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The Incredibles (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen

The Incredibles

Also known as: Mr. Incredible (JP)
Developers: Heavy Iron Studios, Beenox
Publishers: THQ (US/EU), D3 Publisher (JP)
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: December 2, 2004
Released in US: October 29, 2004
Released in EU: November 5, 2004

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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A game based off the movie of the same name that is Incredibly difficult to complete.

Unused Costumes

Early Mr. Incredible

The textures used for this early version of Mr. Incredible.

There's an early costume of Mr. Incredible in his red super suit called PLY3. His suit is darker and he is also fatter than his normal red suit in the final (PLY4). This version of Mr. Incredible was originally used at E3 2004 and earlier versions, as THQ was afraid of spoiling costumes in the film. He is fully functional and playable in the final game by simply replacing one of the PLY names in the in.ini folder with PLY3. His model/textures seem to show he was made quite early on.

Office Clothed Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible has a costume of him in his office suit listed as PLYA. This suit was likely made later in development as all of the other Mr. Incredible costumes are listed in-between PLY0-PLY4, and it comes before Violet who is PLYB. Unlike PLY3, this model/texture is missing a lot of animations and therefore he is unfinished, so inserting PLYA into the in.ini file (like any other invalid value) would instead have you play as Young Mr. Incredible (PLY0). Interestingly, he has some animations which none of the other Mr. Incredibles have, such as a typing animation, a phone animation, a stamp animation and a pencil animation, which means that these animations would have most likely been used in a cutscene. This Mr. Incredible suggests that a level based in Mr. Incredible's office was planned relatively late in development and then removed due to either time constraints or the fact that they couldn't come up with a decent level based in his office.

The unused dff modl is inside PLYA.HIP on mr_i_norm_bind.dff.modl, but there's no head for it and it is unfinished. The head can be found in PLY3.HIP.
The textures used for this early version of Mr. Incredible.

Unused Textures

Unused Violet Texture

The Incredibles Violet super new.png

Within PLYB.hip, a file called violet_super_new.RW3.RWTX shows an unused texture for Violet, which is somewhat reminiscent to the below-mentioned PLY3.

Unused Models

Unused NPCs

This hench_NI_club_bind.dff.modl model was never used in the final or early versions of the game.

The Incredibles-Hench NI Basic.png
This hench_NI_armor_club_bind.dff.modl was from the E3 version but left unused in the final version.

Unused Model Parts

These two textureless models are pipes that were likely going to be used for some part after Apartment Inferno where Mr. Incredible would have traversed through more buildings.

Unused Floating Ball Objects

One of the non functional floating balls.

There are two non functional floating ball objects at the rocket silo apart from the two used ones near the first and second checkpoint.

Unused Animations

Civilian Man Thin Coughing #04

This coughing animation for a thin man was going to be used in the Apartment Inferno levels.

Civilian Woman Fat Coughing #01

A coughing animation for a fat woman that was also supposed to be used in the Apartment Inferno levels.

Civilian Woman Fat Coughing #05

The Civilian Woman Fat has a 5th coughing animation where she bends down while coughing.

Civilian Woman Thin Coughing #01

The Civilian Woman Thin has never coughed in late for school and stays in a t-pose in the final game.

Elastigirl Idle

An unused idle animation for Elastigirl can be found in both PLY5 and PLY6.

Henchmen Animation

An unused henchmen animation.


An unused idle animation that was meant for the level that PLYA was going to be used in. The animation file can be used with the PLY3 model by replacing the PLY3 idle animation.

PLYA Phone Animation

A phone animation that was going to be used for PLYA. This can be loaded by replacing the death animation.

Unused Audio

Unused Dialogue

There's an unused Dash sound found in the two dash levels where Dash is laughing called DPLD04006_03.WAV.snds.


Mirage has two unused voice clips in “Beach Landing”. The first clip would have been used at the very beginning of the level as it warns you of danger. The second clip could have been used anywhere although it would have likely been used early on in the level as the helibots appear near the beginning of the level. The voice clip warns you about the helibots. This was found in NJ01_US.HIP where there are two sound files called MGNJ01_002.WAV.snds and MGNJ01_008.WAV.snds.

"You may encounter some of the bots that are protecting the island."

"The Helibot is the flying bot armed with explosive rounds. A flying version of the Bounder bot. Its high advantage gives it amazing accuracy."

The Arsonist has two unused voices inside LD01_US.HIP.

"Who do you think you are?"

"This is for you, pally!"

Unused Music

This music is found within the files for "Great Falls". Its exact purpose is unknown.

Debugging Leftovers

Parameters Names & Development Flags

The Windows executable has lots of hard-coded game parameters which names are still present. For example, the laser attack has these parameters (among others):

Name Default value
LaserSpeed 50.00
LaserLength 0.50
LaserDamage 10
LaserThickness 205
LaserShake 0.50
MaxLaserDistance 50.00

There are also some boolean hard-coded parameters used during development that alters how the game acts when changed. For example:

Name Default value Comment
Collision 1 If set to 0, collision with enemies disappear and makes you unable to defeat them (they can still attack you).
DestroyedCollidable 0 If set to 1, collision from the fixed enemies like turrets will remain after being destroyed.
NoAttackDuringCinematics 1 Let enemies attack you during the Cinematics if set to 0.
To do:
Add some more.

Violet Debugging HUD

There was some kind of debugging HUD for the Violet gameplay that printed the following information:

invis=%d, power=%3f, alpha=%3f

However, after the string and the parameters are loaded, an empty function is called and they are ignored.

Unused Text

Unused Apartment Inferno Dialogue

There's a file called Line1 which was never used in the final game. The file can be found in LD01_US.hip.

Cough! Cough!
Hey! Who are you?
Just a friend who's here to help!
Thanks, buddy!

Unused Next Level Text

In many files of the game, there is a text file called Text_String_01 or String_Next_Level which were never used in the final game.

Many of the text files would say

Press L1 to go to Level 4-2


Press L1 to go to Level 1-2


This text was likely a leftover from a debug feature that would have been used in the game's development. The button commands stated are from the PS2 version, although these text files appear in the other versions.

Level Unlocking

All the game levels can be unlocked to be accessed with the level selector using the cheat code ILIEMIAOW.

Early Combo Meter

In some of the level video thumbnails, there seems to be an early combo meter that was cut from the final game. In the video thumbnail it only shows either 0000 or good (much like in the final), and its animations and functionality look very close to the combo meter from Rayman 3. The combo meter is below the health bar, rather than at the top center of the screen like the final game, and has words ranging from good to showtime which appear in yellow rather than white.


Unused Areas

Unused Stages

Unused area shown in the E3 2004 trailer.

As well as the unused costumes for Mr. Incredible suggesting unused levels, there are mentions of two test levels within the in.ini files PG?? and TS??. Every other level has a 2 digit code after it as well as some numbers which can be seen by scrolling down the in.ini file (e.g. "Bank Heist" is OM01,184,94) But these two levels lack that. Few assets of these levels still exist so they cannot be mapped. According to the in.ini file found in the PlayStation 2 demo version of the game, these two stages were a Playground and a Test Level respectively. Both of these levels are listed under PLY3 as the playable character.

Unused Room

Rocket Silo contains a mysterious room which can only be accessed via moon jumping. Despite being closer to the end of the level, it's only loaded during the first section of the level, so reaching the second checkpoint (which loads the next few areas) will unload this room. The room is similar to the first room of the level except that there's no holograms saying the name of the rooms. The collision detection of the room is also very unfinished, as many parts of the floor and the walls have no collision detection. This could be a leftover from "Secret Lava Labs" or an earlier version of the stage.

Unused Images

Demo Screens

The final game has some unused splash screens from a previous demo version.

The-Incredibles-demo1.png The-Incredibles-demo2.png

Unused Icon


Here's an unused bus icon from late for school which used to be on the Dash meter in earlier versions of the game. The icon can be seen in early screenshots.

Preview Images

The Incredibles-Doodle1.png The Incredibles-Doodle2.png The Incredibles-Doodle3.png The Incredibles-Doodle4.png

Within mnes.hop, there are four random images which were likely used as placeholders. They are found in UIS IMAGE PREVIEW 1, UIS IMAGE PREVIEW 2, UIS IMAGE PREVIEW 3, and UIS IMAGE PREVIEW 4. The images show what seems to be an early version of "Syndrome's Base" with an early HUD and with P1, P2, P3 or P4 written over them. The images were clearly put together using MS Paint and P4 especially shows the "professionalism" put into these images. These can be seen in a prototype for the “extras” menu for the videos.


The Incredibles-UnusedMap.png

This map is used in the level select screen however, the map is extremely zoomed in and you never get to see the whole map. The full map shows many early names for stages which mostly cannot be seen usually in-game due to how zoomed in the map is. Levels not mentioned in the table below have the same name in-game and on the map.

Level Map name
Skyline Stretch Elastigirl Chase
Apartment Inferno Hotel Inferno
Beach Landing Nomanisan Island
Nomanisan Island Jungle Hunt
Volcanic Eruption Bob VS. The Omnidroid
Great Falls The Great Falls
Syndrome's Base Syndrome's Lair
Finding Mr Incredible Finding Bob
Violet's Crossing Violet's Journey
Secret Lava Labs Secret Lava Caves
Save the World Omnidroid Battle

Unused Videos

There's several videos in mnui.HIP and MNUS.HOP. In mnui.HIP is the game's trailer with a time counter and a watermark with the text "WIP" (Work In Progress).

In MNUS.HOP is the movie trailer.

Also in MNUS.HOP is a video about the development of the game.

SpongeBob Video Game Leftovers

There are lots of text strings from previous SpongeBob games by Heavy Iron Studios inside the Windows executable. Here are some examples:

Robot Plankton
See SpongeBob Boss
See Patrick Boss
See Sandy Boss
Exit SpongeBob

Uncompiled Assembly Code

The Windows game executable has some uncompiled D3DX9 shader assembly functions inside the executable. Here is an example:


// t0 - base water texture
// t1 - ice texture
// t2 - env map
// t3 - cubemap

// c0 - diffuse rgb, ice factor in alpha component

//def c1, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f;

tex t0			// Lookup water
tex t1			// Lookup ice
tex t2			// Environment map

//mov r0, t2

mul r0, t0, v0		// Modulate water with diffuse
mul r1, t2, c1.a	// Calculate environment map which needs adding
add r0, r0, r1		// Add env map to the water

mul r1, t1, v0		// Modulate ice with diffuse

lrp r0, v1.a, r1, r0	// Lerp water and ice using ice factor
//mov r0.a, v1.a
//mov r0.a, t0.a		// Alpha = Water texture alpha
mul r0.a, t0.a, v0.a	// Alpha = Water texture alpha * vertex alpha (passed in 2nd color channel)

There's also a lot of hexadecimal code in text format inside the executable.