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Zelda's Adventure

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Title Screen

Zelda's Adventure

Developer: Viridis Corporation
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in EU: June 19, 1995

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
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Zelda's Adventure, the third and final Zelda game released for the CD-i, has you play as the titular princess again as she travels to Tolemac (get it?) in order to obtain the Celestial Signs and free Link from the clutches of "Gannon". Along the way, she must deal with lengthy load times, blurry and confusing graphics, and clunky gameplay... assuming the player can find a way to play the game to begin with.

Special thanks to Shikotei, who extracted the game's maps along with their graphics.


ZeldAdventure NoiseSpIcon.png
Unused Dialogue
You haven't taken away my lines, have you? Let me count them! One, two, three...
ZeldAdventure EnergyOrb.png
Unused Items
Various trinkets and objects that Zelda never finds on her adventure.

Secret Names

Entering one of the following names on the save creation screen will cause a special effect to happen in-game.

Name Effect
MVBARICKMAN Zelda will not die when she runs out of hearts.
XYZINVINCO Unknown. Possibly has something to do with invincibility
XYZNOGO Wall, door, and barrier collision can be toggled with the treasure scroll arrows.
The left button enables it, while the right button disables it. The collision status persists over saves.
XYNOGOXYINV Enables the effects of both XYZ cheats at the same time.

(Source: atrfx, Rightman (effects))

Unused Graphics

To do:
Some of the NPC sprites have directions that don't show up in-game. Figure out which ones aren't used, then add them here.

ZeldAdventure MerchantKey.png

The merchant in the Forest of Ogham sells a Candle for 100 Rubies and the Magic Shield for 500. He was also going to sell a key for 100 Rubies, but this was cut. Of note is that the Seacoast Plain merchant loads the same key graphics, but he also sells a Candle for the same price, so it's probably a leftover from Viridis copy-pasting the Ogham merchant.

A woman at the Mobilin's Head Inn mentions that a Candle and a "silver key" will bring Zelda luck in the Shrine of Earth. While a Candle is used to light up a dark room in the dungeon, there are no doors in the Shrine whatsoever. The only thing that might have required a key at some point is the talking chest that Zelda gets the Jade Ring from.

ZeldAdventure UnusedETorch1.gif ZeldAdventure UnusedETorch2.gif

Three variants of a torch are loaded in the Shrine of Earth. The game only uses the upright torch, leaving these slanted torches in the dark.

ZeldAdventure ShadowKey.png

This dark, likely glitched key is loaded within the Forest of Torian, at the White Steed Lodge's exterior map. This might have been Waldensop's original item instead of the Feather spell he gives in the final game.

ZeldAdventure RedBoulder.gif

A red version of a Tumblebot. Its sprites are loaded in just a single map: the area directly to the east of the Barachno Marsh gate.

ZeldAdventure SwampBlob.gif

This small, Agwanda-esque blob would've been found and fought in the western/northern parts of the Barachno Marsh.

ZeldAdventure ShadowZol.gif ZeldAdventure ShadowBlob.gif

These shadowy versions of a Zol and small blob (possibly a projectile?) are loaded in the Shrine of Water's opening area. A prerelease screenshot shows that there were once enemies in the first room of the Shrine of Earth. It's possible that the other Shrines had them as well - if so, this is almost certainly a leftover from that idea.

ZeldAdventure ShrineofStrength Guy.gif

An unused man that would've appeared in the Shrine of Strength, after the room with the Green Knight. The Shrine has voice lines for three cut characters, so these sprites could've belonged to any of them.

There are also two areas containing unused copies of enemy sprites, much like the items:

  • The Tektite's sprites are loaded in the Llort apparition room in the Shrine of Earth, which contains no enemies whatsoever.
  • The sprites for the blue Tektite and Moby are loaded in the screen with three Mobilins south of Ethera and Ghini. There were plans to have one of both in the area, but they were removed.

Unused Areas

Full Maps

ZeldAdventure Ursore Rematch Map.png

Before fighting Gannon, Zelda must defeat every boss again with the exception of Ursore, the boss of the Shrine of Strength. There were plans for a rematch at some point, though, as a map representing the Shrine exists with the other rematch maps. Nothing is loaded with it, however.

On the topic of the final gauntlet, duplicates of the Shrines' exterior entrances are loaded with the arenas, but are never visited or seen. Other than some very minor cycling palette tweaks, they are identical to their used counterparts. Perhaps the shark egg/claw thing that turns into Gannon would've entered them before the rematches?

Inaccessible Areas

The collision/metadata maps of Zelda's Adventure are quite sloppy, containing a number of editing mistakes and terrain revisions (read: blocking the player from exploring too much with invisible walls). A few maps, however, have entire areas that Zelda can never access due to either invisible walls or the map's layout. All of these areas can be visited by using the XYZNOGO name cheat mentioned above.

(The map metadata uses various colors for different functions. In a nutshell, red areas are solid walls, green areas display over sprites, and blue areas activate a special effect like door transitions, extra character interactions, and so on.)

ZeldAdventure MapCol SoE.png

An upper platform was planned for the Shrine of Earth's first Tektite room, but was walled off at some point. Corresponding data doesn't exist for the second part seen in the crossroads area, so Zelda will end up walking on walls if she heads east.

ZeldAdventure MapCol WimbWell.png

The well behind Great Wimbich has proper collision and priority data. The layout of the local area prevents Zelda from interacting with it, and there isn't a bridge across the river like what is seen elsewhere in the Forest of Torian.

ZeldAdventure MapCol SoI.png

The collision for a northeastern exit exists in the big Wizzrobe room in the Shrine of Illusion, which is blocked off by an invisible wall. This was either an early version of the northern exit or a different exit that lead to another, possibly scrapped room.

ZeldAdventure MapCol BaracPass.png

An outer passageway was planned for the Barachno Marsh which would've taken Zelda east towards the Vendoss merchant, but was eventually walled off in several spots. Even if it wasn't, the path was only worked on up to the third screen, and Zelda will end up trapping herself in some wall collision if she tries to go east.

ZeldAdventure MapCol SoW.png

This empty chamber in the Shrine of Water has a peninsula in the middle, which Zelda cannot walk on due to another invisible wall. Interestingly, the southeastern wall has collision even though Zelda cannot walk on the Shrine's water currents. This suggests the room was planned to have enemies at one point, as similar walls are used later in the Shrine to prevent water-bound foes from clipping through terrain.

ZeldAdventure MapCol AgwaRematch.png

For whatever reason, someone at Viridis decided that the top-left patch of ground in Agwanda's rematch arena must have proper collision, despite there being no way for Zelda or Agwanda to escape the arena and interact with it. Overkill, much?

Food Dude Easter Egg

An easter egg that went undiscovered for over 25 years can be found in the Forest of Canvula, which also happens to reference an unreleased game by Viridis.

To activate it, you must have the Diamond in your inventory, which is given by the Great Wimbich blacksmith after handing him the Coal from the Plain of Hobel. Head to the southeastern corner of the lake in the Forest of Canvula, located at G11 on the map. Equip the Diamond and hold down Button One (as if you were using it) for around 7 seconds, and a gnarly skateboarder will emerge from the southern trees. He'll shout "Radical, dude! Totally!" before disappearing back into the forest.

The only known screenshot of Food Dude, featuring the boarder on the right

This wicked guy is actually the main protagonist of Food Dude, an unreleased CD-i game made by Viridis where the titular Dude had to avoid junk food/cigarettes and the ailments they'd bring upon him. Apart from a gameplay screenshot, the sprite and voice-line of the easter egg seem to be the only surviving remnants of Food Dude.

(Source: Food Dude (Unreleased, Philips CD-i))