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I'm PonyPikmin1998, a 17 years old DeviantArt fellow that likes this page about hidden content about videogames.
If this is allowed in TCRF, I'll leave my DeviantArt webpage here:
(if sharing webpages is not allowed, I can remove it without any problem!)

I'm more interested in Nintendo games, especially Pikmin, Animal Crossing and Pokémon.

I'm still novice at searching hidden content in games, so any tip or help will be very appreciated! :D

More updates in my user page will be added!

I also speak Spanish (yo hablo español). c:

My favourite characters because why not?

Pikmin Animal Crossing Pokémon
The yellow Pikmin is my favourite one.

Isabelle is my favourite Animal Crossing character.

And Oshawott and Pichu are my favourite Pokémon. That's all. :v

Some stats about me

10 edited articles.
21 total changes.
17 pts.
10 artículos modificados.
21 cambios en total.
17 puntos.