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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

ProtoZeldaWindWaker title.png
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This prototype of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was discovered on a Japanese GameCube demo disc titled Monthly Nintendo Store Demo 1 December, 2002 (月刊任天堂店頭デモ 2002年12月01), which was displayed in Japanese stores in early December 2002 to give customers a taste of the game before its final release.

Built November 18-19, 2002, just over a week before the Japanese final's November 27 build date, there's quite a few differences in here.

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Extensive work to be done here, come lend a hand! Add content from the demo's release page, along with Hard4Games coverage. Use zelda_save_modded.bin to explore areas easily. The Wind Waker Pre-Release Demo (Discoveries and codes) by Dark Linkaël.

Object Differences

Jalhalla Figurine

Jalhalla the Earth Temple boss is unmasked! This trophy at the Nintendo Gallery reveals Jalhalla with all of his facial beauty.

(Source: Forest of Illusion)
Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker JalhallaTrophy.png ProtoZeldaWindWakerJayharlaFinal.png

Unused Objects

Tower of the Gods Pillars

WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki3.png WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki4.png WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki5.png WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki32.png WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki42.png WindWaker-DecemberDemo-Hseki52.png

Found inside the archive /rel/objects/Hseki/bdl in the demo are six pillars with currently unknown functionality. These are not present in the final game. Below is the object normally found in the archive.


Map Differences

Outset Island

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Add screenshots.

When the island bridge is destroyed, Keese occupy the area where the bridge once stood. This makes it more difficult to use the Deku Leaf to fly across. In the final version, there are no enemies there. Additionally, the island seems very prone to crashing, possibly due to low memory issues.

Forsaken Fortress

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Add screenshot.

At the top of Forsaken Fortress, instead of a hammer switch there is an eye switch used to open the door to the Helmaroc King room. Unlike the hammer switch, the eye switch seems to be present in all versions of the Forsaken Fortress map.

Ganon's Tower

The barrier surrounding the final boss fight at Ganon's Tower can sometimes fail to load. When it does not load it is possible to push both Ganon and Zelda off the edge, and they will continue to fight in the void.

Tower of the Gods

There is an Octorok present in the first floor of Tower of the Gods which is not present in the final game.

Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker TotG1FProto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker TotG1FFinal.png

There are two pots next to the boss door in the room before Gohdan instead of four.

Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker TotGPotsProto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker TotGPotsFinal.png

Savage Labyrinth

All Poes in the Savage Labyrinth are blue, whereas in the final game they have several different colors.

Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavagePoesProto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavagePoesFinal.png

The electric barriers on floor 48 are glitched, resulting in odd visuals and strange collision.

Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavageBarierProto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavageBarrierFinal.png

There is a fire breathing Moblin statue above the hole on floor 50. Only dark floors have torches next to the holes to the next floor unlike in the final game.

Demo (note the lack of torches) Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavageMobStatProto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker SavageMobStatFinal.png

There are 6 pots containing a total of 600 rupees on the last floor, instead of no pots as in the final game.

Demo Final
ProtoZeldaWindWaker Savage51Proto.png ProtoZeldaWindWaker Savage51Final.png

Sea Chart Differences


Demo Final
R1a b Demo.png R1a b Final.png

In the demo, the image used to represent the Tower of the Gods on the Sea Chart is instead this...odd...blob. Very interesting.

Cutscene Differences

Endgame Cutscene - Zelda's Skin-Colored Dress

ZeldaWWproto ZeldaDressCutscene.png

For unknown reasons, Zelda's dress abruptly becomes skin-colored at one point during the final cutscene.

Audio Differences

To do:
Add audio rips and audio IDs/names.

Beedle's ship plays a tune when Link is nearby. This was removed in the final game.

Ghost Ship Treasure

Opening the chest in the first ghost ship plays a sound not used in the final game. The sound it plays seems to be a sped-up version of the first of Jabun's unused audio files, while the only ghost ship chest in the final game plays a sped-up version of the second of Jabun's unused audio files.

Debug Functions

Map Select

ProtoZeldaWindWaker MapSelect.png

A map select showing the demo's build date. It can be accessed using the following code:

0A3E1730 00000800
04AE9A24 80388214
0A3E1730 00000400
04AE9A24 80388C68
E2000001 80008000

Pressing Y will cause the menu to load when moving between maps, and pressing X will disable it.

(Map Select: Gilgamesh)
(Code: Dark Linkaël)


ProtoZeldaWindWaker Console.png

Plug a controller into Slot 3 and press Z to access the game's console. This prints general debugging information, including when errors occur. Hold L or R to scroll up and down the list.

(Source: Forest of Illusion)

Dialogue Test

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Figure out how this works.

"L+Z" to activate and deactivate.

"A" to display a text.

"B" to change text before pressing "A" again for another text.

Plug a controller into Slot 4 and press various button combinations to have dialogue boxes appear at any time.