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Zelda's Adventure

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Title Screen

Zelda's Adventure

Developer: Viridis Corporation
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in EU: June 19, 1995

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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To do:
Quite a bit...
  • Are there working versions of the other cut items? Also, get a save with the other cut items up if they exist and a way to add them is figured out.
  • Some of the NPC sprites have directions that don't show up in-game. Figure out which ones aren't used, then add them here.

Zelda's Adventure, the third and final Zelda game released for the CD-i, has you play as the titular princess as she travels to Tolemac (get it?) in order to obtain the Celestial Signs and free Link from the clutches of "Gannon". Along the way, she must deal with lengthy load times, blurry and confusing graphics, and clunky gameplay... assuming the player can find a way to play the game to begin with.

Special thanks to Shikotei, who extracted the game's maps along with their graphics.


ZeldAdventure NoiseSpIcon.png
Unused Dialogue
You haven't taken away my lines, have you? Let me count them! One, two, three...

Secret Names

Entering one of the following names on the save creation screen will cause a special effect to happen in-game.

Name Effect
MVBARICKMAN Zelda will not die when she runs out of hearts.
XYZINVINCO Unknown. Possibly has something to do with invincibility
XYZNOGO Wall, door, and barrier collision can be toggled with the treasure scroll arrows.
The left button enables it, while the right button disables it. The collision status persists over saves.
XYNOGOXYINV Enables the effects of both XYZ cheats at the same time.

(Source: atrfx, Rightman (effects))

Unused Items

ZeldAdventure GreenBoots.png

ZeldAdventure AlligatorShoesInv Proto.png

The Alligator Shoes was one of two cut items meant to be sold by the Vendoss Swamp merchant. It appears to be unfinished, as it does nothing except take up inventory space. Unused dialogue names the item and claims that it gave Zelda the ability to cross the swamp faster. This ability seems to have never been implemented, however.

The Shoes can be acquired in the prototype, appearing right next to the merchant. Interestingly, they can be picked up like a regular item instead of being sold for 100 Rubies like the Repellent. The Golden Boots, a nearby and equally useless footwear item, is present in the prototype as well, implying that the two items had different uses at some point. What the Golden Boots would've originally done is a mystery.

The Shoes can still be accessed by using a prototype save that has the item in the inventory. In addition, its sprites are still loaded whenever the Vendoss merchant is visited.

Unused Graphics

Most of these are pickup/inventory sprites of cut items, with a few other unused sprites here and there. Cut lines within the game's data mention and explain some (but not all) of the sprites.


ZeldAdventure ShurmakBook.png ZeldAdventure ShurmakAmulet.png

Originally, Shurmak would've warped Zelda to her retreat and taught the Princess how to use magic, and these two spells - the Leather Book and Opal Amulet, respectively - would have been freebies given to her. The tutorial lines are very vague on the items' purpose: fire would've stopped the Book's projectile, while the Amulet would've protected Zelda against... something.

The Opal Amulet can be seen in Zelda's inventory as a Treasure in a prerelease screenshot.

ZeldAdventure MerchantKey.png

The merchant in the Forest of Ogham sells a Candle for 100 Rubies and the Magic Shield for 500. He was also going to sell a key for 100 Rubies, but this was cut. Of note is that the merchant in the Seacoast Plain also loads the key graphics, but he also sells a Candle for the same price, so it's probably a leftover from Viridis copy-pasting the Ogham merchant.

A woman at the Mobilin's Head Inn mentions that a Candle and a "silver key" will bring Zelda luck in the Shrine of Earth. While a Candle is used to light up a dark room in the dungeon, there are no doors in the Shrine whatsoever. The only thing in the Shrine that might have required a key at some point is the talking chest that Zelda gets the Jade Ring from.

ZeldAdventure Trumpet.png

This trumpet would've been given to Zelda by the talking mushroom in the Forest of Findo, and, when played in "a place where Gannon is insulted", would make something special happen. What this would've been is a mystery.

A cut line from the living farmer in the Meadow of Skotness mentions a gold trumpet being sold for five Rubies. Was this the original location (and color) of the mushroom's cut trumpet? Who knows.

ZeldAdventure ShadowKey.png

There's a shadow key located within the Forest of Torian, specifically the White Steed Lodge's exterior map. This might have been Waldensop's original item instead of the Feather spell that he gives in the final game.

ZeldAdventure FishingNet.png

A fishing net is loaded at the shipwreck in the Seacoast Plain, but never used. Might have been a trade item for someone at the South Port, given the village's sea-faring nature and all.

ZeldAdventure Trident.png

This trident would've spawned on the screen directly north of where the fishing net would've been. Would've been a spell, most likely.

ZeldAdventure Hourglass.png

Another cut item located in Seacoast Plain - this time it's an hourglass in the old couple's house, received by speaking to the husband. It would've slowed down the movements of a single enemy.

ZeldAdventure OrangePotion.png

Yet another unused item, a orange potion located in Sirram Bew's house in Vendoss Swamp... which also happens to be near the Seacoast Plain. This area loves its unused items, doesn't it? Much like the mushroom and Shurmak, Sirram gives nothing to Zelda in-game apart from some generic advice.

ZeldAdventure GreenHand.png

In addition to the Alligator Shoes, the Vendoss Swamp merchant would've sold "deep-fried Octorok legs" for 300 Rubies. It's anyone's guess as to what it would've done.

There are also three duplicate item pickup sprites loaded with certain maps:

  • A candle is loaded inside the Mobilin's Head Inn. Maybe the woman inside the inn would've given one to Zelda after her line played?
  • The Harp is loaded at Yvonne's house in Great Wimbich, which is where Zelda normally gets the Flute. This was part of a cut system where Yvonne would hand you one of her instruments at a time; the Harp was meant to put a "fiery" enemy to sleep. In the final game, Zelda obtains the Harp - which now warps her to the beginning of a Shrine - in a cave north of the Mobilin's Head Inn.
  • A copy of the Bow is loaded in one of the maps for the East Forest, southwest of where the two rebels are dueling. In the final game, you obtain the Bow after clearing a room in the Shrine of Air.


ZeldAdventure RedBoulder.gif

A red version of the boulder enemy seen throughout Tolemac. Its sprites are loaded in just a single map: the area directly to the east of the Vendoss gate.

ZeldAdventure SwampBlob.gif

This small, Agwanda-esque blob would've been found and fought in the western/northern parts of Vendoss Swamp.

ZeldAdventure ShadowZol.gif ZeldAdventure ShadowBlob.gif

These shadowy versions of a Zol and small blob (possibly a projectile?) are loaded in the Shrine of Water's opening area.

A prerelease screenshot shows that there were once enemies in the first room of the Shrine of Earth. It's possible that the other Shrines had them as well. If so, this is almost certainly a leftover from that idea.

Other Things

ZeldAdventure UnusedETorch1.gif ZeldAdventure UnusedETorch2.gif

Three variants of a torch are loaded in the Shrine of Earth. The game only uses the upright torch, leaving these slanted torches in the dark.

ZeldAdventure ShrineofStrength Guy.gif

An unused man that would've appeared in the Shrine of Strength, after the room with the Green Knight. The Shrine has voice lines for three cut characters, so these sprites could've belonged to any of them.

ZeldAdventure Surfer.png

The only known screenshot of Food Dude, featuring the boarder on the right

A sprite of the main character from Viridis' Food Dude, an unreleased CD-i game based around nutrition and skateboarding. His sprite is loaded in the southeastern alcove of the lake near the Shrine of Fire, and he has a matching voice line within the game's data.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: This feels like a time/input-based Easter egg. Do any of the cheat names enable it?

(Source: Food Dude (Unreleased, Philips CD-i))

Unused Maps

ZeldAdventure Ursore Rematch Map.png

Before fighting Gannon, Zelda must defeat every boss again with the exception of Ursore, the boss of the Shrine of Strength. There were plans for a rematch at some point, though, as a map representing the Shrine exists with the other rematch maps. Nothing is loaded with it, however.

On the topic of the final gauntlet, duplicates of the Shrines' exterior entrances are loaded with the arenas, but are never visited or seen. Perhaps the shark egg/claw thing that turns into Gannon would've entered them before the rematches?