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Yo-kai Watch

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Title Screen

Yo-kai Watch

Also known as: Youkai Watch (JP)
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 11, 2013
Released in US: November 6, 2015
Released in EU: April 29, 2016
Released in AU: December 5, 2015
Released in KR: November 26, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
Quite a bit.
  • Any more unused graphics?
  • Check for differences between the European and American demos for localization changes.
    • Look at the Japanese eShop demo?
  • Beta Tattletell talk portrait oddity
  • Look for hidden details as Yo-kai Watch was planned to be a third-person view game.
  • A total of 203 placeholder item slot graphics to upload.
  • More localization changes to cover.
  • Look through the demo's files.
  • Hidden eyes in Bruff and Badude's model, and in Baddinyan's model.
  • Japanese revisional changes

Yo-kai Watch is Level-5's spiritual take on the monster-collecting genre that once gained popularity in Japan and fared okay in other territories, despite the inconsistent localization. It was so popular back then, it paved way for a sequel and localization that has a cult following, even outside of Japan to this day.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

To do:
Reupload the graphics in native resolution and not something stolen from the TheSpritersResource. Check the Japanese version too


Yokai-Watch-Unused-Effect-Temp.png Yokai-Watch-Unused-Effect-Board.png Yokai-Watch-Unused-Effect-LR.png Yokai-Watch-Unused-Effect-Test.png

Various placeholder effect textures. The first one says "effect temporary" and the second says "board".

(Source: Original TCRF research)


To do:
There are 12 Japanese Soultimate Attacks leftover in the localized release. Determine if these are unused, or copies of used attacks.


Numbered placeholders for different facial expressions are included with most of the character portraits. Different portraits contain different combinations of each numbered chunk.


There exists item placeholder images from 309 to 512 (203 in total).


An unused chapter text, presumably intended to take place before the Infinite Inferno intro cutscene judging from the graphical order. It was strangely translated Spanish and French. It was probably scrapped because there is no real objective after the game is finished. The idea of a post-story Chapter would be brought back in Yo-kai Watch 3.


This image named "test_tlp" says "After School" in Japanese, with Ruby characters above the Kanji. "tlp" is likely short for "telop", a term used for signifying overlay text. It was possible that the game was supposed to take place during the school days, hence why Springdale Elementary School was the most complete shown out of prerelease media but in the final, it takes place during the summer vacation instead. The idea of a school-based routine would return in Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Gakuen Y Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu.

Unused coin.png

An unused Crank-a-kai coin, which judging from the design may have been intended for a Corocoro tie-in. No such distribution ever happened since then.


A BG image and arrow found within yw1_a.fa\data\event\ev_pic\test_cut.xa. When overlaying the arrow over the BG, the point of the arrow hits the center point on the BG precisely.

Yokai-Watch-Unused-Soultimate-Attack-1.png Yokai-Watch-Unused-Soultimate-Attack-2.png

Two unused Soultimate Attack title graphics, which are slashed-out copies of Jibanyan's Paws of Fury (In Japanese) Soultimates.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Demo Leftovers

Yokai-Watch-Demo-Notice.png Yokai-Watch-Demo-Controls.png

A splash screen notice and controls overview screen leftover from the demo version.


A top and bottom splash screen for the end of the demo, and a debug menu screen for changing the time limit within the demo.


An icon left alongside the normal title screen graphics.

(Source: Original TCRF research)




Two tiny debug fonts were left in the game alongside the standard game fonts. They are named "debug" and "debug-int" respectively.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text


Japanese Translation
火に弱くなる Weak against fire!
水に弱くなる Weak against water!
雷に弱くなる Weak against electricity!
土に弱くなる Weak against earth!
氷に弱くなる Weak against ice!
風に弱くなる Weak against wind!
ちからダウン Strength down.
すばやさダウン Speed down.
まもりダウン Defence down.
まもり小ダウン Defence slightly down.
全ステータス超ダウン All statuses mega down!
さぼりやすくなる Slacks off more!
敵から狙われる Targeted by enemy!
HPを少しずつ回復 HP regen!
進化しなくなる Can't evolve anymore!
土あそび Playing with dirt.
土がくれ Hidden in dirt.
雪かき Snow shovel.

Most of the text seem to be related to placeholder status effects during battle, which are replaced with more creative messages in the final. interestingly, the last three lines relate to a scrapped status where Yo-kai may find themselves hiding within dirt.


Unused text containing references to various objects and items. The most logical explaination is that these match up to are likely the Yo-kai Spots found in the final game and may have been used for debugging purposes.

Japanese Translation
校長先生 Principal
教頭先生 Vice Principal
普通車 Standard-sized Car
セダン Sedan
タクシー Taxi
パトカー Patrol Car
スポーツカー Sports Car
高級車 Luxury Car
ワンボックスカー Minivan
救急車 Ambulance
小型トラック Pickup Truck
小型貨物トラック Cargo Pickup Truck
バス Bus
電車 Train
バスケットボール Basketball
骨格標本 Model Skeleton
ピアノ Piano
サンドバック Punching Bag
ブランコ Swing
整理券の電光掲示板 Ticket Machine Screen
ポスト Post Box
蚊取り線香 Bug Repellant Stick
看板A Billboard A
バケツのゴミ箱 Trash Can
体重計 Scale
地蔵 Jizo (a Japanese guardian statue)
看板B Billboard B
ローラースケート Rollerskates
ビデオゲーム筐体前 Arcade Cabinet
うきわ Inner Tube
自転車 Bicycle
車いす Wheelchair
絵本の回転棚 Rotating Book Shelf
テーブルの上のラーメン Ramen on a Table
ヒーロー人形 Hero Doll
マネキン Mannequin
宝剣のレプリカ Replica Sword
ドラム式洗濯機 Top-loading Washing Machine
はにわ Haniwa (ancient Japanese terracotta figure)
天体望遠鏡 Astronomy Telescope
パンダの遊具 Panda Playground
アヒルのボート Duck Boat
天使の像 Angel Statue
恐竜の化石 Dinosaur Fossil
シュン Shun
ユウ Yuu
三又ノヅチ・改 Slimamander - Revision
廃病院ボスハート(仮) Hospital Boss Heart (Placeholder)
廃病院ボスハート色替え(仮) Hospital Boss Heart Color Change (Placeholder)
ラスボス(変身前)イカ足1 Last Boss (Before Transformation) Tentacle 1
ラスボス(変身前)イカ足2 Last Boss (Before Transformation) Tentacle 2
ラスボス(変身前)イカ足3 Last Boss (Before Transformation) Tentacle 3
ラスボス(変身前)イカ足4 Last Boss (Before Transformation) Tentacle 4
ラスボス(変身前)イカ足5 Last Boss (Before Transformation) Tentacle 5
妖怪スポット配置用ダミーキャラ Dummy Character for Yokai Spot Placement
さすらい荘配置用ダミーキャラ Dummy Character for Wandering Manor Placement


Japanese Translation
おみせで一番やすいコーヒー。\nそれでも缶コーヒーの10倍うまい。 The cheapest coffee in the shop. That said, it's 10 times nicer than canned coffee.
アフリカのサバンナを思わせる\n力強いふうみの定番コーヒー A basic coffee with a powerful flavour that evokes the African savannah.
ジャマイカのげんせんされた豆を\nつかった かおりだかいコーヒー。 A strong smelling coffee made using beans sourced from Jamaica.
ジャコウネコのフンからとりだした\n豆だけを使った 幻のコーヒー。 An illusory coffee made using beans taken from the droppings of the civet cat.
仮テキスト Placeholder Text.
卵ととり肉を使ったどんぶりりょうり。\n本当に親子かは定かではない。 A Donburi made using egg and chicken. We're not sure if they were really parent and child, though.
ジューシーなトンカツをふわっふわの\n卵でとじた一番人気の定番メニュー。 Juicy tonkatsu covered in fluffy egg, our most popular regular menu item.
ぶあついうなぎのかば焼きをのせた\nスタミナたっぷりのおいしいうな重。 A thick fried eel overflowing with stamina.
妖怪ガシャ用の特別なコイン。\n何がでるかはお楽しみ。 A coin used specially for the Crank-a-Kai. I'm excited to see what comes out!
アメリカン American
キリマンジャロ Kilamanjaro
ブルーマウンテン Blue Mountain
スマトラコーヒー Sumatra Coffee
たまご Egg
マグロ Tuna
ウニ Sea Urchin
大トロ Tuna Belly
たまご丼 Egg Bowl
親子丼 Chicken and Egg Bowl
カツ丼 Katsu Bowl
うな重 Eel Bowl
とり肉 Chicken (meat)
サブクエスト用01 For subquest 01

There exists text strings relating to a scrapped coffee food category.

Ironically, an item called "Big Boss Coffee" would later make an appearance in Yo-kai Watch 4, under the Juice category.

The supposed coin for the Crank-a-kai was likely intended for the beginning of the game, where the player puts in a coin specifically made for the Crank-a-kai to free Whisper. A similar objective would be implemented in Yo-kai Watch 3, in That Other World...Somewhere! Quest.



They all say "Favor XXX (Placeholder)", meaning that are thirty placeholder slots for Requests and Favors.



This is a list of counters and their different pronunciations. Japanese pronounces counters differently depending on context.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: This section onwards needs revising.


Japanese Translation Notes
ババーン Babaan (a crashing sound effect) Seems to be related to Tattletell's Japanese name Bakurobaa.
ビンタ3 Slap 3
おおぶり1 Large 1
銃で撃つ3 Gunshot 3
メガ滝おとし Mega Waterfall Drop Japanese name for Walkappa's Soultimate Move.
ツチノコスマイル Tsuchinoko Smile Japanese name for Noko's Soultimate Move.
おにび乱舞 Spirit Dance Prerelease Japanese name for Komasan's Soultimate move.
(Final name was ひとだま乱舞)
ひもじインパクト Hungry Impact Japanese name for Hungramps' Soultimate Move.

Text were likely used for Soultimate Moves before they were changed to separate graphics.


Japanese Translation
※ダミーイベントを起動しました。\n  :該当するスクリプトファイルが有りません。 ※ Dummy event activated. The corresponding script file is missing.


Japanese Translation
せっていを終了しますか? Finalize these settings?
せっていを変更しないで\n終了しますか? Exit without saving settings?


Japanese Translation
この日記を使用します。\nよろしいですか? This diary will be used. Is this okay?
この日記のつづきをはじめます。\nよろしいですか? The game will continue from this diary. Is this okay?
にっき%dを消します。\n<CR>※消してしまった日記は\n二度と元に戻りません!</C> Delete diary %d. ※An accidentally deleted diary cannot be recovered!
本当によろしいですか? Is it really okay?
にっき%dを消しました。 Diary %d deleted.

Additional save data messages for the Diary, which were likely cut due to repetition.


Japanese Translation
今日は 開いてないみたい…。 Looks like it's closed today...

No shops are shown closed during the day with the exception of Whatta Find, which displays a different message when interacted with after hours.


Rolling Waves Park Name Oddity

In the Japanese version of the Request The Time Capsule, the girl mentions that the time capsule is buried at a place called "Shiokaze Park" (しおかぜ公園), but the location is actually called "Sazanami Park" (さざなみ公園), which is Rolling Waves Park's Japanese name. Ironically, there's a real-life location of Shiokaze Park, located in Tokyo which was likely renamed to distance the game's setting from it's real-life counterpart.

This error was corrected in the English localization, but it wasn't fixed in a later patch, nor Yo-kai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch.

(Source: Discovery: https://web.archive.org/web/20150810052241/http://atest.jp/archives/52174327.html)

Earlier Tribe Remains

In the pause menu, the Medals icon show the earlier Kimagure and Mononoku Tribes which were from prerelease preview. They were not kept for the Switch port, due to the menu being redesigned for it.

On the Defense and Speed Talismans, there exists of two tribes that were shown in prerelease media despite the first two being Brave and Mysterious. They were oddly kept in later games.

Revisional Differences


Ver. 1.1

Released in July/August 2013?

  • Cruncha's location in the Yo-kai Medallium originally said that it could be found on trees at Mt. Wildwood at night, which is false; it was found in the Crank-a-kai instead. The Yo-kai Medallium changes the location to "??????????" like other Rare Yo-kai.[1]

Ver. 1.2

Released in August 2013?



Regional Differences

To do:
There's lots more.

Title Screen

Japan North America Europe
YokaiWatch JPN title.png Yo-Kai Watch-title.png YokaiWatch EUR title.png

On the title screen, there is some text on the roadway under the logo exclusive to the Japanese version which reads 止まれ ("stop") which was removed, as well as the background image being shifted one pixel down in the North American and European versions of the game. The copyright date was also updated in the European version.


The in-game currency is changed from Yen to Dollars in the North American and Australian versions, Pounds in the European English version, and Euros in the other European versions. This would be carried over until Yo-kai Watch 3, where the currency completely stays as dollars.