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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Player Abilities

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Fierce Deity Link

Sword Beam

As Fierce Deity Link can normally only be used in boss rooms, no other enemies should be programmed to interact with the sword beams he can shoot. However, there are a few that are, though they do not display the special hit graphics.

  • Stalchildren are instantly killed by it.
  • The Dinolfos mini-boss takes damage from it.
  • Gekko takes damage from it, but not when it is on top of Snapper.
  • Wizzrobes are not harmed by it. However, shooting the beam at it while it's appearing will make them disappear, similar to Igos' henchmen below.
  • The Big Poe within the Bottom of the Well and in the Final Day Grave takes damage from it, but only when it's not spinning towards the player.
  • Igos du Ikana's henchmen do not take damage from it, but instead jump backwards and shield themselves (as if they were being attacked at close-range).
  • Skull Kid on the Clock Tower will treat it like any other attack (arrows, bombs, etc.), making the hit sound effect, shaking his head, and saying "That won't do you any good." on the third hit.
  • The Gerudo Guards throughout the Pirate's Fortress will be stunned by it, for a shorter period of time than usual.
  • The Cursed Spider Man will get pulled to the ground and sway back and forth when hit in the front. If he's hit from behind, the beam stuns him.
  • Pamela's Father is also stunned by it.

In addition, the beams can hit Gossip Stones and slice through signs.

(Source: Lazengann)

Deku Link

Deku Nut Projectiles

There are several hints that Deku Link was originally intended to spit Deku Nuts, rather than bubbles, much like his Deku Scrub counterparts.

Firstly, if the game is modified so that Deku Nuts are equipped to B, there are several form checks performed when one attempts to shoot projectiles in first person. If Link is not in Deku form, the game uses the Deku Seed projectile variable, which uses the Deku Nut damage type and decreases the players' Deku Nut count. (If the player does happen to be in Deku form, the game uses the variable for the bubble project instead.)

(Source: fkualol)

Secondly, there are two unused animations for Deku Link related to this ability. The filename of E2F8 suggests that, not only would Deku Link have been able to spit Deku Nuts, he would be able to burrow into Deku Flowers to do so.

ID Filename Translation Description
E2F0 pn_tamahaki Player Scrub - Spit Ball Deku - Spit Deku Nut
E2F8 pn_tamahakidf Player Scrub - Spit Ball (Deku Flower) Deku - Spit Deku Nut in Deku Flower

(Source: GlitterBerri)