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I'm PonyPikmin1998 (nowadays known as TheAdorableOshawott) , a 21-year old dude who likes this website!
You can check out my work on my DeviantArt or my Twitter.

I am someone who is into Nintendo games, more specifically into Pokémon, Kirby, Animal Crossing and, to some extent, Pikmin.
I just casually lurk into some game's files, but I'm not someone who looks at the files thoroughly. So, I may or may not contribute a lot, but it's still nice to provide some new information sometimes.

I speak fluent Spanish, so, if there's any translation that needs to be done in my native language, count on me!
(hablo español sin problemas, asi que si es necesaria alguna traducción del español, ¡háganmelo saber!)

The Paper Mario box is my favorite and I like it.

Articles I worked on

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (found dummy sound effects and unused music, someone else did the work for me to post it, though)
Pokémon Channel (on the discussion page, found the SD card functionality sorta working on the NTSC version of the game)