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The War of Genesis III

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Title Screen

The War of Genesis III

Also known as: 창세기전 3
Developer: Softmax Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Softmax Co., Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Released in KR: December 15, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
  • OBS files seems to contain image data, which needs to be viewed for anything unused.
There's a tool made in 2007 that can extracts nearly all the files in the game. Alternately, you can also use HyperRipper via Dragon Unpacker 5.

The War of Genesis III is not the third, but the fifth entry in the legendary Korean War of Genesis series. Taking place in the world of Antaria, you control five protagonists with their own episodes to deal with war and the true nature of the world, while as their episodes intermix. Otherwise, it's essentially Genealogy of the Holy War but done right.

Unused Graphics

Joan Undressing

Joan has a couple of unused sprites that shows her getting undressed, which is never seen in-game.




There's an unused map that's purely nothing but blue and black. But the most interesting thing is the text in the upper left corner, which is the name of "Rohga" from Langrisser II, whom never makes an actual appearance in the game.

Church of Black Prince


There's a unused map that shows the Black Prince's church. While it is temporarily mentioned in the story, you never see or visit it. Perhaps at one point during development, you could access it from the world map.