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Big Brother Brasil 3D

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Title Screen

Big Brother Brasil 3D

Developer: Green Land Studios
Publisher: BraSoft Studios
Platform: Windows
Released in BR: February 2003

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Big Brother Brasil 3D... a solid The Sims wannabe based on the infamous Big Brother Brasil reality show— you deliberately trap yourself within a fancy-looking abode along with eleven other computer people, and loosely prompt yourself into loosely doing home chores and being a social butterfly, proving yourself a decent human being enough to win BIG cash.

Build Date

pt-br.lng, the game's main text repository, contains a build date:

;	Ultima Revisão: 07/11/2002 11:54
(Source: tikal.)

Unused Resources


The file test.wav inside folder sfx is a very short sine .wav sound, likely used as a placeholder. Can also be found in Sandy & Junior: Aventura Virtual and Acquária — it's of little to no wonder it can, as both games have also been made via the same engine and developer.

edredon1.ogg and edredon2.ogg are audio stings that suit very well the romantic "Duvet" interaction, mentioned in the game's HTML manual as something the characters definitely are able to do, under certain conditions. Unfortunately, no bed-related social interactions are ever available in-game, rendering the tracks below unused.


BBB3d handle.png

handle.png is but a stock photo of a feline in shock. Way too photo-realistic for the game's overall look-and-feel, it is strange to imagine one viewing it in gameplay.

BBB3D heart kiss.png

Here is an unused heart kiss.png. Prompting your character into kissing their BBB housemate/competitor indeed triggers a suggestive sound effect, but this graphic, as its filename would objectively suggest, will not.

(Source: tikal., LUCPIX)

Console Menu

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Pressing F11 on either the main menu or gameplay screens opens a console menu. The following are a list of commands:

Command Function
help Displays the list of commands, or information about a specific command.
creategame Would create a game, though it doesn't seem to work here.
joingame Would allow for entering an existing game.
quit Closes the program.
disconnect Exits the current game.
name Changes the player's nickname.
exec Executes a file, although a proper use for this is unknown.
players Creates a listing of the current players.
kick Kicks a player. CPU opponents cannot be kicked.
ban Bans a player. CPU opponents cannot be banned.
(Source: tikal.)