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Alien Breed 3D

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Title Screen

Alien Breed 3D

Developer: Team17
Publisher: Team17
Platforms: Amiga AGA, Amiga CD32
Released in EU: December 1995

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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Alien Breed 3D is Team 17's convincing (if extremely blocky) attempt at Doom...But on the Amiga.


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Development Info

Cut Music

The executable contains text strings referencing a missing file: sound/abreed3d.med. This was clearly supposed to be music for the game, but for whatever reason was left out (likely just lack of disk space). The actual MED module was later included in the development files, and a fan-made patch called "HackAB3D" was then created that restored this music to the game. The song was presumably written by Bjørn Lynne, as per the game's credits (the only music in the final AGA disk release is a short jingle played on completion of a level). The CD32 version has a remixed version of this missing music as a CDDA track.

Developer Message

Included with the game's files is a text file called shelley. Inside are the first few verses of the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem 'To Jane: 'The Keen Stars Were Twinkling', here dedicated instead to "Melissa Jane Kay":

	 * To Melissa Jane Kay. *

		The keen stars were twinkling
	And the fair moon was rising among them,
		Dear Jane,
	The guitar was tinkling
	But the notes were not sweet till you sung them
		Again, -

	   As the moon's soft splendour 
	O'er the faint cold starlight of Heaven
	     Is thrown-
	  So your voice most tender
	To the strings without soul had them given
		Its own.