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Located in: United Kingdom

I'm addicted to regional releases of games, such as Japanese, Europe, etc. I love the changes, censorship and everything about them.

[[File:| center | | 76px]] Games That Use Batteries
Here are the games that use a battery for systems that have many ways to save.

My Collecting Guidelines

Disclaimer: These are just my very own in my home, and for myself in general, These are not TCRF's new rules & guidelines, OKAY.

Note that the games I get must be the cheapest possible.

What games can I collect

1. Japanese versions of games

  • Most games for old system such as the Game Boy, N64, DS and even Japan-only add-ons like the Famicom Disk System must all be Japanese if possible.

Exceptions: If the game wasn't released in Japan, then I can get other versions.

Exceptions: Newer systems such as the Switch, Xbox One, etc. mainly have all version on the same cart/disc/download, so it doesn't matter what version I get, because I can change it in the game options or the console settings.

2. American/US versions of games

  • Only if the game wasn't released in Japan or Europe.

3. European/Australian (PAL) versions of games

  • If if the game wasn't released in Japan or America and must be in English unless there's no English release.

4. Fake/Bootleg cartridges

  • If I want to get a Japanese game, but It's very expensive, I can get fake or bootleg cartridges if there rewritable with a cart flasher/dumper.
  • If I want to get games that were never officially released on a cartridge (such as South Park for Game Boy/Game Boy Color)

What games can I not collect

1. Hacks of games

  • I shall never get hacks of game on carts

Exceptions: If a game has extra content that can only be unlocked through accessories (such as Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3's e-Reader levels, even Japan only ones) , I can include extra content patches onto the game and upload the rom to the fake/bootleg cartridge.

2. Virtual Console & PS/PS2 Classic

  • I will never play games on Virtual Console or PS Classics officially.

Exceptions: When I do let's plays (or playthroughs/walkthroughs), I may need to use VC or PS Classics, In addition if games are really hard, I could just play them on the followings and then dump the save data from the consoles and put on my cartridges (as long as it's compatible)

3. Demos of games that were released

  • Even if it's a fake, I'm still not getting demos for the most part.

Exceptions: Certain games (like some Gran Turismo games) have demos, but the difference is that they were for commercial release rather than Prototypes, Promos or Kiosk Demos (such as some N64 NFRs).

Game versions I must approve before buying

1. Asian releases (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.) versions of games

  • Asian versions may be collected, but I must approve on the content first, by checking if it's close to the Japanese versions (I know Japan is in Asia, but people class versions in most of Asia and Japan seperatly).

Example: The Chinese version of Mega Man: Powered Up/Rockman Rockman is the same as Japanese, but with only the menus translated to Chinese.

Exceptions: The Korean releases of games like Super Mario Galaxy 1+2 have more differences than Japanese (for example so it's known as Super Mario Wii 1+2 in Korea, the changes that were made to the Japanese version is the same, minus the text being in Korean instead of Japanese), I can get it.

2. Not For Resale

  • Not For Resale can mean 3 things:

1. Promotional games - Games that were given completely for Free with a subscription, such as Zelda: Collector's Edition/Zelda Collection.

2. Bundle games - Games that were bundled with either the console or even some music CDs, such as Super Mario All-Stars (Wii) and Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition, think of them as Limited Editions.

3. Kiosk games - Here's where it gets tricky, some kiosks are simply retail games with no differences whatsoever besides the label of course, but some others are actually demos and are most likely very different to the retail games (certain N64 games for instance have Beta content in them and for Majora's Mask at least has some content from the Japanese version that were changed in the English retail release).

1996 - Pocket Monsters Green.png Here's an example of a type of game version I have to collect, Pokémon Green, along with Japanese Red & Blue

PokemonRGB-title.png Not this Language version unless emulation, English Pokémon Red & Blue

Multi-Platform releases

For the most part, I try to get all games on Xbox systems as possible and only PlayStation and Nintendo systems if exclusive or have differences (both console and regional), few reasons are:

1. Original Xbox is a slightly higher quality than the PS2 and GameCube, plus some games are region free too.

2. I'm more used to the Xbox 360 and later systems' achievements than both PlayStation's Trophies or Nintendo's NOTHING AT ALL, since I love the aspect of Gamerscores.

3. If there is no Xbox console release for a game (or was released in another region on Xbox, but is region locked), then I either get the game on PlayStation systems or Nintendo systems (old games preferred any as possible, newer games on PS3, etc because of trophies).