burst of projectiles that float in the air briefly. Dogma's animations for firing the black hole still exist in the animation file, and some remnants of it can even be reimplemented in-game.


The game files contain a few references to a scrapped alternate floor for the Corpse, called Mortis. There are no graphics associated with Mortis, and there is no stage defined for it in stages.xml.

  • The rooms folder contains a .stb file for Mortis, but it only contains a single room with some Poison Minds. Greed Mode also has a layout for Mortis, containing only empty room layouts for the enemy arena.
  • music.xml contains a placeholder entry for Mortis, simply named "not done". It uses the Womb's music as a placeholder.
  • Mortis corresponds to stages 7d and 8d. Attempting to go to these using the console causes the game to freeze. Doing this in Greed Mode instantly crashes the game.

Unused Greed Mode Floors

The game's rooms folder contains Greed Mode layouts for all of the alternate path floors (including Mortis). They can be accessed in-game by using the debug console and using the stage command to change the stage, by appending "c" or "d" to the stage number. These appear to have been scrapped in the middle of being designed—Downpour, Dross, Mines, Ashpit, and Mausoleum are populated with room layouts and enemy waves, but Gehenna, Corpse, and Mortis have no enemy waves; initiating the enemy sequence will only cause empty waves to appear that end immediately. Item rooms work as expected, providing one visible choice and one blind choice. Because these floors are unfinished, there are some oddities and strange occurrences:

  • All boss waves on these floors are assigned the default difficulty level of 1. If the game attempts to spawn a boss wave with a higher difficulty, it will spawn an empty wave, which ends the round instantly.
  • Several waves in Downpour contain Army Flies, which don't appear there in the base game.
  • All room layouts for the enemy arena in the Mines and Ashpit contain rails, but no enemy waves use minecarts. They can only be used by Hornfel, who only appears in the Mines.
  • Great Gideon appears in a boss wave in the Mines and Ashpit, but the game crashes when he attempts to summon enemies.
  • The Mausoleum contains multiple enemies that do not appear in its base floor:
    • Holy Bony, which is normally exclusive to the Cathedral
    • Fanatic, an enemy that is only seen during the fight with The Heretic and cannot be encountered in normal rooms
    • The Visage, which only appears in the Gehenna
    • Exorcists, which cannot be encountered in the game at all

Filename Oddities

  • Lil Blub is still referred to as its Antibirth name "Beelzeblub" in the game's files.
    • Similarly, Mother is referred to as "The Witness" in most of the game's files.
  • The "Flagellant" enemy is referred to as "Lunatic", its Antibirth name.
  • The "Drip" enemy is referred to as "Floater".
  • The "Splurt" enemy is referred to as "Waterboy".
  • The "Cloggy" enemy is referred to as "Residuum".
  • The "Fartigan" enemy is referred to as "Gas Dwarf" in its animation file.
  • The item "4.5 Volt" is referred to as "Assault Battery" in its graphics files. Given this item was intended for the unreleased Antibirth update, this was likely its name before being changed.
  • The music files for Dross simply refer to it as "sewer".

Version Differences

November 4th

This version of Repentance was released across most consoles and regions on November 4th, 2021. It contains numerous differences from the Steam version.

Graphical changes include the following:

  • The starting room now has unique graphics for every character, highlighting their differences in gameplay.
  • A new visual synergy has been added if you somehow obtain two copies of Guppy's Eye.
  • The enemies Dukie, The Thing, and Blue Boil have been given new spritework.
Before Update After Update
Dukie IsaacRepentanceDukieOld.png IsaacRepentanceDukieNew.png
Blue Boil IsaacRepentanceBlueBoilOld.png IsaacRepentanceBlueBoilNew.png
The Thing IsaacRepentanceTheThingOld.png IsaacRepentanceTheThingNew.png
  • Lazarus has an updated hairstyle more similar to his character portraits.
Before Update After Update
IsaacRepentanceLazarusOld.png IsaacRepentanceLazarusNew.png
  • The Converter has a new sprite.
Before Update After Update
IsaacRepentanceConverterOld.png IsaacRepentanceConverterNew.png

Gameplay changes include:

  • Three new items have been added. These are all considered "hidden items" and cannot be obtained in normal play, nor do they count for completion.
Sprite Name ID Effect
IsaacRepentance 730 GlassEye.png Glass Eye 730 Damage + Luck up
IsaacRepentance 731 Stye.png Stye 731 Damage + Range up to tears fired from Isaac's right eye
IsaacRepentance 732 MomsRing.png Mom's Ring 732 Damage up, spawns a rune on pickup
  • New rooms have been added to various floors: 15 for Caves, 15 for Flooded Caves, 1 for Scarred Womb, 19 for Ashpit, and a whopping 60 for Dank Depths.
  • Converter now has a three-room charge, fixing an instant-win scenario as Tainted Judas
  • Holy Mantle now grants a full second of invincibility frames, as opposed to the half-second in the release version.
  • Tainted Eden no longer rerolls on self-damage, including Curse Rooms or self-damage items.
  • Tainted Cain's recipes are now randomized per seed, while a few fixed recipes exist for certain items.
  • Rocket Bombs will now only activate if Isaac is firing in a certain direction.
  • Lemegeton now has a chance to grant items based on the room's pool, instead of being guaranteed.
  • Taking a boss item generated by Satanic Bible now locks you in to Devil Room precedent. Previously, you could take items generated by Satanic Bible and still get Angel Rooms.
  • Hearts can now be collected in Tainted Jacob's ghostly form.
  • Tainted Azazel's sneeze attack now leaves a graphical indicator on afflicted enemies.

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Birthright still does not have effects for all characters, but there are new unused descriptions for them:
Character Description
Magdalene "Limit breaker + HP up"
Cain "Better arcades + luck up"
Judas/Dark Judas "Belial incarnate"
Lilith "Offensive formation"
Keeper "Coin up"
Apollyon "Regurgitate"
Tainted Judas "Extended darkness"
Tainted Eve "Coagulate"
Tainted Lazarus "Superposition"
Tainted Lilith "Conjoined"
Tainted Apollyon "Double tap swarm"
Tainted Bethany "Greater summoning"
Tainted Jacob "Uneasy alliance"
  • Various Tainted characters that were previously missing descriptions now have them:
Character Description
Tainted Eve "Clot Summoner"
Tainted Azazel "Broken Wings"
Tainted Lilith "Fetal Fury"
Tainted Apollyon "Plague Bringer"
  • items_metadata.xml has been updated.
    • Lost Fly (tags: offensive -> nolostbr)
    • Delirious (tags: summonable removed)
    • Bozo (tags: offensive removed)
    • Mr.Me (tags: summonable removed)
    • Mycormycosis (tags: offensive added)
    • Larynx (tags: offensive added)
    • Death Certificate (tags: offensive added)
    • Yuck Heart (tags: offensive removed)
    • Suplex (tags: offensive added)
    • Bag of Crafting (Quality 3 -> 4)

Fixed bugs and oversights:

  • Transforming into Tainted Isaac via the Clicker no longer crashes the game.
  • Tammy's Head now properly appears in the Treasure Room pool. Previously, it only appeared in the Crane Game pool.
  • Chub and The Matriarch no longer drop an excessive amount of hearts on death.
  • Taking a pill while under the effects of Mega Mush no longer prevents Isaac from firing.
  • C Section is now considered a "hidden item", meaning it no longer appears in the Death Certificate area nor the Collection Page, and cannot be obtained with Eden or the Spindown Dice. In the release version, the item was not in any item pools and had no effect, but it was still required for 100% completion.
  • Black Markets can now be entered again, and no longer redirect Isaac to an I AM ERROR Room.
  • End goals like End Chests and Trophies now act like trapdoors, meaning they no longer activate instantly if they spawn on top of Isaac.
  • Dead Cat no longer grants infinite lives when taken with Esau.
  • Plan C no longer works on the fight with The Beast - it only kills the currently active harbinger instead of all of them at the same time.