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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Unused Animations

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Bank Closing

Using a series of glitches, it's possible to enter the West Clock Town used in the credits of the game and then use the 0th Day glitch to see the Bank close. What's interesting to note is that the wooden wall clips into the signs, which may suggest that the animation was made earlier than the decoration. A file named Obj_Shutter at number 0151, is an unused actor that would be related to the closing and opening of the bank. The bank was originally scheduled to open at 10 am and close at 8 pm.

Zelda's Animations

To do:
  • Isn't 0x000654 a OoT leftover? (anim_matsu)
  • Is 0x011294 cze_fue_wait?

Princess Zelda's object contains 48 animations altogether. While seven of them were used in-game, 32 animations are leftovers from Ocarina of Time, and 9 were specifically created for Majora's Mask, but never used. These are shown in the table below.

Majora's Mask 3D has filenames for all of these (in /actors/zelda2_zl.gar.lzs/anim in the RomFS). All animations containing "fue" in the filename refer to the action of Zelda playing a flute. While this idea didn't make it into the final game, a model of a flute exists within her object.

Address within Zelda's object (object_zl4) MM3D Filename Translation Context
0x00F250 cze_fue_furimuki Child Zelda - Whistle - Turn Zelda turning around with "relaxed arms".
0x00FDC8 cze_fue_furimuki_wait Child Zelda - Whistle - Turn - Wait Zelda with "relaxed arms" a little closer.
0x010334 cze_fue_kamae Child Zelda - Whistle - Prepare Zelda raising her hands to play the flute.
0x0105C8 cze_fue_niyari Child Zelda - Whistle - Grin Zelda stops playing the flute.
0x010D50 cze_fue_play Child Zelda - Whistle - Play Zelda playing the flute.
0x013934 cze_op_bakutyu Child Zelda - Opening - Backflip Zelda making a high backflip.
0x013F2C cze_op_suihei Child Zelda - Opening - Level Zelda prepares for a backflip by stretching her arms out.
0x014558 cze_op_suihei_wait Child Zelda - Opening - Level - Wait Zelda completes said backflip.

Great Fairy's Unused Cutscenes Animations

The unused Great Fairy cutscenes display some unused animations for her. Majora's Mask 3D contains the filenames for these (located in /actors/zelda2_dy_obj.gar.lzs/anim in the RomFS).

MM3D Filename Translation Context
bigelf_denjyu Great Fairy - Teaching Grabbing Link (Spin Attack cutscene)
bigelf_hakusyu Great Fairy - Applause Applause after Link performs the Spin Attack (Spin Attack cutscene)
bigelf_udegumi Great Fairy - Arms Folded Arms Folded (default pose for all unused cutscenes)