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The World Ends With You

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Title Screen

The World Ends With You

Also known as: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (JP)
Developer: Jupiter
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: July 26, 2007
Released in US: April 22, 2008
Released in EU: April 18, 2008
Released in AU: April 24, 2008

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Praised by gamers as one of the only games Square Enix has made in years (and then you realize Square Enix didn't make it).

To do:
A bunch of stuff, based on looking at the debug menu:
  • Rip the Emotion Edge leftovers.
  • Fill in some undocumented info on the debug menu.
  • Sprite viewer has a few unused graphics and palette swaps, as well as a bunch of WIP sheets.
  • The debug menu's message viewer (K8) works; it doesn't render the text properly but it can be viewed in OAM. Anyways, there are some unused messages here, so document those.
  • 99% sure the showend movie isn't in the final game. Based off the game's development history and some leftovers in the message viewer, it may be a leftover from a Tokyo Game Show build.
  • Similarly, I don't think catchE1 and b_07_end get used. Check to make sure this is the case.
  • Honestly, figuring out how to decompress the game's files properly would do wonders.


Debug Menu
A huge amount of debug options.
Stat Changes
Apparently the localization team thought it would take a lot of Bravery to wear Beat's school bag.

Placeholder Video Cutscenes

There are some extra .fds files in the Apl_kit folder that aren't seen in the K6 Debug Menu, despite what some of their filenames imply based on the game's filename formatting (i.e. b_06_01.fds, one of these videos, would imply that it's the 1st cutscene for Beat Day 6). Forcing the game to load them reveals that they're placeholder videos.

死神のゲーム(Death God's game)
Looks like a placeholder or template for the chapter intros and endings, considering that the It's a Wonderful World logo is in the corner.

渋谷にいるネク(Neku in Shibuya)
死ぬ前のネク。渋谷を歩いている。ヘッドホンを付けて,周りと距離をおく描写(Neku while alive. Walking in Shibuya. Wearing a headphone, keeping distance from th others.)
Sounds like the Week 1 Day 1 intro cutscene. The developers seem to be referring to the cutscenes as "comics", hence this filename being used for this very first one.

死神さん(Mr. Death God)
「死神さん」のタッチイベント。入力する文字列によってイベントが分岐する。(Touch event for "Mr. Death God". Event branches for input text.)
Seems like there were plans for a Reaper Creeper cutscene during Week 1 Day 5, but they were scrapped.

スクランブル交差点で倒れて目覚めるネク。ヨシュア編1日目にあたる。(Neku, once fainted and now awoke in the middle of a scramble crossing. 1st day of Joshua episode.
Refers to the cutscene of Neku waking up at on the Scramble at the end of Week 1. The developers probably decided there was no need to make another one, as the final game just reuses the cutscene from the start of Week 1.

上級③再登場(Comeback of Expert 3)
ネク達の前に現れる上級③(Expert 3 appears in front of Neku and his party)
Sounds like Taboo Sho was originally going to have a cutscene for his appearance in Week 3 Day 6. So zetta unfortunate.

ネクハチ公前ヘ(Neku go to Hachiko statue)
b_07_10 ネクRGにかえるから繋がるコミックイベント(A comic event follows "Neku back to RG")
The cutscene right before the credits.

Placeholder Textures

TWEWY uses 3D models for its maps and map-related objects (i.e. cars and junk piles). Among these, a couple placeholder models can be found. }

'Unused' Song

Rush Hour is the only 'unused' song in the entire game. However, it's still in the game- just as a CD purchasable from the AMX or Towa Records. It was likely intended to be used in the overworld seeing as it's only 39 seconds long, but just never got used.

Debug Button

Holding the DS debug button during the initialization process of the game causes the spinning icon to disappear.

(Source: MrU)

Regional Differences

To do:
Make rips of these things and put them in this page.

Voices & Text

  • Marble Slash was renamed to Tin Pin Slammer in the international versions. Various graphics and what the announcer says at the beginning of each round has been modified to fit this change.
  • The large sign on the 104 building at the start of the game reads "YOU HAVE 7 DAYS" in the English version, but "TIME LIMIT WITHIN 7 DAYS" (sic) in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, the difficulty flavor text (Face the Noise, Erase the Noise, Hush the Noise, Crush the Noise) is just the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Ultimate) in Japanese.
  • The "Another Day" text that replaces "[Partner], Day X" in the bonus chapter was added in localization; that part of the menu is blank in the Japanese version.
  • The star rank was originally S rank.
  • The name of some of the days were changed in localization:
Week:Day Japanese English
1:3 Trustworthy People Who 2 Trust
1:4 Erasure Erased
1:6 Pride and Inferiority Complex Superiority/Inferiority
2:1 Rules Rulez
2:4 Badge Pinned
2:5 Territory Turf
2:6 Dashing Beast Beast on the Prowl
3:1 Common Sense, No Common Sense. Sensible Senseless
3:5 VANISHING POINT, Vanishing Point
3:6 STRIDE Stride
3:7 GAME Game
Secret Another Day: It's A Wonderful Day. Another Day: This Day Ends With You!

Week 2, day 4 was likely renamed due to the fact that the pins were named badges in the JP release.

  • During the credits, the international version makes a nice callback to the game's title, and how Neku has changed his view on other people, by displaying words The World Begins With You. The Japanese version just displays the game's logo again.
  • The ATK and DEF boosts from Stickers are not shown on the menu in the Japanese version; this is purely a visual change and does not change how the game calculates partners' stats.
  • In a quest item exchange, the international version highlights item count in red if the player doesn't have enough.


To do:
Should rips of the JP only songs be included?

When the game was released internationally, quite a few songs got replaced for unknown reasons.

Filename Japan International
B01.adx Satisfy The One Star
B02.adx Make or Break Emptiness And
Bz05.adx psychedelic Twister-Gang-Mix
Bz07.adx NOISY NOISE Transformation
F03.adx imprinting Three Minutes Clapping
F07.adx Fighting for Freedom Deja Vu

Owari-Hajimari (Bz04.adx) and Lullaby For You (ending.adx) were also changed from Japanese to English lyrics.

Slash and Slash was renamed to Slam Brothers in international versions. The song is titled Slash Brothers in the Japanese release- only in the soundtrack is the song called Slash and Slash.


  • The Udagawa mural, Towa Records sign, and the Brainy Cat pin have changed the upside-down cross and pentagram eyes to look like stars.
Japan International
  • The Japanese version had four pins (Polytan, Gemaga, Nindori-kun, and Famitsu) which were references to Japanese gaming magazines (Dengeki, Gemaga, Nintendo Dream, and Famitsu respectively). Their icons and descriptions were changed to Fuji Yama, Daruma, Sushi, and Shinobi in the NA/EU versions.
Japan International
Tweywmanypinsjp.png Tweywmanypinsint.png
  • Similarly, five threads were different in the Japanese version - Bicycle, Suspicious Mask, Knight's Armor, Knight's Shield and Knight's Sword. Their icons and descriptions were changed to Ninja Garb, Samurai Helm, Samurai Armor, Fan of the Rising Sun and Samurai Sword.
Japan International
Twewychangedthreadsjp.png Twewychangedthreadsint.png
  • In the original Japanese release, pins were known as badges (バッジ). The pin menu's graphic was changed accordingly.
  • Next to the time was a clock in the Japanese version. This was removed in the international versions.
  • In the pin description on top screen, there's a star next to the pin's ID, as long as the player has at least one mastered copy of it. This is not present in the original version, where the star is present only on bottom screen, for copies of pins that are mastered.
  • The ability unlock notification does not display the item's icon in the Japanese version.

Game Mechanics

  • Mingle PP rewards have increased in the US/EU version.
  • ESP'ers from 20 to 50 MPP each.
  • Ordinary People (AKA Civvies) from 3 to 20 MPP each.
  • Aliens from 20 to 100 MPP each.
  • Fusions are more expensive in the Japanese version, starting at 5 stars per level rather than 4.
  • Eden's Door evolved into a 1 Yen pin in the Japanese version - a devastating punishment if one does not know how to master them. In the US/EU versions it evolves back into One Jump From Eden.
  • Sorting by psych is slightly different in Japanese version; material and Yen pins are at the end of the list, rather than at the start.
  • Originally, Pin Mastery requires player to simply master pins. The international version requires to own mastered pins. This is important, as certain pins are one of a kind and selling them makes them gone forever outside of Mingle shops.
  • In the international version, quest items that require mastered pins will also take from the decks, while in Japanese version it does not count any pins in a deck.
  • The ESP'er Rank and Points cut-offs were changed in the localized version.


ESP'er Points ESP'er Rank
0-99 (E) 人間 (E)
100-249 (E) スプーン曲げ (E)
250-499 (E) 超能力者 (D)
500-999 (E) ゲームの参加者 (C)
1000-1999 (E) 死神 (C)
2000-3999 (E) ゲームの指揮者 (B)
4000-7999 (E) コンポーザー (B)
8000-9999 (E) 天使 (A)
10000-15999 (D)
16000-19999 (D) 堕天使 (A)
20000-29999 (C)
30000-31999 (B)
32000-39999 (B) 悪魔 (A)
40000-49999 (A)
50000-65534 (S)
65535 (S) 神 (S)


ESP'er Points ESP'er Rank
0-99 (E) Only Human (E)
100-199 (E) Spoon-bender (E)
200-299 (E) Supernatural (D)
300-499 (E) Master Player (C)
500-999 (E) Reaper (C)
1000-1999 (D) Conductor (B)
2000-2999 (C) Composer (B)
3000-4999 (B) Fallen Angel (A)
5000-6999 (A) Angel (A)
7000-9999 (A) Demon (A)
10000 (★) God (★)
10001-65535 (★) Demon (★)

As seen, the localized version has introduced a minor glitch in system; most likely failing to change the operator to account for fact that the final rank is no longer achieved for capping the points. More importantly, however, is that the Angel and Fallen Angel ranks have been swapped in the localization.

(Source: TWEWY wikia as a basis.)