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Animal Crossing: City Folk/Unused Items

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This is a sub-page of Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Wilted Golden Roses (0x00D8)


In the final game, Golden Roses can't wilt. Because of this, this item goes unused.


ACLC-dummy Item.png

A placeholder item which shows the apple graphics when dropped and the leaf graphics in the inventory. It can be purchased for 0 Bells.

Letter (0x9030)

ACLC-Letter Item.png

A furniture item which shows the letter graphics when dropped and the leaf graphics in the inventory. It can be purchased for 0 Bells.

Paper Bag (0x9034)


One of the lost items from the villagers in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Paint Can

Nook does sell these, but the paint goes straight to your roof without ever touching your inventory. However, you can put it in your inventory using hacks, but you can't use it on your house.

ID Name Image
90C8 red paint ACLC-paintred.png
90CC blue paint ACLC-paintblue.png
90D0 yellow paint ACLC-paintyellow.png
90D4 green paint ACLC-paintgreen.png
90D8 pink paint ACLC-paintpink.png
90DC orange paint ACLC-paintorange.png
90E0 light blue paint ACLC-paintlightblue.png
90E4 pea green paint ACLC-paintpeagreen.png
90E8 purple paint ACLC-paintpurple.png
90EC brown paint ACLC-paintbrown.png
90F0 white paint ACLC-paintwhite.png
90F4 black paint ACLC-paintblack.png

Unfinished Flower Seeds

ACLC-seeds Item.png

Flower seeds for all hybrids exist, except the Golden Roses. They are all called "not used" and can be purchased for 0 Bells.

ID Flower
904C pink tulips
9050 purple tulips
9054 black tulips
9064 purple pansies
9068 orange pansies
906C blue pansies
907C pink cosmos
9080 orange cosmos
9084 black cosmos
9094 pink roses
9098 orange roses
909C purple roses
90A0 black roses
90A4 blue roses

White Carnation Seeds (0x90B0)

ACLC-seeds Item.png

The more complete one of the unused flower seeds. It can be purchased for 0 Bells.

Sold-out Sign (0x9104 and 0x9108)

ACLC-soldoutNook.png ACLC-soldoutGrace.png

One for Nook and one for Gracie. That's all...

Weathered Paper

ACLC-NoteInABottle Paper.png

Weathered paper was used as the bottle paper in Wild World. It uses the IDs 9670 (one sheet) to 9673 (four sheets).

Bulletin Paper


This paper is unobtainable in the final game. You can actually use it without cheats, but only from the Town Hall. It uses the IDs 974C (one sheet) to 974F (four sheets).

Unused Flooring and Wallpaper Sets

There are four unused flooring and wallpaper sets for Nook's Cranny, Nook 'N' Go, Nookway, and Nookington's, as previously seen in Wild World.

ID Name Image
A0FC Cranny Wall ACLC-crannyWall.png
A100 Convenient Wall ACLC-convenientWall.png
A104 Supermarket Wall ACLC-supermarketWall.png
A108 Department Wall ACLC-departementWall.png
A414 Cranny Floor ACLC-crannyFloor.png
A418 Convenient Floor ACLC-convenientFloor.png
A41C Supermarket Floor ACLC-supermarketFloor.png
A420 Department Floor ACLC-departementFloor.png

Unused Nintendo Items

To do:
Do they have animations? If so, upload a video or GIF. Also, were they remodeled for use in New Leaf? If so, state that.

These items were meant to be obtainable through the point system, but they were later used in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

ID Name Image
C178 Pikmin ACLC-nintendopikmin.png
C17C Blue Falcon ACLC-nintendofalcon.png
C18C Metroid ACLC-nintendometroid.png

Unused Wild World Furniture

The Nintendo bench and moth orchid from Wild World still exist in the game's files. As they work fine, it's unknown why they weren't used.

ID Name Image
C0AC Nintendo Bench ACLC-WWbench.png
C244 Moth Orchid ACLC-WWorchid.png

Cranny Pots

  • These were later able to be obtained legitimately in New Leaf.
ID Name Picture
C23C Brown Pot ACLC-crannypot1.png
C240 White Pot ACLC-crannypot2.png

Moving Boxes

Come in sets of 2, 4, and 5. While being unused items, some furniture is replaced with one of these boxes when neighbors move in or out.

ID Name Image
C820 Moving Boxes L ACLC-movingboxes1.png
C824 Moving Boxes M ACLC-movingboxes2.png
C828 Moving Boxes S ACLC-movingboxes3.png

Invisible Chair

Present as C81C, C82C, C834, C838, and C83C. As the name says, they are invisible and use the filler name not used.

Invisible Sofa (C830)

An invisible sofa which uses the filler name not used. That's all...