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Zuma's Revenge! (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

Zuma's Revenge!

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: February 21, 2012

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The DS version of Zuma's Revenge! removed Heroic Frog mode (Hard Adventure) and replaced it with three additional game modes, one of which is based on the Facebook game Zuma Blitz.

Unused Text

But another mystery remains...only a Heroic Frog can solve it.

The only Heroic Frog-related message present in the ROM.

Serpent Stare
Fungal Fatality
Lot's Wife
Future Fuels
Fossil Food
What is that thing?
Creeper Creeps
Web Two Point Oh
As The Worm Turns
Chew Your Food

The level names of Iron Frog. They were used in the PC version (when clicking outside of the game window or hitting Space when playing these levels in Challenge mode), but go completely unused in this version.

Kahtiki Khan
Maga Maga
Baron Digo
Kulo Komari
Cephalo Ka
Zhaka Mu
Drumstick Willie
His Crumbleness

The names of the boss battle stages.