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The Godfather

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Title Screen

The Godfather

Developers: Page 44 Studios (PS2/Xbox), Headgate Studios (Windows)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: March 22, 2007 (PS2)
Released in US: March 21, 2006
Released in EU: March 24, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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The Godfather is a licensed tie-in game based on the first Godfather film.

To do:
  • There's bound to be far more cut content for everything else.
  • Replace the YouTube links with music files.
  • There are prototypes on Hidden Palace. The E3 2005 Build is the most interesting. Document it along with the rest of them. The Mafia Games Discord are currently trying to make it playable along with exploring its files.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Music

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There are some tracks which are never heard during gameplay.

An alternate and sped-up version of the main theme.

Final mission "The Baptism of Fire".

(Source: Gordon Carnmal)

Unused Levels

There are some test levels which are buried deep in the files.

This test level focuses on the games mechanics.

(Source: Greavesy)