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Zelda's Adventure/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Zelda's Adventure.

A huge chunk of Zelda's Adventure's dialogue is unused - more than what's used in-game, in fact. From unused boss hurt lines, to characters only having one used line, to Zelda harming poor and thirsty people, this game has it all!

(Note: It is possible to make the game glitch out and play unused lines via quickly opening and closing the inventory before a line plays. Lines accessed via this method won't be counted as used.)

Southwest Tolemac

Cut Magic Tutorial

Dialogue exists for a cut tutorial where Shurmak teaches Zelda how to use magic spells. As a bonus, she would've given her two to start with - the Leather Book and the Opal Amulet. The sprites for these spells exist in the final game, and are still loaded when Zelda enters Shurmak's retreat. The dialogue and placement of some of the lines imply that it would've happened sometime between Zelda picking up the wand and obtaining the first Celestial Sign.

Of note is that the tutorial reveals earlier mechanics for spells - they would've been split into two categories, attack and defense spells. Attack spells would've been found in books, while defense spells, found in accessories like amulets and rings, would've protected Zelda from certain attacks. In the final game, there are no defense spells apart from a generic shield item; all of the spells acquired in-game deal damage to enemies, including the amulets and rings.

While scrapped, a remnant of this idea still exists in the final game: if Zelda goes to Shurmak's retreat before clearing the Shrine of Earth, she will not be present.

Audio Subtitle
I am Shurmak... your guide. I have brought you here to teach you the uses of the magic arts. You have already learned to use a simple magic attack with your wand, but some of Gannon's terrible allies can resist this attack. They can also reply with powerful magic weapons.
You must learn to add new spells to your wand - these can attack some enemies that your wand is now powerless against. I will show you. Take up the Leather Book in the corner.
Now go into your Satchel of Possessions and add the Book to your attacking wand. Use your new spell when there is no fire.
You learn well, little one. There are many magic spells you can acquire for your wand. Each one increases its power based on the word, so the spells are always found in books. You will have to learn which enemies they can attack.
You must also learn about magic defenses. These can defend against many magic attacks. Take up the Opal Amulet you see, and add it to your possessions.
Your defenses against magic attack can be increased by adding magic ornaments. These will be contained in things you can wear on your body, like amulets and rings and bracelets. You will have to learn which magic attack they defend against.
You now have one extra spell of attack in your Leather Book, and one extra spell of defense in the Opal Amulet. Look for others in your travels, and go well. I will send you back now to where I found you, but I will be watching over you when I can... and I suppose Gaspra will be watching as well. Go well, little one, and find Link.

Plain of Andor

The beggar outside the Mobilin's Head Inn has some unused reactions to Zelda not giving her (or refusing to give her) Rubies, as well as her cursing Zelda for hitting her with the Wand. In the final game, she's perfectly fine with Zelda not giving her money and lobbing powerful spells at her.

Audio Subtitle
Please... I'm hungry...!
You must learn charity before you may become a true princess!
A curse on you for your haste and wrath! You will rue the day you drove me off with your wand!
May you never see the red willow by the cave!

Some unused lines for Krebb, the old man in the Inn who has the Dagger spell. His lines are intertwined with those of the traveler who hints about the Ladder, and they share the same voice actor, so perhaps the two characters were the same at some point?

Audio Subtitle
Y'know, even the canyon dolomites used to shiver when I was around.
*sighs* Yet another hero... alright, I surrender to you. Take my good name.
Ohhhh, I'm so weary.
Leave me be. Poor Krebb is too weary to 'sturb.
Leave me alone.

Much like the beggar outside the Inn, Glebb has some unused lines to Zelda, including a cut reaction to getting hit with the Wand.

Audio Subtitle
Please take my pitcher and fetch me water from anywhere you can. I will reward you well.
Please help me! I am so thirsty...
You monster! How dare you assault a weak, old woman?! You will lose a life for this!

Forest of Ogham

Two unused "sold out" and "goodbye" lines for the Forest of Ogham's merchant. Many of the game's merchants have similar lines, so be on the lookout for those.

Audio Subtitle
I'm sorry, Princess, I've got nothing to sell today.
Oh, come on back to the Forest of Ogham someday to visit me!

Enid, the old woman who steals one of Zelda's hearts, has some lines that would've played if Zelda figured out her trickery - maybe after attacking her with the Wand like what was planned with Glebb and the beggar?

Audio Subtitle
Aaaaaaah, you're too clever for Enid! *whining, choking*
Go away! I have nothing for you, I have nothing to say to you.

Shrine of Earth

All three of the Sardaks have unused lines for when they fight Zelda.

First, the Red Sardak:

Audio Subtitle
You've been hit with an ugly stick! Here's another!
Oohhh, look! It's ugly again!

Next, the Blue Sardak:

Audio Subtitle
You... insufferable... surface person!
Oooh, watch out, Zelda!

And finally, the Yellow Sardak:

Audio Subtitle
Rrr, take that!
*grunting, then chuckling*
What are you doing?!

Some unused reaction/battle lines for Llort. The one where he makes noises was cut down and used for his idle noise during the fight.

Audio Subtitle
These are mine...! You'll never own them! Never!
You haven't taken away my gems, have you? Let me count them! One, two, three...
Those are all my gems!
Begone, and leave this realm to me.
*monstrous noises* B-Begone! Get out!
I am vanquished! After so many years of guarding my treasure... Do not care too much for wealth!

Central Tolemac

Forest of Findo/Meadow of Skotness

The Mobilin-mocking mushroom in the Forest of Findo had a few more quips to say, including dialogue about a cut Trumpet item it would've given to Zelda.

Audio Subtitle
I have a gift for you. I can't use it myself because I can't seem to move very far these days. *laughing*
Hey, did you hear the joke about the Findo Mobilin who tooted his horn to get to the Seacoast Plain? *laughing* Well, neither did I! *laughing* I crack myself up, ho ho.
Find a place where Gannon is insulted, and blow the trumpet. Something special will happen! *laughing*
Hello, Miss Z. *laughing*

The not-dead farmer in the Meadow of Skotness would've offered Zelda a gold trumpet for five Rubies. Perhaps this was the original location of the Trumpet before it was moved to the Forest of Findo and eventually getting cut?

Audio Subtitle
If ya've come for a barter, I can offer you a gold trumpet for five Rubies.
It's good to see ya! What brings you this way?
'scuse me, but I got to get back to plowin'.

The ghost farmer and farmhand southwest of Great Wimbich were supposed to be the same character at some point, as they use his first and last lines, respectively. The character's second line was left in the dirt:

Audio Subtitle
No? You're still here? Alright, I admit it, my farm is in ruins. Gannon and his cruel friends took all my crops and tools. You must save us! Come close, and I'll tell you a secret.

Great Wimbich

Alice, the fashionable woman who introduces Zelda to Great Wimbich, has several cut lines explaining the town and herself.

Audio Subtitle
My goodness, it's the brave Zelda! I've heard so much about ya from everyone. Sit a goodly spell with Alice, and indulge an old woman.
Watch out for that crotchety Rowell the Angry, though. He's always a-fuming with anger, and he'll really bend your ear. Now, if ya like music, follow your ear to Yvonne, the musician down Skotness Road right here. If ya get tired in ya wanderings, this is a great place to settle down.
Yes, Zelda, it's real nice around here.
Zelda, it's been fun visiting with you, but I have nothing more to say now. Come back and see me again, okay?

A few generic, unused lines for the old merchant in Great Wimbich's square. She never sells any keys, only a Candle and Life Potion.

Audio Subtitle
Clutch the key you wish to take away, and leave me the Rubies. My sight is going, but I know how many you leave...
I'm kinda... tired today. Everything's turning to... mud.

Yvonne was going to have a system where she'd loan one of her (two) instruments to you at a time: the Flute - which is what she gives in the final game - and the Harp. The sprites for both items load in the room where Yvonne is. (You can still get the Harp in the final game by exploring the Andor-Seacoast cave, but it's used to warp to the entrance of a Shrine.)

There's also a line where she sings, but that's not as important.

Audio Subtitle
And now hear this. *harp tune* Mhmmm... this lullaby will put a fiery enemy to sleep.
Take the instrument you need to use, but leave the other. You may return one day and trade with me.

An extra line from the twins Eric and Ian, talking about their dad.

Audio Subtitle
Well, never mind who we are. You should go into the yellow house and meet our father! He'll tell you something that's good to know.

The Twins' ever-forgetful father had some more things to say to the father er, Zelda.

Audio Subtitle
I do know this for sure, because I used to be a miner over on the Plain of Hobel: coal and Rubies are the same substance. I believe there's a crusher somewhere nearby. Uh, go in peace, little one. Uh... are you Eric or Ian?
You seem... vaguely familiar, but, um, i-it's really time for my nap. Are you Eric or- or Ian?

The bored lounger outside Wimbich's stores has an unused line of him calling Zelda boring, as well as him reacting to something "exciting" - Zelda using a spell, perhaps?

Audio Subtitle
Why don't you go away and be boring someplace else? Good riddance.
Whoa, that was exciting!

The Stuttering Shopkeeper would've been more talkative and sold more goods than just the Bone at one point.

Audio Subtitle
You see my goods on the table? Uh, you may purchase whatever you wish. Er, there's even a bone here that my dog would love! Eh heh.
Er, uh, oooooh! Heh, h-how are you? Ha ha ha! Uh, er, may I be of some service?

An unused warning from the Jester that hangs out with the shopkeeper.

Audio Subtitle
*laughing* Watch out for that Gannon, Zelda! Ooooooooohhh!

Unused, generic shop explanation/greeting lines exist for Madame Kriggle, the local spell supplier for Great Wimbich.

Audio Subtitle
If you need to strike back, there are spells and charms and books to increase your powers.
Touch what you wish to use, and leave me your Rubies. I promise you will be pleased.
How wonderful to see you, my dear!

A few unused and underappreciated lines for Great Wimbich's overworked and underappreciated Blacksmith.

Audio Subtitle
Choose your item and hurry, the world is full of these!
Haven't I seen you already? I'm busy!

A bunch of dialogue exists for a cut bookseller who would've been encountered in Great Wimbich and isn't in the best mood, to put it politely. He seems to be the "Rowell the Angry" that Alice talks about in one of her cut lines. Given his profession and the fact that attack spells were originally meant to be found in books, Rowell would've presumably sold spells to Zelda much like Madame Kriggle in the final game.

At some point, Rowell would've handed Zelda a letter containing an attack spell, which once belonged to a 'great knight'. The manual claims that the Gold Necklace spell used to belong to a knight, but was stolen by the Thirsty Child in the Shrine of Strength. Was this letter an early version of the Gold Necklace?

Rowell is referenced by a string at 0x15990A20, ROWELLCON. Directly after that is WOMANCON, which implies Rowell wouldn't have been alone in his store.

Audio Subtitle
Ah, me, the bitterness of my days. What a bother, sitting here to sell these books and letters. Here's a young one who probably cannot even read!
Take the sealed letter, young one. It once belonged to a great knight, and is reputed to have magic powers, though I cannot personally prove it.
Hurry up, make up your mind! I wanna close and go hooome.
Grasp what you want or be gone!
Go away!
Leave me to rot here in peace!
You young people can never make up your minds!

Forest of Torian/Shrine of Illusion

Waldensop, the weird guy outside the White Steed Lodge who has the Feather spell, has an extra line meant for seeing Zelda.

Audio Subtitle
Oh, Mistress Zelda!

Despite the lodgekeeper saying that it's full, the White Steed Lodge's residents are strangely quiet due to their lines never playing. Here's what the waiter would've said:

Audio Subtitle
I can't talk to you now!
Oh, I have these tables to attend to! Well, rest a spell, you must be tired!

Some lines belonging to a grumpy resident of the lodge:

Audio Subtitle
Grr... can't a man have his Bumbleberry Tea in peace? Off with you!
What I would not give for the quiet of a mountain stream, instead of all the nattering of fools! Begone!

And finally, dialogue for the second, much nicer resident of the Lodge:

Audio Subtitle
Well... what is one so fine as you doing with this rough bunch? Have some Bumbleberry Tea.
Aah, a young noble, no doubt. Come, share a cup of Bumbleberry Tea and warm yourself by the fire. It's warm inside, Zelda.

The encounter with Sir Basil in the forest is rather simplistic - talk with him, get the Broadsword spell, and go. Cut dialogue implies that the encounter would've been much more complex - Zelda would've practiced with Basil on how to use the Broadsword! It would've started with Zelda activating a circle that'd prevent harm to both her and Basil, if this line from Shurmak is any indication:

Audio Subtitle
Zelda, touch the stone with your wand. He is your friend.

Next up are Sir Basil's lines during the practice. There's dialogue for when Zelda misses or hits Basil with the spell, as well as her attacking Basil outside of the circle.

Audio Subtitle
Fear not, Zelda, we are both standing within the charmed circle now, and we will not be harmed when we practice. You must strike me when my sword is raised. Try.
That is the proper stroke. Try again!
You struck too late, young Zelda. Once more!
What?! I will teach you a bitter lesson!
I am your friend, Zelda. You must not attack your friends. You have learned your lesson now, and all your lives are restored.
You have learned well. Sheathe your Broadsword spell in your inventory and use it only when you must. There are those in Tolemac who will not yield to other weapons.
Excellent, Zelda, but you must now continue with the fight.

The only line relating to the practice that actually plays in-game is the "You seem tired now, Zelda. Leave off the contest and come back another day." line from Shurmak.

Compared to most of the other bosses, Pasquinade's unused lines are rather minor - one pre-battle line, and one hurt/defeat line.

Audio Subtitle
To ever understand just what you feel, first know and assess the false and the real.
How dare you strike me? Begone! Leave my shrine!

There's also a line meant to be spoken by a Wizzrobe in the Shrine's bottomless pit room. It even rhymes, much like Pasquinade.

Audio Subtitle
You are nothing, and I am all! Tread the narrow way if you dare. On either side is an endless fall, and nothing is beneath you but air.

Vendoss Swamp

The guard who manages the gate to Vendoss Swamp charges Zelda 10 Rubies to pass. There were plans to have him raise it to 20 in reaction to Zelda "forcing his hand", most likely by hitting him or trying to pass through without paying up.

Audio Subtitle
Oh, force my hand, will you? The price is now 20 Rubies.

Originally, Faust the Boatman would've accompanied you on your trip to Mystery Island, talking and singing along the way. In addition, Zelda would've had to actually use the Calm spell to dispel the water spouts blocking the way. The final game has them disappear once Zelda acquires the spell.

Audio Subtitle
Step aboard and offer me two Rubies, and we'll be off.
*humming* The love of the sky and the sea, oh, it's a boatman's life for meeee... keep your eye peeled, now!
Quick! Use your Calming spell or we'll be doomed!
Young lady, I thought you had a Calming spell!
Great work! Now we're on our way, bounding along on the blue! Oh, it's for us, the Isle of Mystery! A boatman's life is a life of the freeeee!
Oh, the waves are beautiful today...
Here you are, young lady. Why you'd want to come here is a mystery to me. I suppose I'll be back.
Hello again, young lady. I hope you found what you were after. Step aboard, the return is free!
Oh, it's a boatman's life for me, yes indeed. *humming* The blue above, and the blue below, the air is clean, and the food just sooooo. *humming*
Oh, it's hard work, but somebody's got to do it. *humming*
Come again any time, young lady, and have a safe journey.

A few encouraging, yet cut, lines from the woman who hangs out near Sirram Bew's house.

Audio Subtitle
Zelda, go with strength. We pray your mission succeeds.
I can do nothing for you.

Some cut advice from Sirram Bew, the wise man in the domed hut.

Audio Subtitle
It is said truly that those who fly in the air do not tread down the land in the same of those who dwell in water.
In your possession, you should always keep a supply of those things that you need, but cast from you those things that have no function.
Beware of those who are strong, for they are not weak.

Link's former guide had most of her dialogue removed, including advice about Gannon and his allies. It seems that the map to the Shrine of Destiny would've been an attack spell effective against Malmort in addition to revealing the dungeon's layout.

Audio Subtitle
In each land beneath, there is an evil ally of Gannon. You must find the weakness of each and learn what you can. When you have seized what these evil ones know, then you will be strong enough to confront Gannon himself. When finally, you meet the evil master, never let him out of your sight.
I will give you this map to Shrine 4. It will increase your powers of magic, especially against those who reign in a place of chance and destiny. Use it well.
Go forth, Zelda! Learn and grow and strengthen every hour. Link is counting on you!
Stay strong, Zelda!

The merchant in the northeastern part of Vendoss has the most unused lines out of any (used) merchant by far - five whole lines dedicated to selling items, explaining his store, running out of items, and even some references to cut items! The sprites for the Alligator Shoes and Octorok Legs are loaded in the area with the merchant, and the half-finished Shoes item still exists in the final game's data (and can be acquired in the prototype too).

Audio Subtitle
I have Alligator Shoes to hasten your swamp journey, I have Zola Repellent spray, and best of all are my deep-fried Octorok legs!
If you see anything you want to buy, go right ahead! If you can't afford it now, you can always come back later.
Thank you! That was smart - that's the last one of those!
Sorry, Zelda, I have nothing to offer to you.
Zelda! It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Northeast Tolemac

Gubasha Desert

Both of the discouraging townsfolk in the Gubasha village have an extra line where they try to avoid talking to Zelda. Here's what Myntoll has to say:

Audio Subtitle
Oh, you again?

And here's the line for the wary guy southwest of him:

Audio Subtitle
Err, uh, I'm not so sure you wanna talk to me.

A small, cut tidbit from the Mystic who gives a hint about where to access the Shrine of Air.

Audio Subtitle
It is the inner peace you must seek.

The man who tries to tell Zelda a story has two cut lines, and tragically, none of them reveal what actually happens in the story. A shame.

Audio Subtitle
L-L-Let me go back to the beginning and start over. Did I ever tell you this stor- ah, this is one of my favorites. Ta- no, this isn't really my favorite story, but it's- it- well, did I tell you this before? No, I don't think so. Sit down! Make yourself to home! And sit the- warm yourself by the fire here!
Nice day if it don't rain.

Some unused lines for the girl located at the northernmost point of both the Gubasha Desert and Tolemac. Unsurprisingly, she gives Zelda nothing in the final game.

Audio Subtitle
You have come far - this, I know. Accept my gift for your efforts.
I must be leaving; the sun is setting, and I have many shells to collect.

Shrine of Air

Some advice that Shurmak would have given to Zelda at the beginning of the Shrine of Air. In the final game, Shurmak doesn't say anything in both this Shrine and the Shrine of Destiny.

Audio Subtitle
Learn to recognize the overview, Princess. Often, insight comes when we view our challenges from a distance.

Some unused attack/death lines for the Vaporas fought in the Shrine of Air.

Audio Subtitle
Leave now, Princessss...
The prize is yours...

Some more cut lines meant to play during boss fights! This time, it's Aviana's turn.

Audio Subtitle
Are you afraid? Come up and get me!
Has your confidence deserted you, little one?!
You're wasting your tiiime!
You'll never take the Siiign! You're not brave enough!

Ubato Hills

The merchant south of the Hills is completely silent in the final game, yet lines for him talking exist within the game's data.

Audio Subtitle
Everybody comes to Crohn the Pegleg. Good time!
Well, here's a fine item I have for sale!
No? Then... perhaps this fine wooden spoon!

The bard in the village who sings would've talked to Zelda at one point. It's not much, sure, but it's something.

Audio Subtitle
Beautiful weather we're having, Zelda, wouldn't you say?

The other bard is slightly more talkative, and even reveals the name of the village they live in: Verna. It goes unnamed in the final game.

Audio Subtitle
You must like our village of Verna, for you remain here, I see. Good morrow!
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so busy! I've got to go! I've got to go!

The woman who hands you the Noise spell, Gwyn, was originally going to hand it out after Zelda had acquired an unrelated item - perhaps the 25 Rubies from Lonlyn? When this was changed, the related line was added to her greeting and the "else" in it was (rather clumsily) removed. She also has a third line that would've played after handing out the spell.

Audio Subtitle
I have something else you may be able to use. It creates a noise! Use it when you must.
Hello, my Princess! Rest here with me.

Lonlyn, the farmer who replaces Gwyn after Zelda learns her spell, suffers from a case of "every line of dialogue removed except the first one".

Audio Subtitle
Rubies? I have none, but... advice, I can give to you. Take many candles if you travel north through the Ubato Hills.
I cannot help you, Princess, but welcome to my farm.

A second, unused line for the ghost woman who wanders near the Shrine of Destiny.

Audio Subtitle
Begone, little creature!

Some voice lines belonging to a cut miniboss who mostly speaks in another language. It's unknown where she'd go, but her dialogue's placement within the game data suggests this area.

Audio Subtitle
Hettle, skettle, iron kettle. Ribbity rubbity uppity dum...
Made of fire, made of metal, show me the secret of what's to come...
*gibberish magic words*
*gibberish magic words*
*gibberish magic words*
You've beat me, young one. But don't think you're a match for my boss!

Another cut character from the same (presumed) area. He offers to sell Zelda some advice about Malmort.

Audio Subtitle
Psst! Pst! I have some wisdom to sell you. Draw close. You'll not do well against Malmort without my advice! It will cost you fifty Rubies, but it is worth millions!
Malmort awaits behind the Hall of Doors. Beware! You must only try the correct door. And at this minute, you do not have what you need to help you decide! Go carefully.
Malmort awaits behind the Hall of Doors. You must only try the correct door. But you already have what you need to help you decide! Go well... Malmort is near!

Shrine of Destiny

Shurmak has an unused opening line for the Shrine of Destiny, too.

Audio Subtitle
As in any journey, fate plays a part in your success. Test your luck and skill, brave Princess.

Malmort would've been even more chatty during Zelda's trip through the Shrine of Destiny, mentioning a room with crushing walls and multiple-door rooms that could throw Zelda out of the Shrine. No rooms have crushing walls in the final game, and while there are rooms with multiple doors in the Shrine, they do not throw Zelda out if she chooses the wrong one. (The first one leads to two rooms with multiple Gibdos, and the other two have the incorrect doors sealed.)

Audio Subtitle
I am Malmort - ha ha - Overlord of Destiny! You must choose a door, my unfortunate one.
Choose a door, if you dare... but if you choose wrong, even once, I will hurl you out of my presence! ...What are you waiting for? Huh? Heh heh.
Step out the stillness and choose a door, if you dare! There is no choice - all is fate! *laughing*
Zelda, feel that rumble in the court and watch the walls closing in! I control the time between you and your grief! Ha haaaaa!
Ha, huh, ha-haaaa! I have been kind enough to cushion your fall. You are helpless! I will choose the times when you fail, and I will pick the places of your defeat! Heh haaaaah!
It was not written! The cursed thing (?) managed to make her own destiny!

South Tolemac

Seacoast Plain

The usual cut shop explanation/goodbye lines. This time, the flavor of the month is the Seacoast Plain merchant.

Audio Subtitle
Buy what you wish from my things, and leave me the Rubies. Quendani imsouree, lass!
Have a nice day!

The old sailor who lives in the Seacoast Plain house has a few more unused lines, covering the Shrine of Water and an unused Hourglass item. Much like Shurmak's unused spells, the sprites for this item are loaded in the man's house.

Audio Subtitle
If you search for one of the Underworlds, you could do worse than visit the Sea Island...
I have a gift for you. Take this hourglass - it will slow down one of your terrible enemies. *snickering*
It has been good to see you. *gibberish*
*'Zelda' and 'yes' intermixed with gibberish*

The old sailor's wife has two extra lines that, much like her used line, are in half-English, half-gibberish.

Audio Subtitle
All is not roses, *gibberish*, but if you learn all you can from Gannon's friends, you can defeat him. *gibberish*, you should go on now.
Ah, little one - imsouree - you should go.

South Port

The busy sailor near the South Port lodge has an extra line where he's just as unhelpful as ever.

Audio Subtitle
Can't help you now, miss! Our hull's in dry-dock!

The semi-normal sailor in the lodge has a couple of extra lines. Nothing too special.

Audio Subtitle
The only one in this land you can trust is me, and most days, I'm not too sure of me.
Aah, there's nothing I can do for ya.

Much like Faust, the sailor who helps you get to Sea Island has a boatload of unused lines that feature him tagging along with Zelda for the raft ride.

Audio Subtitle
Open your Vial of Wind, and we'll be off.
Climb aboard! There's a brisk wind blowin' tonight! *gibberish*
It's certainly stormy out here. Hold tight!
It can't be! There are no sea monsters! *gibberish*
I can't believe we actually saw it! Sailors have talked about it for years! *gibberish*
Hold on! It'll be over soon! *gibberish*
Here ya are. Safe and sound on the Sea Isle. *gibberish* We'll be here when ya need to go back.
Welcome back, young'n. I hope ya learned what ya came to learn.
We brought ya back safe. *gibberish* Go well.

Shrine of Water

In a case similar to the Sardaks, the Kelpies who guard the Shrine of Water have unused lines relating to attacking Zelda and their deaths.

South Kelpie's first:

Audio Subtitle
You have tarried here too long!

North Kelpie follows suit:

Audio Subtitle
You are not wanted here below! Begone!
The little one has defeated me... oh, Agwanda, make her pay!

And East Kelpie is last:

Audio Subtitle
Scurry home, weak one! Come again another day, if you dare!
You may beat me, but take another pace, if you dare, and face the fierce Agwanda!

Agwanda's cut voice lines imply a different, more complex fight with her - she would've been defeated at some point in the Shrine, but then return to full strength thanks to the "Waters of Renewal". Zelda would've had to undam the Waters of Renewal in order to defeat Agwanda once and for all.

Audio Subtitle
Water is my empire, little one! You will not take the Water of Life without a struggle!
*gurgling* Zelda, you little weakling! You think you can conquer me?!
You see? You see? I gather back from the ooze!
Oooh, begone!
Ooh, minions of darkness, help me now!
She's undammed the Water of Renewal! It will flow out to the people of Tolemac... and I am loooooost!

East Tolemac

East Forest/Plain of Hobel

The two rebels encountered in the East Forest were planned to have a lot more to say than just a greeting.

Here's the first rebel's lines:

Audio Subtitle
We have been taught the art of war by Sir Basil, a rebel like us. You must visit him yourself.
Some day, all Tolemac will be free again, and all people and creatures can live in peace.
Hail Zelda! Return and lead us when your quest is complete.
Long live Princess Zelda!

And here's the second rebel. Of note is that none of these lines are used in the final game - only the first rebel talks. One of her lines suggests that the cut Broadsword training game would've originally been in the Plain of Hobel instead of the Forest of Torian.

Audio Subtitle
All honor to Gannon's enemy, Princess Zelda!
The enemy of our enemy is our friend!
You have much to learn of the Broadsword spell. Sir Basil awaits you not far to the south of this spot.
We believe in liberty for all creatures - even the Mobilins must be freed from Gannon's hold!
Hail Zelda! Hurry on and free Link! Our hearts are with you!

At some point, the quarry miner would've charged Zelda 20 Rubies for a chunk of Coal. In the final game, Zelda gets it from him for free.

Audio Subtitle
You look worthy. I've been keeping a gift. If you would only give me 20 Rubies for my family, I will give you something very precious.
Alas, if you need money someday, come back to me. My secret is in the coal.
Good luck on your travels, young one.
Ah, back again, young one?

Shrine of Strength

Shurmak warning Zelda about incredibly tough enemies in an area, and advising her to seek out people who can help her fight better. Its references to strength and quickness would put it somewhere in or around the Shrine of Strength.

Audio Subtitle
My young child... in your quests and triumphs so far, you have learned much of wisdom and grace, and the skills of the spirit. But a great deal still lies ahead. You must learn of pure brute strength and human quickness. Ahead of you lie enemies whose strength and savagery are well beyond your abilities. Search out the friends who will teach you to fight like a lioness. Go well.

An unused line for the merchant who sells the Red Ribbon. This is only the beginning of the Shrine's "Step up!" lines.

Audio Subtitle
Step right up and find a treasure!

The Water Bearer has a few minor lines, including a reaction to getting hurt. She also has three lines that are cut-down segments of the gossip she gives to Zelda in the final game, so they won't be included here.

Audio Subtitle
There's a drought on, y'know.
That Gannon, can't trust him.
I warn you, there's no place for you here!

The other merchant in the Shrine of Strength doesn't actually sell anything, but cut dialogue implies that he was going to at some point.

Audio Subtitle
Step right up. Have I got a deal for you.
Practice at every chance, lass, and fare thee well.

The thirsty child in the Shrine has unused lines thanking Zelda for her help and for when she ignores their requests for water, not unlike the beggar in the Plain of Andor.

Audio Subtitle
A simple act of kindness is remembered forever.
I'm so thirsty...
You haven't even time for the thirst of a child like me! A curse on you!

The Shrine's archer was going to be more chatty during Zelda's Bow and Arrow "training". The first two lines have identical duplicates within the game's data.

Audio Subtitle
Excellent, Princess! You are learning!
You have done magnificently! You have learned well, and you will be stronger in the future.
Princess, your eye is not ready to take on real foes. You must practice again when you are rested.
Princess, you've learned all you can learn from me.

Two extra lines for the ticket seller for the Jousting Field.

Audio Subtitle
Twenty Rubies! Get your ticket here!
Just pass through to the east there and watch your step. The horses are the size of mountains!

Some unused lines for the man who hangs out in the Jousting Field, including a hint about the Red Ribbon and the Broadsword spell. (The Red Knight is defeated with the Joust in the final game.)

Audio Subtitle
Alas, the Red Knight will only fight one who bears an ornament taken from him many ages ago. You must go in search of the Red Knight's token.
Now that's the spirit, sister! I knew you were the bravest of the brave!
Mount up, and use the Broadsword spell true!
Move along, sister!

All three of Ursore's knights have a slew of unused lines relating to their fight with Zelda. Here's what the Red Knight had to say:

Audio Subtitle
That was mere fortune! I can best thee!
I warned thee, little enemy! Best depart and lick your wounds.
I have reclaimed my ribbon, and my honor! Begone!
How dare you cross my path?
You struck well, but you will not beat my master, the great Ursore!

The ticket seller for the Field of the Broadsword has two unused voice clips, and one of them is a copy of a line from his speech in-game. Here's the other:

Audio Subtitle
Step right up!

Back to Ursore's knights. Here's the Blue Knight's cut lines:

Audio Subtitle
Bravo, well struck! You might slice open a butterfly!
Return with your nurse, maid, to help you lift the sword!
You dare approach me?!
Ooh, the child has a sting! Hah! But you'll not catch me!

And, last but not least, the Green Knight:

Audio Subtitle
Where did you learn to fight, lass? I can't believe this!
Ha ha, it was but luck! All is right with the world!
Begone, so I can tend my brother's wounds! That fool...
A lucky stroke dispatches me! But luck will not avail against the mighty Ursore!

Finally, we have the big bear himself, Ursore. Fittingly, all of his unused lines relate to the fight with him, much like his Knights.

Audio Subtitle
How does this tiny one fare so well? She must have great secret powers!
Not such a bad struggle for a tiny morsel like you, but no match for the great Ursore! Aaaarrrrrh!
Rrrrrr! I am the champion of single combat, little one! You should have run from me!
Impossible! Imponderable! Incredible... who would believe I can be defeated? Rrrrrr....

Two lines for a cut merchant/ticket seller in the Shrine of Strength.

Audio Subtitle
Come on, come on! Step right up, step up!
I'm sorry, we're sold out. We can't help you.

Another cut ticket seller. This time, he advertises a Whack-a-Mole clone involving Mobilins.

Audio Subtitle
Step right up! Test your quickness against the Mobilins! They're fast as a cat in the rain. Twenty Rubies to play! Then rush up and trip the right hammer to whack a Mobilin whenever he appears from his den! Step back, and another will appear.
Prove your quickness before you meet some foe who hits back!
Come on, only 20 Rubies to play!

One last unused character in the Shrine of Strength - this time, it's a person who challenges Zelda to a fight with the Roar Stick.

Audio Subtitle
Well, take up your Roar Stick, you who would prove your strength!
Step into my log, if you dare!
Well, that's the spirit!
Roar me a great blow, if you can, and may the best of us win!
You see how foolish it is to reach beyond your powers? Combat is no tea party, lass!
Bless my soul... you be stronger than ya look! Could it be just luck?
I hardly developed a sweat, lass! Come again with ten sisters!
Impossible! No lass could've done this to me! I lose!

Northwest Tolemac

This gnarly line would have totally been said by the unused Food Dude character in the Forest of RAD-vula, dudes.

Audio Subtitle
Radical, dude! Totally!

A small, unused line for the Goblin that hands Zelda the Joust spell.

Audio Subtitle
Hey, I'm all outta stuff! Can you come back later?

Another small, unused line for the Goblin that's less friendly to Zelda.

Audio Subtitle
I am busy, begone! I have a town to warden.

The merchant near the Shrine of Fire has two unused lines relating to Zelda not having enough Rubies (?) and buying all of his items. He disappears if all of his items are bought.

Audio Subtitle
My prices are firm.
I have nothing to sell. Good luck, young Princess!

An unused line belonging to one of the Shrine of Fire's blacksmiths. Whether it was meant for a third Blacksmith or one of the used Blacksmiths seeing Zelda after she gets defeated is unknown.

Audio Subtitle
I have no use for you here!

And that's it for the Shrine of Fire! Warbane has no unused lines whatsoever. Pretty anticlimactic.


A male voice saying the name "Jeff Yeager". Who this is referring to is unknown, as there's nobody by that name in the game's credits.

Audio Subtitle
Jeff Yeager.