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Track & Field (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Track & Field

Also known as: Hyper Olympic (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publishers: Konami, Centuri (US)
Platform: Arcade (custom)
Released internationally: October 1983

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Welcome to the 1983 Button-Smashing Games! Track & Field features 6 playable games, up to 4 players, and up to 3 smashable buttons.

Unused Graphics

Remembers these, America? A fairly standard spacecraft that could have been used in one of the game's many easter eggs.
Not just one, but many These hearts would appear on the Commendation screen when the woman's planting smooches on the champion.
Early Final
I feel sad now
I can't tell what it is anymore, and thus I am relieved

In the Javelin game, if the player throws the javelin at an 80 degree angle, the javelin will hit some kind of animal that falls down dead. The game uses some kind of nebulous white alien thing as the target, but a more realistic bird is in the ROM. This was likely changed because killing a real bird with a javelin is a bit much.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Three distinct versions exist: The Japanese Hyper Olympic, the World version, and the USA version distributed by Centuri.


Japan International
Hyper Mountains Red Mountains Majesty

The mountains on the title screen in Hyper Olympic were touched up in Track & Field.

Japan International
Pink?! They blue it

The line between the scoreboard and the stadium was changed from pink to blue.


Japan International
"Player 1 Player" is redundant "Player 1 Player" is redundant

"PlayerXP" was changed to "Player X", because "Player 1 Player" is redundant.

Japan International
How Hight Can You Tryt? It's height's fault

In the High Jump event, the incorrect "Hight" was fixed in all other versions.


The Centuri game changes the initial qualifying times and distances to make the game more difficult. This applies to all games but the High Jump.

Changed qualifiers are in bold.

Konami Centuri
Easy Normal Hard Hardest Easy Normal Hard Hardest
100 Meter Dash 16.00 Sec 14.00 Sec 13.00 Sec 12.00 Sec 13.50 Sec 13.00 Sec 12.00 Sec 11.00 Sec
Long Jump 6m00 6m50 7m50 8m00 6m50 7m00 7m50 8m00
Javelin Throw 65m00 70m00 75m00 80m00 70m00 72m00 75m00 80m00
Hurdles 14.50 Sec 14.00 Sec 13.50 Sec 13.00 Sec 14.00 Sec 13.50 Sec 13.00 Sec 12.50 Sec
Hammer Throw 73m00 75m00 77m00 79m00 75m00 77m00 79m00 80m00
(Source: Original TCRF research)