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The Godfather II

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The Godfather II

Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in JP: April 16, 2009
Released in US: April 7, 2009
Released in EU: April 10, 2009

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

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The Godfather II is the sequel to the original game based on the second Godfather film.

To do:
  • There are some unused graphics to add.
  • The Mafia Games Discord are currently analysing the game thanks to a modder sharing a STR extractor toolkit, so more unused content may appear.
  • Add the actual "promotion" audio files.
  • Add Aldo's audio files.
  • Add the title screen.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Music

There are some pieces of music that are never heard in game.

It is unknown where this was supposed to be used.

It is unknown where this was supposed to be used.

(Source: BasicallyImSimon)

Unused Audio

There are some pieces of audio that are never heard in game.

This was possibly going to be a cutscene in which Dominic or a crew member gets made (promoted) by the Corleone's.

These were possibly going to be used for the Cuba tutorial level at the very start of the game or Aldo had a bigger role at some point in development.

(Source: BasicallyImSimon)

Unused Text

Through using the STR extractor toolkit, the entirety of the games text can be viewed and some of it is not seen anywhere in the game.

  • "Weak spot found: Electrocute" (A cut weak spot)
  • "One of the Granados has been arrested for a phony charge"
  • "Weak spot found. Thrown down stairs" (Another cut weak spot)
  • "Leroy Castellani (Tony Rosato) has been taken out"
  • "New espionage favor added!" (A cut favor that pedestrians would have given to Dominic)
  • "One of the Almeidas has been arrested up on a phony charge"
  • "Stanley Jimenez (Granados Family) sleeps with the fishes"
  • "Vehicle Concept art" (Looks to be a possible behind the scenes feature you could watch like the behind the scenes videos in the Godfather Don's Edition)
  • "Provenzano Porco (Mangano family) sleeps with the fishes"
  • "Would you like to sit down to negotiate the amount?"
  • "You must add this family member as crew to customize his apperance"
  • "Vincenzo Pentangeli has been killed" (Would have been used as a mission failed screen)
  • "Philip Giotti (Tony Rosato) has been iced"
  • "One of Tony Rosatos men has been arrested up for a phony charge"
  • "Giovanni Corbinelli (Mangano family) has been rubbed out!
  • "Clarence Pucci (Tony Rosato) has been whacked!"
  • "You killed the bouncer - dead men can't make deals" (This would have appeared when attempting to take over the Prostitution Crime Rings before extorting the owners)
  • "You killed the racket boss - dead men can't make deals" (Since businesses only have owners in this game, it looks like racket bosses from the first game were going to return but was scrapped)
  • "Jaime Fesser (Almeida Family) has been snuffed!"
  • "Entering Don Sit Down"
  • "Melee: Golden Gloves" (A cut execution style)
  • "Answer the phone for a message from the Corleones" (Would have been used as objective text during missions)
  • "Bruce Rivera (Granados Family) has been taken out!"
  • "Roth's associate has been killed"

(Source: The Goodfella)