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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures/Unused Text From French Translation

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

The French text dump of the game featured untranslated bits of English, indicating that they were not used in the main game. Here, the strings of text are sorted into their possible relevance to the final game.

Possibly Fit Into Final Game

These text strings are still relevant to the final game, but go unused for one reason or another.

Strange... You can't use
this item here.

In the game, you can use items most anywhere, even in houses, so this message is not used.

You got 50 Force Gems!
Hold on to those!

In the game, receiving 50 Force Gems yields no message.

Large ghosts fear light.

For the stages that have ghosts in them. Could have been on a sign.

Push with the combined
might of four.

A hint to get into a formation.

Hold the B Button to focus
energy in your blade.

Once it flashes twice, you
can perform a feat known
only to the greatest heroes.

Instructions to do a spin attack. Likely deemed unnecessary.

Hold the B Button, then
release it to perform a
Hurricane Spin.

More unnecessary instructions.

Unite your hearts to open
the path.

(Form a line of four in the
direction you wish to walk.)

More unnecessary instructions.

When four stand together,
something will happen.

More unnecessary instructions.

This should aid you in your
journey. Take it with you.

A message for receiving any type of item.

Defeat multiple enemies with
a single blow to get more
Force Gems.

A hint. Probably deemed unnecessary.

The shadow of the underworld
can reach the world above
as well.

Be careful of what you
slice and what you lift.

A warning for levels that contain entrances to the Dark World, despite the fact that entrances to the Dark World are more pronounced in the final game.

Push the block that matches
the color of your tunic.

Instructions that were deemed unnecessary.

By using the R Button, you
can lift this stone, and so
shall you lift your foes.

Instructions that were deemed unnecessary.

The L Button can zoom. Use
it when you want to show
others where you are!

Instructions that were deemed unnecessary, as well as potentially inapplicable.

Be careful with those bombs.
You'll drop Force Gems if
you get caught in the blast.

You know, I've heard of
certain flowers that grow
bombs like they were fruit!

A hint deemed unnecessary.

Look at your GBA screen!

When looking at the GBA screen, a message shows informing the player to look at the TV when not in use. This would be the vice-versa message. Since GBAs are never specifically used, this message goes unused.

Archery Range ahead.

Unused sign message.

Hinox ahead.
Beware of bombs.

A heads-up for players.

Ambush ahead.

Another heads-up.

Shocking creatures ahead!
Ready your bow.

Another heads-up.

There are four Links abroad.
Beware look-alikes. Press
the L Button if confused.

Instructions for four players. When there are less than four people playing, the players will have a unused Link(s) trailing behind them. Using L with a Link partnered up with you brings up the formation menu, so this doesn't always apply.

Keep holding the A Button
to charge up the Hammer.
One strike will stun enemies.

Instructions deemed unnecessary.

If you lose sight of where
you are, press the L Button.

Again, if there are less than four players, this isn't always applicable.

Hi hi hi!

Could be used anywhere, but it wasn't.

An oasis lies to the east.
An oasis lies to the west.
An oasis lies to the south.
There's a temple to the
south of the oasis.

Used for one of the desert levels. A different and more challenging way of getting to the temple was implemented, rendering this unused.

Stay out of the woods!
You'll meet with disaster!

Could be used in any forest area.

The rocks around here are
fragile. Use a bomb on them!

Could be used in any area with rocks.

Do you have time to waste
looking at this? Get going!

Fine, jeez...

Go right.
Go left.

Directions of some sort, likely in a maze to be helpful or misleading.

No loitering!

Could be used near a shop, but there are none in the game.

There's treasure buried here!

Could be used whenever the player has access to a shovel.

Enemies are everywhere!
Take care!

Could be used anywhere.

Pressing switches can
sometimes be good...

Yeah... only sometimes though.

Watch out for pits!


Burn! Burn!

Could be used wherever there's fire.

Dig here!

Could've been used for when the player has a level 2 shovel and is tracking a place to dig. This message could've also been on a sign or as a message from an NPC.

Go left 3 paces
and up 5 more.

Since specific numbers are given, and not variables, this would have to be said by a sign or NPC.

There's treasure in
that there cave!

NPC message.

Missed the mark.

Another tracking message.

Right on target!

Another tracking message.

A dead end.

Another tracking message? I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be though...

You've gathered enough
Force Gems! The Four Sword
is glowing with power!

Press and hold the B Button
until the tip of your blade
flashes, then Spin Attack!

A similar message is said in-game, but it doesn't tell the player about the spin attack.


Likely for when the Four Sword gets powered up.

Put it in your wallet.

Could be for Force Gems.

Lost it.

Could be for anything.

Come now, you must be cold
in such thin clothing.

Here, drink some of my
specialty soup.

You know, we've had some
fierce blizzards around these
parts lately. It's terrible.

Anyone who stays out too
long feels his strength start
to ebb from the cold.

I've seen it happen, and so
I'm sure to have warm soup
always at the ready.

You're welcome to come
by whenever you'd like.

After all, we have to help
each other out in these
troubled times, you know?

Could have been for any of the snowy levels.

Ooh... That bomb looks

I bet if you ate one that
big, your belly would burst!

Could have been used as a hint to the player before battling dodongos.

I won't give in to
temptation. I'm gonna sit
right here and not move.

Could've been used for a goron, or one of the heavy-lady NPCs.

[sfx]Vaati's been defeated...
and yet the air... It's so

Could've been said by Zelda, but she doesn't get a chance to say it.

[sfx]Hey! You don't have enough
Force Gems! Move along,
move along!

Could be used anywhere.

[sfx]Oh, no. That's no good...
Better luck next time!

Could be used after any minigame.

[sfx]Horses are great...
They're fantastic, even!
Horses rule!

What's this?
You look like you'd like to go
for a ride.

It's 100 Force Gems per ride.

If you get a carrot, you can
dash for a while. Just don't
try to hold your horse back!

If you can finish in under
55 seconds, you win 500
Force Gems.

Well, you want to race,
[.]Yes [.]No
[sfx]P[var] crosses the finish line
first! Ooh! Congratulations!

For my first-place darling,
a 500 Force Gem prize!
Don't forget me!

This is all obviously before Tingle's Tower was implemented. Alternatively, the usage of horses in The Field level allows room for racing, but the horse-racing mini-game was only used in Tingle's Tower.

That's 50 Force Gems
exactly! OK, here's the
Hyrulean language test!
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
Let's have your answer!

What's number one?
[?] [?] [?]

(Followed by many other strings of [?] and a repeat of the above phrase four more times.)
That's right! Ah, I'm
thrilled to meet a studied
master of Hyrulean!

Please accept this

Please continue to broaden
your knowledge of this
beautiful language!

I'll be waiting to
see you again.

You got 250 Force Gems!
What a scholarship!
No, that's not right!
The test is over! Study
some more,  I beg you!

This could have been a very, very confusing mini-game.

Bring me the purple guy!
We'll talk then!
Bring me the red guy!
We'll talk then!
Bring me green!
Then we can talk!
Bring me the blue guy!
Then we'll talk!

Could have been used anywhere.

[sfx]Hey! Hold it!
Move this rock, will you?
Press the R Button to lift!

A tutorial-ish message that could have been used in any of the beginning stages.





Tingle says something similar to this, but the "lin" in "Kooloolinpah!" was moved to the last line, likely to fill it up a little.

[sfx]Hold on a moment, you!
Won't you help an old lady
with her diet?

I'm trying to do that Ball diet
everyone's on these days,
but I can't do it on my own!

All I need you to do is
deflect the balls I toss
at you. It's simple.

If you're good and deflect
10 or more balls, I'll give
you a tip!

Well? You can't resist, can
you? Give it a try!
[.]Yes [.]No
I'll get us started.

C'mon, boys! See if you
can return my volleys!
[sfx]We had more than 10 volleys,
so you get [var],
as promised!

That was a lot of work for
someone my age. I'm beat.

After all this exercise,
I think I can eat whatever
I want with no worries!
[sfx]We had over 10 volleys, so
here are your Force Gems as
I promised. Split them fairly!

Hold it, P[var]! You missed
a few there.

Whew...hh... That was a lot
of work for someone my age.
I'm beat.

I worked hard, so I can eat
anything I want!

I'll be looking for your help
later on, too!

This minigame would've helped the player practice for some of the game's bosses. It looks like it was pretty close to being in the final game, but was cut for whatever reason (fat jokes?)

It looks like even that girl
who was crying has cheered
up a little.

But she has a boyfriend...
It's kind of sad.
Being trapped in that
strange world made us
a little crazy.
Now that we're back safely,
I feel a little stupid
about our petty rivalry.

These could have been used in the Village of the Blue Maiden level, but weren't.

If your hearts are depleted,
someone can lift you with
the R Button to revive you. 

When someone else dies, it's usually very difficult to get to them because large quantities of their Force Gems are in the way, so making use of this feature isn't really recommended, given they can just recover themselves, anyway.

Don't Fit Into Final Game

These don't fit into the released game, indicating changes in development.

You got an ally! Make a
formation with the L Button.
Throw your ally to turn
him back into a sword! 

Apparently your various Links could have been transformed back into a sword, but given that they all wield swords, this sounds kinda weird.

You don't have enough magic
power to use this item!

There's no use of magic in the final game.

Drat! You can't move!
You need to use the Magic
Mirror to return!

While the Magic Mirror makes an appearance in-game, the player never gets to use it.

You have no Force Gems,
so you can't use any items!

Force Gems aren't used for items in the final game.

You got a Magic Hammer!
Press and hold the A Button
to strike Dark World rivals.

The Magic Hammer isn't used for bashing foes in the Dark World in the final game.

Master Sword ahead!
Don't miss it!
Not so fast! The Master
Sword cannot be gained
so easily!

Apparently the Master Sword was to make an appearance in this game, but that would the defeat the purpose of the game, unless it was for later.

Proceed without doubt.

No idea.

Activate the switch
to wield flame.

This could be used to indicate an item, but it's kind of vague.

Where was it, though?

There are six other sages 
hiding in this realm.
Surely they can aid you...

No idea. Maybe the quest initially took place in a different realm?

Hall of Sages

Looks like the player was once able to get to the Hall of Sages, but in the final game, the player never does.

It's a secret to everybody!
Don't tell!

Lines that most Zelda games have as a inside joke, but this time they didn't make the cut.

Pay me for the door repair.

Another reference to the first game.

It's dangerous to go alone!
Take this.

Another reference to the first game. Since the player starts with the Four Sword, this goes unused.

Forest of Sages ahead.

Alternate name for the Lost Woods?

There's some warm soup.

As mentioned above, someone was going to be giving away soup. The soup would've required a bottle, like in The Wind Waker. However, the player is not given a repertoire of items to collect and have at the ready, and as such only has access to one at a time, rendering the bottle system next to useless.

Pick up a stone and wait 10
seconds! See what happens!

Picking up stones for a certain amount of time is never implemented in the final game.

Think about it!
Don't have any better ideas.

No idea.

Do your best!
[sfx]That's it! Game over!
Hey, It! You lose!

Yeah, you're It! Give
everyone 100 Force Gems!
[sfx]Hey, buddy.

You can't play tag by
yourself. Come back when
you've got some friends.

Another minigame that was never used. This would've required more than one person to play, which this game was trying to divert from.

It seems like the bottom's

No idea.

You've found the secret
treasures-aplenty spot!

With the new Scorpion S
treasure-hunting shovel,
you'll be rich in no time!

I think I'll give you
my extra-special cutie
discount, too!

What do you say? You have
to spend money to make

C'mon now! It's only
100 Force Gems, after all!
[.]Yes [.]No

This is before Level 2 items were implemented, making upgraded items completely different altogether.

[sfx]OK, listen up. If you're near
any treasure, your Game Boy
Advance will make a noise.

When you hear it, start
digging! You'll find more
stuff than you can imagine!

You've only got a minute
though, so don't dawdle.
Time is money!

Get ready...

Explanation of the minigame and the aforementioned Level 2 shovel.

[sfx]Oh, how disappointing...

You'll never hear another
story as good as this one.
You gonna deprive yourself?

This would've lead to a hint of some sort.

[sfx]Whoa! Hold it right there!
Time's up! Time really flies
when you're diggin' for loot!

My! You sure found a lot of
treasure, didn't you?

Tell you what--since you dug
up the most, I'm going to let
you keep the shovel!

So keep on digging, and
dig yourself a mighty
fortune, you hear?!

Obtaining the Level 2 shovel, likely from the aforementioned digging minigame.

[sfx]What's that? You wanna try
again?!? OK, now you're
being a Greedy Goron.
[sfx]No way! You gotta be joking!
You seriously don't
have 100 Force Gems?

All right, we're done here.

How you gonna get rich if
you can't even scrape
together 100 Force Gems?

Come back when you're
ready to get serious!

It looks like this digging minigame was really close to being in the game.

Drop it!

Drop what?

Do you have boots?
You're wearing boots!
You're not wearing boots...

It'd be quite interesting to see Link without boots.

That's Ganon's voice!

That's a rather scary string. Maybe Ganon was going to have a larger role in the game.

You got 2 Force Gems!

There isn't a designated color of Force Gem worth only two measly Force Gems. The player could have obtained two green Force Gems, but why bother?

Thank you. I feel so much
better now that I can
cast magic again!

Please, take me to the
Thank you, Link...
I'm off to see the

Whoever constructed this
seal was very powerful...
Be careful!

Here, in exchange for
helping me, let me restore
your health!

Are these for Zelda, perhaps? Maybe another character?

Link, a maiden is being
held in there.

Use the power of the Four
Sword to pierce the barrier.


The barriers that the maidens are held in aren't ever broken by the player. They break automatically once the player enters the room they're held in.

Hey, you can't come in here!
This ain't open to the

NPCs don't force the player out of an area in the released game, although they may want to. This could have been used in other situations, but wasn't.

    Your Grave

Well, that's pretty ominous.

You can change formations
by pressing SELECT!

Pressing Select on the GBA (seeing as the GameCube controller doesn't have a separate button for Select) with four or less characters allows the player to switch between them and their partnered Link, deeming this irrelevant.

Oho, Mr. Fairy! I shall
help you from time to
time if you like.
Might I help myself to...
[var] of your Force Gems?
[.]Help! [.]Forget it. 
Too bad. Those little gems
do make the world go 'round. 
Need to refresh your magic?
One of these will do the job!
[.]20 Force Gems [.]No thanks 
I'll lend you the remaining
Force Gems you need.
Just repay me automatically
when you get more.
Try not to take advantage of
my unsurpassed generosity!   
Today, my aid can be yours
for a paltry sum! How about
a mere...[var] Force Gems!
Mr. Fairy... Are you doing
that because you want to
talk to me?
You have [var] Force Gems
in your wallet! 
Tingle has a bargain for
you, Mr. Fairy!
Tingle sees that you have
[var]. Tingle
will take 198 of them. OK?
[.]Help! [.]Forget it!
That's no good, Mr. Fairy!
Your wallet has [var].
Tingle will take 398.
[.]Help! [.]Forget it!
Pull it together! Hmm... You
have [var] in your wallet.
I'll take...3,000 Force Gems?
[.]Help! [.]Forget it.

These are all strings indicating that Tingle would've played a larger role in the game, other than hosting minigames and stealing unclaimed Force Gems. It's unknown why his more prominent functions were left out, probably because they weren't really necessary (hearts are usually very easy to come by, and signs/other NPCs give information regarding the current predicament the player is in).