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Bored of the Rings (ZX Spectrum)

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Title Screen

Bored of the Rings

Developer: Delta 4 Software
Publishers: Delta 4 Software, CRL Group
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1985

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Before making Psycho Killer and The Town With No Name, Delta 4 made quite a few simple text adventure games. Bored of the Rings is one of those games, with humor on par with the latter.

Developer Messages

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

In the boot-up sequence of Tape A of the tape version, there are two sets of hidden messages.

Judith doesn't really hate me.
I don't think so, anyway!
nilraC is a gastard.
Blessed are the large, hairy programmers...
For they shall bonk erotic persons...
I hope!

There's a message commenting on Mandy at 14A4:

Mandy is perfect.

Tape B also has its own messages:

I love Mandy & Catherine (who can blame me?)

There's also a message at 9C89 on the same tape:

I love you Mandy.

At 3EEC in part 1 of the .z80 dump, there's a small message encouraging hackers to look into part 2:

© 1985 DELTA 4 Software
By Fergus McNeill
**Try hacking part 2 for more

Indeed, at 3AC9 in part 2 of the same dump, another message exists. As a method to decode the proceeding message is unknown, it is provided here in its raw hex form:

"Bored Of The Rings"
© 1985 DELTA 4 Software
Author Fergus McNeill

"Hello" to Steph, Jackie, Morag, Clair, Sarah, Emma, Jill and Bucket.
A very SPECIAL "hello" to Emma, Kay, Gwyneth(hope I spelt it right!),
Charlotte, Fiona and of course Judith who I want to GO TO bed with (and
hopefully RETURN!)  Greetings Simon Brattel & Yaz, the 2 certain to hack

THE HATEFULS: Chaka-Carlin, Turvey(Yoda), The Piman, Fartin "sack 'im"
Croft and Mrs Shotlander.  Reviewer mentions "Hi there" Tony Bridge,
Bob Chappel & Graham "Oh God" Taylor. Hello Jon & Mott (of DD fame),
Mrs Nobbs, Mrs Pearson, the excellent Mr Kevern and the hilarious
Mr Noble.   There follows a coded message:

D0 D4 7B 2A C8 A8 7B E2 CD 20 3C CB 23 CC 20 36 CC 23 3F CB 20
87 83 85 95 84 95 84 20 32 25 63 84 21

Hello Jimmy, Laz, Steve (Bronski Beat) and any old wogs out there who like 
the spunk plus the bomb plus the pump plus the torture instrument divided
by BANG!

This is your game's author typing: I am glad you've hacked so far. However
we're running out of space and into the CHR$ set so I'll have to finish now.
See you in part 3!  **!FM!**