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Zeliard (DOS)

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Title Screen


Developers: Game Arts, Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1990

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Zeliard for DOS is the 3rd port of Zeliard developed by Game Arts and Sierra Online. Zeliard players and veterans consider this to be a hard game, but ended up being much easier than the other two versions.

Unused Text

Special mode !!

This odd string appears at 8ED in zeliard.exe. It's unknown how to see it.

(Source: Kuro-chan)

Revisional Differences

After Sierra Online got a hold of the PC-88 version of the game they made considerable changes to the engine.

General Changes

PC-88 Version DOS Version
Pausing a Game
  • Entering the inventory menu is the only to pause the game.
  • There is a dedicated PAUSE button (By hitting ESC) in addition to entering the inventory menu.
Game Speed
  • One fixed speed.
  • Game speed can be changed by pressing F9 and enter a value from 0 (Slowest) to 9 (Fastest). The default game speed (5) is a little faster than the PC-88's speed.
Save Files
  • One save file per disk.
  • Game boots up the save file (After the intro) and only starts at the beginning of the game if there is none.
  • Players are unable to restore a game, save resetting the computer.
  • The game requires a free disk to format and make into a save file disk. To perform this, a player must boot off disk 3 on drive 1 and insert a blank disk into drive 2.
  • Multiple save files can be used and set on any disk.
  • Game boots up the beginning of the game.
  • To load up a save file, players can RESTORE a game (By hitting F7) and choose whichever file they wish to use. This can be done at any point in the game.
  • Given a save file requires only 256 bytes, no special disk is required to hold onto them. They can be save anywhere, including on the game disks or a hard drive if the game was installed on one.

RPG/Character Development

NOTE: All fractions are rounded down.

PC-88 Version DOS Version
  • Lose all golds and all almas.
  • Experience is cut in half.
  • Warps back to the last sage spoken to.
  • Lose all golds and half the total almas.
  • +(127 - (current level x 2)) experience boost.
  • Warps back to the first sage.
Level Up
  • HP cap is increased, but HP is not restored.
  • Spell caps can increase (depending on level), but spell counts are not restored.
  • EXP is reset to 0.
  • No bonus attack damage.
  • HP cap is increased and fully restored.
  • Spell caps can increase and are fully restored.
  • Only what EXP is needed to level up is deducted from the total collected. However, EXP is adjusted if the remaining EXP exceeds what is required for the next level. In that case, EXP is lowered to whatever is required minus 1.
  • Bonus attack damage is Level /2.
Shield:HP Damage
  • Player takes 50% HP damage from a frontal attack while equipped with a shield, regardless of what shield it is.
  • Player's HP damage matches the amount of damage a shield takes when hit. As the shield gets upgraded, it further reduces how much HP damage is taken.


PC-88 Version DOS Version
  • Sword swing is yellow.
  • Sword swing is green.


PC-88 Version DOS Version
  • Costs 5000 Almas.
  • Costs 2500 Almas.


PC-88 Version DOS Version
  • Does 17 damage per hit.
  • Each stone will hit a target twice, when possible.
  • Does 4 damage per hit.
  • Each stone will hit only hit a target once.
  • Restores all Shield Points.

  • Restores the following:
  • Clay Shield +80 SP
  • Wise Man's Shield +90 SP
  • Stone Shield +100 SP
  • Honor Shield +110 SP
  • Light Shield +115 SP
  • Titanium Shield +120 SP
  • Adds a multiplier to sword damage.
  • Also includes level bonus damage when multiplying damage.
  • Warps you to the last sage you visited.
  • Costs 300 golds in Esco and 700 everywhere else.
  • Warps you to the 1st sage.
  • Costs 150 golds in Esco and 350 everywhere else.


  • The game does not update which sage you most recently visit, leaving you to warp to the sage in the very first town when the player dies/uses a feather. Given that the cost of the Kioku feather is halved and Almas exchange rates are higher in the ENG version, this appears to be deliberate, to discourage backtracking to earlier towns for higher rates and cheaper items.

Game Introduction

PC-88 Version DOS Version
The game introduction goes:
  • Game Background/Legend
  • Game Title
  • Intro Story
  • Start game
  • If the player has the user disk inserted instead of disk 2, the game will skip the introduction and boot up an existing save file.
The game introduction goes:
  • Displays a unique title screen (most likely for Sierra to post their own credits as soon as the game opens)
  • Game Background/Legend
  • Game Title
  • English and JP Credits
  • Intro Story
  • Start game
  • This introduction can be bypassed by entering in a save file name when booting up the game. For instance, "zeliard save1" will take you straight to a restored game if you have a save1.usr in the root directory.

The Japanese version plays the Intro Story more quickly than the DOS version. In addition:

  • 3rd scene with the princess' close-up, Jashiin's eyes appear well after her conversation, rather than during.
  • All audible speech (Including the princess' scream) were removed.
  • The audio 'tone' for character speech is much higher.
PC-88 Version DOS Version
Opening scenes Zeliard pc88 intro rain.gif

Zeliard pc88 intro sand.gif
Animated backgrounds were used to show the rain.

Zeliard dos intro rain.png

Zeliard dos intro sand.png
The backgrounds were merged into a single image.

Archfiend / Jashiin Zeliard pc88 jashiin.png

The PC-88 used a palette change to hide the green.

Zeliard dos jashiin.png

Green shows on Jashiin's skin.

Final Scene Zeliard pc88 intro end.png

The full scene is shown, then clipped to allow text underneath.

Zeliard dos intro end.png

The scene starts in colour, changes to a greyscale and the text slowly scrolls upward.


PC-88 Version DOS Version

When speaking to them.

  • Townsfolk take a while to speak to, as their discussion appears one character at a time. With a few mandatory exceptions, you can cancel the discussion at anytime.
  • Text is instantly displayed.
Stores Zeliard pc88 weaponshop1.png

The Goods box replaces the smaller one in the upper right corner.

  • Equipment sold to a store does not appear until after you have left it.
Zeliard dos weaponshop1.png

The Goods box is added into the text box along the bottom.

  • Equipment sold to a store will appear in their inventory immediately after you sell it.
In the Hut Zeliard pc88 princess.png Zeliard dos princess.png
Magic Shop Zeliard pc88 magicshop girl.gif

The shopkeeper bows to the player as they leave the store.

Zeliard dos magicshop girl.gif

The shopkeeper tilts her head to her right as the player leaves the store.

Bank Almas Exchange Rates (Almas:Gold)
  • Muralla - 1:4
  • Satono - 1:4
  • Bosque - 1:6
  • Helada - 1:2
  • Tumba - 1:1
  • Dorado - 1:2
  • Llama - 4:1
  • Pureza - 1:4
  • Esco - 1:6
Almas Exchange Rates (Almas:Gold)
  • Muralla - 1:6
  • Satono - 1:6
  • Bosque - 1:8
  • Helada - 1:4
  • Tumba - 1:2
  • Dorado - 1:4
  • Llama - 4:2
  • Pureza - 1:6
  • Esco - 1:8
Church Zeliard pc88 priest.gif

The priest makes the 'sign of the cross' with his right hand while giving a blessing. The digitized speech also says "Amen." as the player leaves.

Zeliard dos priest.gif

The priest now sports a full beard (and mouth, along with changes to his hair and cloak) and holds up his hand while giving a blessing.


Chanting - Calling forth the power of the Spirits.

Zeliard pc88 sage chant.gif

The crystal ball cycles through several colours. The frame rate is faster and digitized speech is present.

Zeliard dos sage chant.gif

The crystal ball remains the same colour. The frame rate is slower.


Gender issue?

  • A male voice actor was used to provide the voice. Players can hear a male 'chant' while calling on the spirits.
  • The developers changed the gender concept for the Sage from male to female.
  • Text Example: "My master, the Sage Yasmin, resides in the underground town. She is a person you can turn to if you are in need."


  • Technically, both versions of the stoned princess are incorrect. The PC-88's version has her arms in front of her, while in the introduction, her arms are along her sides. While the arms positioning was fixed for the DOS version, they changed the character design.


PC-88 Version DOS Version
HP Regeneration
  • Does not happen in the dungeon, short of using dungeon potions and inventory.
  • About 2HP per second while standing still (in units of 2, based on a speed of 6)
  • Regeneration can go over max HP by 1 point 'if' the HP value is odd.
Red Almas Orb
  • Worth 50 Almas
  • Worth 100 Almas

Caverns of Caliente, Correr and Reaccion

PC-88 Version DOS Version
Cavern damage Player takes 10 points of 'heat damage' every few seconds.

The timer is constant through the entire game and does not change when a players enters a cave, unequips the Absor Mantle, etc, leaving the first 10 damage to happen anytime before it cycles again, sometimes almost immediately after entering a hot zone while unprotected.

Player takes 15 points of 'heat damage' every few seconds. They player's HP regeneration cannot recover enough HP before more damage is taken.

The timer for when damage is taken starts when either a player enters a hot cave or removes the Asbestos Cape, leaving you the full amount of the time before damage is dealt.

Cavern of Faltar

PC-88 Version DOS Version
Zeliard pc88 falter.png Zeliard dos falter.png

The DOS version adds an additional rope tile, allowing a player (with Feruza shoes equipped) to bypass a small part of the platforming puzzle.

Jashiin's Room

PC-88 Version DOS Version
Zeliard jashiin pc88.png Zeliard jashiin sierra.png

The PC-88 version has Jashiin standing a little closer to Duke after he stands up.


  • Damage values refer to basic, unshielded damage.
PC-88 Version DOS Version
Zeliard dos Ebat.png
  • Experience: 100
  • Experience: 255
Zeliard dos Ejelly.png
  • Experience: 30
  • Almas: 1
  • Experience: 255
  • Almas: 10/100
Zeliard dos Egrub.png
  • Experience: 30
  • Damage: 160
  • Experience: 255
  • Damage: 60
Zeliard dos Eamoeba.png
  • Experience: 30
  • Almas drops are rare.
  • Experience: 255
  • Almas drops happen far more often.
Zeliard dos Egrell.png
  • Health Points: 127
  • Experience: 30
  • Health Points: 100
  • Experience: 255


  • In the original versions, Almas were never given out with bosses.
  • Bosses have damage multipliers that affect how much damage a sword/spell do to the main body and to weak points. At higher levels, bosses start dividing how much damage a sword does, rounding fractions down. This makes many of the lower-end swords useless without Saber Oils to prop up the damage.
PC-88 Version DOS Version
  • Almas: 0
  • Original Name: CANGREO
  • Almas: 150
  • New Name: CANGREJO
  • Almas: 0
  • Almas: 200
  • Almas:0
  • Sword Bonus x1, Head x8
  • Spell Bonus x1, Head x8
  • Body Damage 20
  • Beak Damage 64
  • Almas:500
  • Sword Bonus x2, Head x8
  • Spell Bonus x2, Head x8
  • Body Damage: 18
  • Beak Damage: 56
  • Almas: 0
  • Almas: 600
  • Almas: 0
  • Almas: 800
  • Almas: 0
  • Body Damage: 192
  • Almas: 1500
  • Body Damage: 800
  • Almas: 0
  • Sword Bonus /2
  • Spell Bonus /2, x2 Fuego
  • Almas 1600
  • Sword Bonus x1
  • Spell Bonus /2
  • Almas: 0
  • Sword Bonus: /8, Tail /2
  • Spell Bonus: /8
  • Weakness: Tail
  • Horizontal Fire: 80
  • Tail weakness can be exploited with a regeneration potion and glitching through the dragon before it wears off.
  • Almas: 2500
  • Sword Bonus: /2, Head x1
  • Spell Bonus: /4
  • Weakness: Head
  • Horizontal Fire: 120
  • Tail weakness can no longer be exploited.
  • Almas: 0
  • Sword Bonus: /8, /4 Tail
  • Spell Bonus: /8
  • Damage chart: 160 Tongue, 80 Tail, 40 Body
  • Almas: 3800
  • Sword Bonus: x1
  • Spell Bonus: x1
  • Damage chart: 80 Tongue, 40 Tail, 160 Body
  • Sound effect plays during the meeting with ARCHFIEND, then the screen fades and goes to the final battle chamber.
  • Original Name: ARCHFIEND
  • Sword Bonus: /4
  • Spell Bonus: /16
  • HP Recovery 120
  • Silence echoes the meeting with Jashiin, then the screen instantly moves to the final battle chamber.
  • New Name: JASHIIN
  • Sword Bonus: /2
  • Spell Bonus: /4
  • HP Recovery: 80