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BioShock Infinite

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Title Screen

BioShock Infinite

Developer: Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released internationally: March 26, 2013

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Unused Kinetoscopes and one unused Voxophone transcript, resurrecto model, Desert and Space Lighthouses, and Old Elizabeth Voxophone mugshot.

BioShock Infinite takes place in an alternate universe 1912 America, with a floating city powered by raci- sorry, apparent quantum mechanics.


Unused Vending Machines

  • While tailor machines appear in the game, they are all destroyed or under repair, with a single piece of wear in each. However, Arc_XSubtitles.txt in the game's Localization folder suggests that they were once supposed to be fully usable, likely fulfilling the same role as the Tonic machines in the original BioShock:
Subtitles[7]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"This is what you?re wearing?\"))
Subtitles[8]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"I can have it for you on Tuesday... Okay, Monday, if it?s such an emergency.\"))
Subtitles[9]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"For handful of gelt, you?ll feel like a million bucks.\"))
Subtitles[10]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"What?s with the shmata? Come on, I?ll put you into some nice velvet.\"))
Subtitles[11]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"What do you want for these prices?\"))
Subtitles[12]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"Far be it from me to say...but did your tailor learn his trade at the school for the blind?\"))
Subtitles[13]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Vending Machine\",Subtitle=\"For you, I?ll give you half off.\"))}}

Unused Enemies


Slate has an unused fight mechanic to fight the player. He has really high movement speed, more health than normal enemies, and no actual firearm besides Shock Jockey. He will run around and throw multiple traps at the ground. When he is far enough away from you, he will throw them at you. When killed, he will not drop any loot.

Unused Areas

Mountain Observatory

An unused area can be found far away in the ending scene with Elizabeth exploring the lighthouses. It features a series of snowy cliffs and a bridge leading to a very unfinished observatory, which is quite interesting as there are no such structures anywhere else in the game. The observatory has a working door, though opening it causes you to fall into an infinite void.


Unused Devil texture


An in-game choice at an airship station can lead to Booker DeWitt's hand being stabbed by a ticket vendor. Interestingly, the textures for the bandage show a devil face which is never seen in-game, as it's not covered by the UVW map.

Early Comstock Poster

BSI-Comstock early.png

Some distant building models in the game contain an earlier Comstock graphic. The building models could very well come from earlier builds, perhaps as old as 2010. Comstock's appearance is completely different from his final design, looking a bit more intimidating.

Early Vigor Poster

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As with the early Comstock poster, a few distant building models contain an unused poster for a vigor called "Mesmerize", almost certainly an earlier title for the Possession vigor. Interestingly enough, a poster with almost the same wording (albeit a completely different image and design) for Possession can be found in other parts of the game.

Inaccessible Good Time Club Room

Bioshock Infinite Inaccessible Good Time Club Room.png

In the room in the Good Time Club where Booker and Elizabeth find Chen Lin's body, there is a small inaccessible room adjacent to the room through the walls that contains an unknown, untextured model sitting in a chair as well as a model of Booker's right hand jutting out of the wall.

If the room is accessed before triggering the Chen Lin cutscene in which Elizabeth opens a tear, Booker's arms will be facing towards the center of the room, making both of them visible. The untextured body and the room itself remain otherwise unchanged.

Unused Cubemaps


Bioshock Infinite MP cubemap TexNegX.png

The cubemap's filename suggests that this cubemap is a remnant from the cancelled multiplayer portion of Bioshock: Infinite.


Bioshock Infinite CoalescedItems hc.png

Appears to be an apartment of sorts. The artstyle for this particular cubemap is quite plain in comparison to the Bioshock series' reputation for using older art styles.


Bioshock Infinite S Light P hc.png

Features a street littered with garbage along with many buildings which appear to be boarded up. There appears to be a clock at the end of the street.

Unused Music

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There appear to be several unused music files located in the audio section of the game data. Most of them seem to have only minor alterations in pitch; however, some appear to be quite different.

A possible early version of Lutece's theme.