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From The Cutting Room Floor
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I like exploring obscure games/shovelware, mostly on the Wii.


  • Document and screenshot Epic Mickey test levels, continue researching
  • Clean up and rewrite Epic Mickey pre-release page. It's kind of a mess and is missing some info.
  • Research more Wii shovelware

Pages I created

My Consoles

A26 This user owns an Atari2600 console.
NDS This user owns a backwards compatible pink DS Lite.
PSP This user owns a black PSP 3000 with CFW.
3DS This user owns a silver Year of Luigi 3DS XL console.
Wii This user owns a backwards compatible, hacked, white Wii console.
WiiU This user owns a 8GB white Wii console.
XBO This user owns a 500GB black Xbox One console.
NSW This user owns a red/blue neon Nintendo Switch console.
PS4 This user owns a black 1TB PS4 Slim.

Console Wishlist

  • All the PlayStations (missed out on a lot of exclusives)
  • Gameboy Advance


Discord: RampantLeaf#1063
Twitter: @andrewdotjpg