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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

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Title Screen

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: 4tsu no Tsurugi+ (JP)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: March 18, 2004
Released in US: June 7, 2004
Released in EU: January 7, 2005
Released in AU: April 7, 2005
Released in KR: April 15, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is essentially Link meets the Marx Brothers. Make sure you have enough peripheral cables and Game Boy Advances for everybody! After all, they'll be around forever...

To do:


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Rooms
Several hundred unused rooms in this Zelda!
Unused Graphics
Unused Text From French Translation
What? The Master Sword?
Regional Differences
What happened to Navi Trackers?

Marvelous Leftovers

Four Swords Adventures, Navi Trackers, & Marvelous

Marvelous: Mou Hitotsu no Takarajima was the first game designed by Four Swords Adventures producer Eiji Aonuma. He outlines its connection with the latter in a Nintendo Online Magazine interview from March, 2004.

Tsuchiyama: Navi Trackers originated from the desire to make a complete departure from Hyrulean Adventure, and to incorporate a sense of realism produced by having the game talk to the players through the screen.
Aonuma: It all started with an 8 year old game called Marvelous, which made use of the Satellaview satellite transmission system. In that game, players would collect stamps while listening to a radio broadcast. We replaced [the satellite transmission system] with the connectivity function, used Tetra's character as the vocal guide, and incorporated the pirates. Actually, all three of us [producer Eiji Aonuma, director Toshiaki Suzuki, and director Yoshinori Tsuchiyama] worked on the satellite broadcast project. You could say we didn't imagine we'd reunite like this. (He laughs.)

(Translation: GlitterBerri)

Player Badges

FSANT 1p 00.png FSANT 2p 00.png FSANT 3p 00.png FSANT 4p 00.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Player Text

FSANT 1p 1.png FSANT 2p 1.png FSANT 3p 1.png FSANT 4p 1.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Player Pointers

May have been used on minimaps.

FSANT r point.png FSANT b point.png FSANT y point.png FSANT g point.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Player Cursors

May have been used on selection screens.

FSANT yubi 1p.png FSANT yubi 2p.png FSANT yubi 3p.png FSANT yubi 4p.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Player Icons

FSANT r1.png FSANT r2.png FSANT r3.png FSANT r4.png FSANT r5.png FSANT r6.png

FSANT b1.png FSANT b2.png FSANT b3.png FSANT b4.png FSANT b5.png FSANT b6.png

FSANT y1.png FSANT y2.png FSANT y3.png FSANT y4.png FSANT y5.png FSANT y6.png

FSANT g1.png FSANT g2.png FSANT g3.png FSANT g4.png FSANT g5.png FSANT g6.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Lottery Game

FSANT bingo 01.png FSANT bingo 02.png FSANT bingo 03.png FSANT bingo 04.png FSANT bingo 05.png FSANT bingo 06.png FSANT bingo 07.png FSANT bingo 08.png FSANT bingo 09.png FSANT bingo 10.png FSANT bingo 11.png FSANT bingo 12.png FSANT bingo 13.png FSANT bingo 14.png FSANT bingo 15.png

FSANT yajirusi.png

Japanese English
景品会場 Prize Hall

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël, Translation - GlitterBerri)


Normal Without Transparency
FSANT gc 1022.png FSANT gc 1022 NoAlpha.png

FSANT back.png

Japanese English
リザルト Results

FSANT weather back.png

Japanese English
週間天気 Weekly Weather
ハレ Sunny
クモリ Cloudy
アメ Rainy
今日の天気 Today's Weather
風速 Wind Speed
の天気予報 Weather Forecast

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël, Translation - GlitterBerri)


FSANT haikei 00.png FSANT jina base mode.png FSANT jina eye base model.png

jina_bose_mode is a model of Gina, the teacher character in Marvelous.

FSANT jina base mode 2.png FSANT jina base mode 3.png FSANT jina base mode 4.png

FSANT eye 1.png FSANT eye 2.png FSANT eye 3.png

FSANT kutibiru 1.png FSANT kutibiru 2.png FSANT kutibiru 3.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Tetra's Trackers E3 2003 demo Leftovers

Title Screen

FSANT tetra logo 01.png

FSANT press start.png

FSANT c2003 nintendo.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)
(Source: Findings - $$$Link)

Player Badges

FSANT 1p.png FSANT 2p.png FSANT 3p.png FSANT 4p.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)


FSANT bar.png
FSANT E32003 2.png
(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Buttons Icons

FSANT ba a.png FSANT ba b.png

FSANT ba base 02.png FSANT ba base 04.png

FSANT ba kettei.png FSANT ba kettei Final.png

FSANT ba modoru.png FSANT ba modoru Final.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Courses Text

FSANT corse selet moji.png

FSANT corse name.png FSANT corse name2.png FSANT corse name3.png FSANT corse name4.png FSANT corse name5.png FSANT corse name6.png FSANT corse name7.png FSANT corse name8.png FSANT corse name9.png FSANT corse name10.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Maps Frame

To do:
Map 2 comes from BS Marvelous: Time Athletic.

FSANT zoom map window.png

FSANT kakudai map.png FSANT kakudai map2.png FSANT kakudai map3.png FSANT kakudai map4.png FSANT kakudai map5.png FSANT kakudai map6.png FSANT kakudai map7.png FSANT kakudai map8.png FSANT kakudai map9.png FSANT kakudai map10.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Courses Icons

Prototype Final
FSANT map 01.png FSANT map 01 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 02.png FSANT map 02 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 03.png FSANT map 03 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 04.png FSANT map 04 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 05.png FSANT map 05 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 06.png FSANT map 06 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 07.png FSANT map 07 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 08.png FSANT map 08 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 09.png FSANT map 09 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 10.png FSANT map 10 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 11 Final.png
Prototype Final
FSANT map 12 Final.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)


FSANT s0 bmap 00.pngFSANT s0 bmap 01.png
FSANT s0 bmap 02.pngFSANT s0 bmap 03.png

FSANT E32003 1.png

FSANT E32003 3.png FSANT E32003 4.png

(Source: Findings - Dark Linkaël)

Debug Functions

Debug Mode

FSANT DebugMode.png

002FB700 00000001
002FEAF8 00000001
002FEAF9 00000000
002F870F 00000004

(Source: On Var)

Map Select

FSANT MapSelect1.png

04205820 80283F20
002FB700 00000001

(Source: Skawo)

Sound Test

FSANT MapSelect2.png FSANT MapSelect3.png

(Source: Skawo)

Unused Text

A placeholder Dutch language track is in the game, but it's mostly blanked out, or in English.

Unused Actors

There are a number of actors, some used for debugging purposes, that are still in the game, one example:

Stage情報NPC (Stage information NPC)

Several actors go unused or are used, but don't appear on the GBA or GC screen


The whirlpool entrance never appears on the GBA in final release.


If you pound the chain chomp's peg with the hammer, it will escape and attack enemies on screen. This is only visible in an unused level..


boss072 is a difficult unused level specifically in multiplayer since if one link dies, you have to start the level over which is unused in final release. There is also a house that disappears quickly after a link enters making it a pretty brutal trap considering the harsh winds that damage you.


The actor ANHO is an unused but fully functional digging minigame!


BRBL, an unused small crate that can be pushed and burned.


boss005 and boss006 were playable demo levels at e3 and this banner most likely showed up when starting the level.


The actor "DEAL", an unused but fully functional, quite expensive, item shop.


"DETH" will spawn Vatti and he'll chase and instantly ko the links if he gets them. In multiplayer, you must be picked up to be revived.


WPCN, a large cannon that warps you when fired.

Unused Actor varibles

Actors that are used in the game, but have unused variables


TRAP, A purple spiny that acts like a trap. (Set variable 3 to 1


FLYO, A red tile that drops 100 force gems when hit. (Set variable 1 to 128).

gamecube gamecube

3 unused NPCs. (Set variable 2 for the crying kid, set to 9 for the kid in blue, and 10 for the adult.


Stationary soldiers do not appear yellow in final release. (SLR1, set variable 1 to 1).


boss000 contains bombchu that can actually be carried and thrown. (BMTY, set all variables to 0).


The same level test many moon gates with the screen shaking at different speeds. One of the gates making the GBA screen go black while warping. (CIRC, Set variable 1 to 1).


An unused large green solider that knocks link back far when hit. (SLR1, set variable 4 to 6)

(Source: User:$$$Link)

Unused Music

Under the Streams folder in the AudioRes directory, there's a single audio steam file named smw.ast. It is the remixed Super Mario Bros. theme used in the Special World in Super Mario World. Since all of the game's actual music is sequenced, this wouldn't fit anywhere in the game.


Bingo fanfare


Song for an unused map


Possibly early intro theme






Different variations of the loader game theme.






There might have been 1 or 2 longer questions to answer in Salvatore's minigames.


Sounds identical to course 1's theme


Title screen theme that was used for Tetra's trackers.









Se chinkle_vs_dash.DSP

Se chinkle_vs_fugyaaa.DSP

Se chinkle_vs_goodsmell.DSP

Se chinkle_vs_hidoi.DSP

Se chinkle_vs_houbi.DSP

Se chinkle_vs_iikagen.DSP










Se_chinkle vs_where.DSP



Interestingly enough, there is a full set of unused voice lines for a character named "chinkle" who sounds a lot like tingle. Maybe this could be an early voice for tingle or even another tingle brother.


The higest amount of tokens you can get at once is 5.


Early version of Salvatore's entrance theme




2 leftovers from The Wind Waker


Medals may have been able to break







More Wind Waker leftovers



Sound effects for the unused pause screen


Title start sound for Tetra's trackers

(Source: User:$$$Link)