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What the hell is THAT???

Heya, I'm Fission Power, one of many TCRF investigators. I am from Russia, some village "near" of Moscow. Also - MLP stuff and old games, yeah.... Here I am:, contact me about any questions.

What have you DONE???

My main contributions in TCRF - Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends articles. Yay, I did something! I'm so proud about myself! (for real, lol)

Come on, I don't have all day.

Currentrly I'm busy exploring more unused/beta content about RoN and RoL. Also I have a plans to expand TF2 article and document Spore prototypes... maybe sometimes... eh, I'm actually too lazy and slow.

Russain hackerz everywhere, call Bolton

А еще я из России. Надо бы уже сделать переводы моих статей...

Some game stuff I just need to place somewhere

RoN Prerelease (food and wood cost of Ranged Infantry) (different costs and abilities of Wonders) (different abilities of Wonders, earlier version, even Opera House is still here) (different Resource abilities) (scrapped howitzer unit which can be seen in a single unused icon) (different Woodcutter's Camp and Bunkers) (different SAM installations, also check informations about leftovers of this model in game files) (different early Factory) (really early, pre-May 2002 footages of gameplay, investigations about cut content needed)

Trial Version

Trial version of Rise of Nations was released 6/05/03, two weeks before the release of the full version. There are minor differences from the original game.

Gameplay Differences

Pausing game causes to play Sound 24.wav, while in the retail version there's no sound at all.

Some changes can be found in game files.


<MAYA_GARRISON_ARROWS value="2"> 1 <MAYA_BUILDING_TIMBER value="33% reduction"> 20 <MAYA_BUILDING_HP value="50% bonus"> 20 <MAYA_BUILDING_SPEED value="50% bonus"> 20 <KOREAN_TEMPLE_TAX_UPGRADES value="1 (1 = enable, 0 = disable)" 0 . - <MONGOL_THREE_MIL_CAVALRY value="3"/> <MONGOL_FREE_CAVALRY value="3"/> 2 <ROMAN_CITY_GATHER value="10"> 15 Reverted back to 10 in add-on. <SPANISH_LOS value="3"></SPANISH_LOS> 0 <SPANISH_RUINS value="35"></SPANISH_RUINS> 26 Coding for Senate building is presents on rules.xml file of original and even trial version of RoN, although this building was added only in Thrones and Patriots add-on.

RoN-related in RoL

<UNITS name="supply_radius"> <COMMENT>tiles (BR - 6/29/2004 - increased from 14 to 20) (DK 8/8/05 20->22)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>22</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="scholar_rate"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>20</VALUE0> <VALUE1>30</VALUE1> <VALUE2>40</VALUE2> <VALUE3>50</VALUE3> <VALUE4>60</VALUE4> <VALUE5>70</VALUE5>

<HEALING name="aircraft_heal_rate">

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="oil_rate"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>35</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="woodcutter_radius"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>6</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="fishermen_bonus"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0> <VALUE1>50</VALUE1> <VALUE2>100</VALUE2> <VALUE3>200</VALUE3> <VALUE4>200</VALUE4>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="granary_bonus"> <COMMENT/>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="lumbermill_bonus"> <COMMENT/>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="smelter_bonus"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0> <VALUE1>100</VALUE1> <VALUE2>150</VALUE2> <VALUE3>200</VALUE3> <VALUE4>250</VALUE4>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="merchants_bonus"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>100</VALUE0> <VALUE1>120</VALUE1> <VALUE2>150</VALUE2> <VALUE3>200</VALUE3> <VALUE4>300</VALUE4>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="territory_taxes"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0> <VALUE1>50</VALUE1> <VALUE2>100</VALUE2> <VALUE3>200</VALUE3> <VALUE4>300</VALUE4>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="lumber_commerce"> <COMMENT>commerce cap</COMMENT> <VALUE0>10</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="farms_per_city_base"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>5</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="farms_per_city_level"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="refinery_bonus"> <COMMENT>% per refinery</COMMENT> <VALUE0>33</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="food_bonus_for_farm"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>20</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="oil_bonus_for_well"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="food_bonus_for_farm"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>20</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="oil_bonus_for_well"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="knowledge_bonus_for_university"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>25</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="timber_bonus_per_wood_slot"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>5</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="metal_bonus_per_mine_slot"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>5</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="river_resource_value"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="village_taxes"> <COMMENT>bonus wealth</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="building_taxes"> <COMMENT>bonus wealth (per building in Small City/city)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="temple_taxes"> <COMMENT>bonus wealth (+ amount above for just being a building)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="village_literacy"> <COMMENT>bonus knowledge</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="university_literacy"> <COMMENT>bonus knowledge</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="library_literacy"> <COMMENT>bonus knowledge</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_science_discount"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>10</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_science_speedup"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>10</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_age_behind_discount"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_age_behind_knowledge_discount"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_color_behind_discount"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="tech_color_behind_knowledge_discount"> <COMMENT>percent</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="military_upgrade_discount"> <COMMENT>% per level ahead</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="military_unit_discount"> <COMMENT>% per level ahead</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<RESEARCH name="global_prosperity"> <COMMENT>%</COMMENT> <VALUE0>25</VALUE0>

<COSTS name="unit_scholar_ramp_max"> <COMMENT>% additional ramping cost max</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2000</VALUE0>

<COSTS name="ramp_final"> <COMMENT>% additional knowledge cost per final tech already researched</COMMENT> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<COSTS name="research_tick_premium"> <COMMENT>times base time (Please don't use except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually -- BR)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0>

<COSTS name="district_ramp_cost"> <COMMENT>Additional ramp for each district you build.</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="popwin_timer">

<TERRITORY name="territory_base"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>24</VALUE0>

<TERRITORY name="territory_den"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>5</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="wonder_timer"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>4500</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="wonder_age"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="armageddon"> <COMMENT>nukes</COMMENT> <VALUE0>4</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="armageddon_per_nation"> <COMMENT>nukes</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="armageddon_per_team"> <COMMENT>nukes</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="nuke_embargo_base"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>900</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="nuke_embargo_nation"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>900</VALUE0>

<VICTORY name="nuke_embargo_world"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<ATTRITION name="militia_attrition"> <COMMENT>% increase</COMMENT> <VALUE0>300</VALUE0>

<ATTRITION name="attrition_aged_up"> <COMMENT>% increase</COMMENT> <VALUE0>25</VALUE0>

<ATTRITION name="assassin_attrition"> <COMMENT>frames: this is the special assassin attrition</COMMENT> <VALUE0>8</VALUE0>

<HEALING name="supply_heal_rate"> <COMMENT>frames (0 means don't heal at all)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<HEALING name="civilian_heal_rate"> <COMMENT>frames (0 means don't heal at all)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>45</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="disband_city_rate"> <COMMENT>% normal raze time for a building</COMMENT> <VALUE0>400</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="city_hp_bonus_to_buildings"> <COMMENT>% HP bonus per level given by city to nearby buildings</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="disband_senate_rate"> <COMMENT>% normal raze time for a building</COMMENT> <VALUE0>400</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="senate_armor_bonus"> <COMMENT>armor per city level</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="capital_build_time"> <COMMENT>% of normal city build time (this is for nomad games only)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>300</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="temple_upgrade_hp"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>25</VALUE0> <VALUE1>50</VALUE1> <VALUE2>100</VALUE2> <VALUE3>150</VALUE3> <VALUE4>200</VALUE4>

<BUILDINGS name="temple_upgrade_range"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0> <VALUE1>2</VALUE1> <VALUE2>3</VALUE2> <VALUE3>4</VALUE3> <VALUE4>5</VALUE4>

<BUILDINGS name="fort_upgrade_range"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="fort_upgrade_los"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<BUILDINGS name="tower_fort_range"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0> <VALUE1>1</VALUE1> <VALUE2>2</VALUE2> <VALUE3>3</VALUE3>

<BUILDINGS name="tower_fort_los"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0> <VALUE1>2</VALUE1> <VALUE2>4</VALUE2> <VALUE3>6</VALUE3>

<PLUNDER name="capital_plunder_assassin"> <COMMENT>(times number of players eliminated so far)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>500</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="troops_upgrade_los"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="spy_upgrade_los"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="spy_bribe_upgrade_range"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="spy_informer_upgrade_range"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_upgrade_los"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="spy_general_cost"> <COMMENT>% with bonus</COMMENT> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="jam_unit_radar_prob"> <COMMENT>%</COMMENT> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="commando_min_damage"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>200</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="special_min_damage"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>400</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="elite_min_damage"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>800</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_speed_bonus"> <COMMENT>m</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_radius"> <COMMENT>tiles (BR - 3/30/2005 - increased from 6 to 15)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>15</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_building_range"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_building_attack"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="general_rally_armor"> <COMMENT>armor</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="decoy_time"> <COMMENT>frames</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2500</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="siege_out_of_supply_reload"> <COMMENT>fraction of normal delay</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3/2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="artillery_out_of_supply_reload"> <COMMENT>fraction of normal delay</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<UNITS name="spy_upgrade_hp"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>15</VALUE0> <VALUE1>45</VALUE1> <VALUE2>90</VALUE2> <VALUE3>150</VALUE3>

<UNITS name="supply_hp_upgrade"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0> <VALUE1>20</VALUE1> <VALUE2>40</VALUE2> <VALUE3>60</VALUE3>

<UNITS name="paradrop_range"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>64</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="dock_radius"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>12</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_formation_spacing"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile (calibration for unit spacing in formations)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1/16</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_move_speed"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile (granularity for unit movement speeds)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1/192</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_guy_spacing"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile (calibration for spacing within a foot unit)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1/16</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_train_distance"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile</COMMENT> <VALUE0>5/2</VALUE0> (3/2)

<MOVEMENT name="unit_train_max_distance"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile</COMMENT> <VALUE0>7/2</VALUE0> (5/2)

<MOVEMENT name="boat_train_distance"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3/2</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="boat_train_max_distance"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>8</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="boat_garrison_max_distance"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_board_distance"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>

<MOVEMENT name="unit_disembark_distance"> <COMMENT>fraction of tile</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="aircraft_respond_range"> <COMMENT>tiles (BR 1/16/2003 -- made this smaller so that planes don't go wandering all over the place into air defenses)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>8</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="bomber_respond_range"> <COMMENT>tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>8</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="ship_defensive_respond_range"> <COMMENT>tiles (Ships need a better respond range so fire ships won't just sit there)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>8</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="cavalry_flank_bonus"> <COMMENT>% (of base flank bonus)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>40</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="vehicle_flank_bonus"> <COMMENT>% (of base flank bonus)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>33</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="range_inaccuracy"> <COMMENT>percent per # tiles</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1/128</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="rocky_modifier"> <COMMENT>(light infantry in rocks)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2/3</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="entrenchment_modifier"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>2/3</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="river_modifier"> <COMMENT>fractional modifier (units take more damage in rivers)</COMMENT> <VALUE0>2</VALUE0>

<AIRCRAFT name="air_unit_mana_recharge"> <COMMENT>craft per frame</COMMENT> <VALUE0>1</VALUE0> (2)

<AIRCRAFT name="max_aircraft_per_carrier"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>7</VALUE0>

<AIRCRAFT name="max_aircraft_per_airbase"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>10</VALUE0>

<AIRCRAFT name="bombing_mana_cost"> <COMMENT>mana</COMMENT> <VALUE0>0</VALUE0>

<AIRCRAFT name="sam_site_reload_chance"> <COMMENT>%</COMMENT> <VALUE0>10</VALUE0>

<AIRCRAFT name="sam_site_reload_time"> <COMMENT/> <VALUE0>50</VALUE0>

<WORLD name="min_continent_spacing"> <COMMENT>wcoords including coasts</COMMENT> <VALUE0>3</VALUE0>


<AIR> <ENTRY name="AIRSTRIKE"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders your planes to attack a target or patrol an area.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRTRANSFER"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders your planes to a new home base.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRPATROL"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders your planes to fly to the point you indicate and attack any targets they find.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRALL"> <STRING> <TEXT>Selects all of your aircraft.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRREPEAT"> <STRING> <TEXT>While on, aircraft returning to base will automatically repeat their missions as soon as they refuel. While off, aircraft returning to base will remain there.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRRETURN"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders this aircraft to abort its mission and return to base.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRRECALL"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders all aircraft currently flying from this base to abort their missions and return.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRSCRAMBLE"> <STRING> <TEXT>Orders all aircraft into the air immediately. Once launched, aircraft will attack any nearby enemies they see.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRFUELING"> <STRING> <TEXT>Aircraft in this column are {refueling} after a mission.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRREADY"> <STRING> <TEXT>Aircraft in this column are {ready} and can be given new orders.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> </AIR> </TIMERS> <ENTRY name="AIRFUELING"> <STRING> <TEXT>This air unit is refueling.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRREADY"> <STRING> <TEXT>This unit is ready to launch. To launch an attack, right-click a target.</TEXT> </STRING> </ENTRY> <ENTRY name="AIRREADY2"> <STRING> <TEXT>This unit is ready to launch.</TEXT> </STRING>


Unused Features

There are some unused features of various game aspects hidden in rules.xml. Most of them are just switched off by having a value of 0.


Unused\hidden features, machanics and rules found in rules.xml file.

Gather and Commerce

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="mine_bonus_rate">

Probably intended for generating Timonium by Mines.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="city_income">
<COMMENT>Income per city</COMMENT>

Allows Cities to generate resources by themselves.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="guild_peasant_rate">
<COMMENT>resources for gatherers in city radius (by guild district)</COMMENT

The fact that "city radius" and "district" are together here suggests this is a leftover from earlier in development, when the game was closer to its predecessor.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="num_mountain_gather">
<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="mountain_gather_size">
<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="mountain_gather_slots">

Players are not allowed to gather anything from mountains during standard gameplay.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="gem_gather_slots">

No idea what it is.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="stripped_income">
<COMMENT>The amount of income you get per good for each percent of your territory that is stripped</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 timonium</VALUE0>
<VALUE3>0 energy</VALUE3>

Presumably it's taxation feature, similar to that one which is in Rise of Nations, but it was scrapped from release version of the game. Note in there is no Wealth on value list for some reason - only Timonium and Energy.

<GATHER_AND_COMMERCE name="allow_gathersite_completion_bonus">
<COMMENT>Wether or not a bonus is given for a gathersite being built </COMMENT>

Another mechanic from Rise of Nations which was scrapped. In release version there is no comlpetion bonus for Mine (which is called here "gatherside).

Test Multipliers

<COSTS name="research_premium">
<COMMENT>times base cost (Please don't use except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually -- BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="unit_time_base">
<COMMENT>fraction of base production time (Must be 1/1 except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually - BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="unit_time_ramp">
<COMMENT>fractional time ramp (Must be 1/1 except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually - BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="accel_train">
<COMMENT>fraction of base speed (Must be 1 except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually - BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="accel_construct">
<COMMENT>fractional speed  (Please don't use except on your own machine for testing; for main line game adjust times individually -- BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="accel_research">
<COMMENT>speed  (use only on own machine for testing -- BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="mana_recovery">
<COMMENT>fraction of normal mana recovery (Must be 1/1 except on your own machine for testing or demo; for main line game adjust times individually - BR)</COMMENT>
<CHEATS name="storm_time_modifier">
<COMMENT>fraction of normal storm time (Please don't use except on own machine for testing, or for demos -- BR)</COMMENT>
<MOVEMENT name="unit_speed_hack">
<COMMENT>Global adjuster for unit speeds</COMMENT>
<MOVEMENT name="unit_turn_speed">
<COMMENT>fractional rate (master control for unit turn speed)</COMMENT>

Multipliers for various aspects of the game. As descriptions say, they were for testing purpose.


<GOODYBOX name="rare_bonus">
<COMMENT>Base resources (Timonium, Wealth, Research)</COMMENT>

Some leftover related with Ruins mechanic. Note in that Research points are mentioned - probably at some point of development player could gain them from Ruins.

<GOODYBOX name="rare_bonus_magus">
<COMMENT>Resources per Guild District (Timonium, Wealth, Research)</COMMENT>

Unknown mechanic related with Guild Districts.


<PLUNDER name="city_plunder_per_level">

Presumably it's RoN-like city plunder mechanic lefrover from old game version, in retail version of the game capturing cities doesn't give any plunder resources.

<PLUNDER name="village_plunder">

The same as above. "village" might be an old name of Sites or Neutral Cities.

<PLUNDER name="capital_plunder">

The same as above. It also miight be a leftover from very old version of the game, when it was closer to its precedessor. rules.ini from RoN contains the same string, but with value 500. (The reason I didn't add this sring into "Leftovers from Rise of Nations" is existence of "village_plunder" string, which proves that plunder mechanic was cut when developers already implemented neutral cities mechanic - the main difference of RoL from RoN)


<TRADE name="merchant_district_trade_value">
<COMMENT>additional trade value of each merchant district in a city</COMMENT>

Every district in City increases income of every Caravan coursing between that City and other site, there is no additional bonuses for Merchant districts.

<TRADE name="guild_district_trade_value">
<COMMENT>additional trade value of each guild district in a city</COMMENT>
The same as above. "Guild" district is must be special district for current nation (Insutrial/Magus\Holy).

<TRADE name="energy_other_district_local">
<COMMENT>energy value of a location per local non-merchant District (i.e. in same city, so must BE a city)</COMMENT>
<TRADE name="energy_other_district_global">
<COMMENT>energy value of a location per global non-merchant District (i.e. anywhere on map)</COMMENT>
<TRADE name="energy_merchant_district_global_allied">
<COMMENT>energy value of an allied location per global Merchant District (i.e. anywhere on map)</COMMENT>


<POPCAP name="city_pop_cap">
<COMMENT>Pop cap by city size</COMMENT>

Probably it's leftover from old pop cap system, it seems player could increase it by upgrading side of the Cities.


<TERRITORY name="palace_district_global_push">
<COMMENT>Total # of palace districts causes this much "global push"</COMMENT>

There is no such feature as "global push" in retail version of the game. It seems that feature globally increased national borders, when some amount of Palace Districts had built.


<VICTORY name="defeated_blow_up_towers">
<COMMENT>Blow up defeated leader's defensive buildings?</COMMENT>
<VICTORY name="defeated_blow_up_units">
<COMMENT>Blow up defeated leader's combat units?</COMMENT>
<VICTORY name="defeated_give_stuff_to_conqueror">
<COMMENT>Give defeated leader's cities, etc,  to conqueror?</COMMENT>

Several unused machanics related with defeated nations.


<COMBAT name="speed_when_wounded"> <COMMENT>percentage modifier</COMMENT> <VALUE0>20%</VALUE0>

<COMBAT name="attack_when_wounded"> <COMMENT>percentage modifier</COMMENT> <VALUE0>50%</VALUE0>

Cut features that decrease speed and attack of "wounded" units, retail version doesn't use "wound" mechanic for units.


<ATTRITION name="attrition_upgrade">
<COMMENT>(this is for anti-attrition techs, not currently supported)</COMMENT>

Presumably it's leftover from old anit-attrition technologiy system, like Supply tech line in RoN.


<BUILDINGS name="large_city_spawn_speed">
<COMMENT>% Increase of grunt spawn based on being a large city</COMMENT>

Presumably increases creation speed of such units as "grunts" - Imperial Musketeer, Desert Walker and Guardian unit lines, when Large City is approached.

<BUILDINGS name="major_city_spawn_speed">
<COMMENT>% Increase of grunt spawn based on being a great city</COMMENT>

The same as above, but for Great City.

<BUILDINGS name="tree_clearing_cost">
<COMMENT>Percent extra cost for placing a building on top of a tree.</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0% extra</VALUE0>

It is unclear what developers were meant to. There is no anything similar to "tree clearing" both in RoL and RoN. Seems to be obsolete mechanic - changing value from 0 doesn't increase cost of building if placed on decorative trees.

<BUILDINGS name="buildtime_per_distance">
<COMMENT>amount of extra build time added per extra distance</COMMENT>

Another unknown feature which is disabled in retail version of the game.

<BUILDINGS name="city_damage_changes_trade_value">
<COMMENT>if enabled then a caravans wealth income will be reduced as a city takes damage.</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)</VALUE0>

Another unused rule. Seems to be non-functional - with value 1 caravans doesn't reduce Wealth income while coursing between damaged Cities.

<BUILDINGS name="city_damage_discrete_values">
<COMMENT>recompute caps when city reaches certain damage levels specified in city_health_recompute_caps</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)</VALUE0>
<BUILDINGS name="city_health_recompute_caps">
<COMMENT>Percentage of city health to recompute Pop and Econ caps and Wealth value for trade</COMMENT>
<BUILDINGS name="city_health_cap_percent">
<COMMENT>Cooresponds to "city_health_recompute_caps".  This is the percentage to lose at the recompute cap value</COMMENT>

Disabled feature which forces game to recompute various caps only when certain percentage of city health is reached. Retail version recomputes caps every 5 seconds, and does it proportionally to remain City health.


<DISTRICTS name="merchant_district_caravans">
<COMMENT>Free caravans per merchant district</COMMENT>

Allows Merchant Districts to generate free Caravans at finishing construction.

<DISTRICTS name="merchant_district_wealth">
<COMMENT>bonus wealth (+ amount for each merchant district)</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 (for City)</VALUE0>
<VALUE1>0 (for medium city)</VALUE1>
<VALUE2>0 (for large city)</VALUE2>

Another disabled feature related with Caravans.

<DISTRICTS name="guild_district_extra_workers">
<COMMENT>Each gather site mining Timonium in city radius when a Guild District is built will get X free workers.</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 free worker (City)</VALUE0>
<VALUE1>0 free workers (medium city)</VALUE1>
<VALUE2>0 free workers (large city)</VALUE2>

Allows to generate free Miners when gather site is built, the amount of Miners depends from City size. Presumably it's leftover feature from early version of the game, when the mechanic of "ecomomic city radius" from RoN still was in the game, retail version doesn't operate such a mechanic. Note in there are names "medium city" and "large city" used, while release version uses "large city" and "great city".

<DISTRICTS name="guild_district_extra_heads">
<COMMENT>Each gather site mining Timonium in city radius will get X free gather slots for each Guild District.</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 extra slot (City)</VALUE0>
<VALUE1>0 extra slots (medium city)</VALUE1>
<VALUE2>0 extra slots (large city)</VALUE2>

Allows to expand capacity of gather site, the amount of additional work slots depends from City size. Presumably it's leftover feature from early version of the game, when the mechanic of "ecomomic city radius" from RoN still was in the game, retail version doesn't operate such a mechanic. Note in there are names "medium city" and "large city" used, while release version uses "large city" and "great city".

<DISTRICTS name="guild_district_cheaper_districts">
<COMMENT>Each Guild District in a city will make other districts in the same city cheaper.</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 less timonium</VALUE0>

Disabled feature that allows to build districts cheaper with built Guild District.

<DISTRICTS name="guild_district_global_prod_bonus">
<COMMENT>Each Guild District in your empire will increase timonium slot value, by levlel of city</COMMENT>
<VALUE0>0 extra timonium per worker</VALUE0>
<VALUE1>0 extra timonium per worker</VALUE1>
<VALUE2>0 extra timonium per worker</VALUE2>

Increases Timonium production from Miners by each Guild District.


<UNITS name="industrial_unit_prod_rate">
<COMMENT>When you have Industrial Dominace, the following value is the multiplier for the speed at which queued units are produced.</COMMENT>

Retail version of the game doesn't have Industrial Dominance. It seems to be tuning for scrapped ability.

<UNITS name="supply_heal_level_upgrade">
<COMMENT>Number of levels a supply unit gets when in friendly territory</COMMENT>


<DOMINANCE name="use_income_for_resource_title">
<COMMENT>if this is "1" then Resource Dominance is based on income rather than treasury</COMMENT>

Disabled feature that forces Resource Dominance ability to count income value of players instead of accumulated resources value.

<DOMINANCE name="tie_for_resource_title">
<COMMENT>Need to beat your opponents by this much to have clear dominance</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="tie_for_craft_title">
<COMMENT>Need to beat your opponents by this much to have clear dominance</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="tie_for_tactical_title">
<COMMENT>Need to beat your opponents by this much to have clear dominance</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="tie_for_army_title">
<COMMENT>Need to beat your opponents by this much to have clear dominance</COMMENT>

Presumably this disabled features was supposed to stick various Dominance abilities to one player after reaching a very large value of parameter related with this Dominance (killed gather units\created units\etc). However, retail version of the game has this feature, programmed as final level of Domimnance rule "minimum (paramemter related with this Dominance) to get (current) Dominance".

<DOMINANCE name="resource_title_stickiness">
<COMMENT>If your opponent has the title, this is subtracted from the tie value</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="craft_title_stickiness">
<COMMENT>If your opponent has the title, this is subtracted from the tie value</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="tactical_title_stickiness">
<COMMENT>If your opponent has the title, this is subtracted from the tie value</COMMENT>
<DOMINANCE name="army_title_stickiness">
<COMMENT>If your opponent has the title, this is subtracted from the tie value</COMMENT>

It is unclear what exactly these rules do. The only clear thing here is that fact these rules are related with Dominance features.

<DOMINANCE name="dominances_permanent">
<COMMENT>If "1" the dominances are permanent and never change hands</COMMENT>

Disabled feature that makes Dominance features permanently avaliable to player which have reached the first cap of certain parameter.


<VINCI name="material_bonus_for_strip_mine">
<COMMENT>how many Timonium do you get for building a strip mine (now unused)</COMMENT>

Seems to be RoN-like completion bonus mechanic, rewarding player one-time resource bonus after constructing gather building. It's non-functional feature - retail version of the game doesn't have any completion bonuses.

<VINCI name="giacomo_lab_bonus">
<COMMENT>lab building price reduction by level</COMMENT>
Unused feature for Vinci hero Giacomo which decreases lab building price.


<TOUGHEST name="general_handicap_toughest">
<COMMENT>General handicap on toughest (0-20), affecting build speeds and cooldowns. For tough-ER use about 10, for tough-EST use about 16. (BR... 3/20/2006 discovered this value isn't actually used for solo games, it would only activate in multiplayer comp stomps, which kind of freaked me out so I'm setting this to 0 for consistency of AI behavior).</COMMENT>

Disables feature related with Toughest dfficulty.


Unused crafts or abilities found in craftrules.xml file.

Unused lines

Some of crafts listed in this file has unused lines.

<NAME>Emergency Supplies (Resource Dominance)</NAME>
<DATA1>0% incoming damage reduced by this amount</DATA1>
<DATA2>0 Must we target a gem patch? (1Y and 0N)</DATA2>

This dilable rule presents in many craft descriptions.