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Development:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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This page details development materials of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition unintentionally included material related to the original game's development, including uncompiled mission scripts and other documents.


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Unsurprisingly contains a large amount of unused text from an earlier point in development.


Text relating to the original version of the mission Doberman. While the mission had gotten far enough in development to have a fully-voiced intro cutscene, the final game didn't have any clues as to how the mission itself would have played out.

Go to the dealers house and wait for the police raid.

You were NOT supposed to stop the raid.

You allowed one of the drug packages to get to the police station.

~r~You destroyed the drugs in the explosion!

~r~The drugs are lost at the bottom of the sea!

The dead cop has dropped the drugs, grab them before anyone else.

Move along, this is important police business.

If you do not move away you will be arrested for obstruction of justice.

Arrest him!

The dealer is now safely in police custody. You were supposed to kill him.

The police are already on their way here.  Wait for them to arrive.

When they have raided the house you must steal 2 packages of drugs from the police and kill the dealer.

The dealer is leaving inside the SWAT van. Do not let him get away.

One of the drug packages is leaving inside a police car. Do not let it get away.

Congratulations. You have killed the dealer.

You still need to get both drug packages.

You still need to get one of the drug packages.

You have one of the packages of drugs. There is one more to get.

You still need to kill the dealer.

Kill the dealer and get the 2 bales of weed.


A cut mission in which you'd have to rescue Cesar and Kendal (sic) from an attack at the Los Santos Observatory in Verdant Bluffs.

~s~Get to the observatory fast and rescue Kendal and Cesar.

~s~Get to Kendal and Cesar quickly.

~s~One of the side exits is blocked off by more goons.

~s~Take out the gang members attacking Kendal and Cesar.

~s~Follow Kendal and Cesar round to the back of the observatory.

Kendal: There're guys on the roof!

Cesar: CJ, take them out quickly!

~s~Make sure Kendal and Cesar get to a car safely.

~s~Get into the getaway car with Kendal and Cesar.

~s~Take Kendal and Cesar back to the hideout.

~s~You've left Kendal behind! Go and get her.

~s~You've left Cesar behind! Go and get him.

~r~Kendal died!

~r~Cesar died!


Text for a cut heist mission involving the unused RC Cam. Would have had the player use the camera disguised as a potted plant to get photos of a guard using a keypad. Presumably dropped in favor of Key to Her Heart and getting the keycard from a casino employee instead.

{-------------------------- HEIST8.SC --------------------------------------}

~s~Go and pick up the RC camera.

~s~Photograph the guard using the keypad. 

~s~Get the camera out in one piece 

~r~The RC camera has been destroyed!

~r~The RC camera has gone out of range!

~s~Park outside the Mafia casino. 

~s~The RC camera is going out of range! Get it back to the casino. 

~s~Get back in the topfun van!

~r~You were spotted by one of the guards!

~s~You need to wait until he's entering the code!

~s~You can take a picture by pressing the R3  button. 

~s~You won't get a clear shot from there, you need to be able to see the keypad!

~s~ Be careful though, the camera wont stand up to close inspection and a moving plant is a dead giveaway. 

Camera Health 

That's not a plant, it a camera! Don't let it get away!

~s~Lose the guards!

~r~The only security guard that knows the code has been killed!

~s~This looks like a good spot, wait until the guard is using the keypad before pressing the R3  button to record him entering the code.

~s~You need to be able to see the keypad!

~s~SECURITY GUARD: What's that? 

~s~SECURITY GUARD: Something weird is going on around here.

~s~SECURITY GUARD: Must of imagined it.

Press the SELECT button to switch camera view

Press the SELECT button to switch to 1st person view

Press the SELECT button to switch to behind car view


Another cut mission, this time involving "Dr. G" (named Madd Dogg in the final game). You would have had to chase a drunken Dr. G and retrieve some stolen chips off of him and get him to sober up. This mission may have eventually turned into Madd Dogg, in which you save a drunken Madd Dogg from a suicide attempt and take him to rehab.

Quick! That gin-soaked degenerate has a handful of our chips! Now his number is up!

Easy boys! There's more than one way to catch a fish! I'll deal with this situation!

Ram Dr G's vehicle to coax him out! Don't harm the drunken fool himself!

Ram Dr. G!

Dr. G: Hey, watch my wheels! She's old but a beauty!

Dr. G: Quit it punk!

Dr. G: Hey! Smarten up wiseguy! I don't want no trouble!

Dr G: This crate is heating up! I'm outta here before I'm singed!

Dr G: I got the message! Leave the car alone!

Dr G: Damn! I ain't gonna three point turn my way outta here! I'm quittin'!

He's getting away! Target him and show that pissbag you're serious!

Dr G: Okay! Okay! Get some wheels and I'll turn myself in! I ain't no jaywalker!

Get him and my chips back to the casino! He needs straightening out!

Dr G: Where you going! My head's pounding here! I need to lie down!

You killed Dr G! He'd fallen by the wayside but he still had so much to live for!

Good work! Stick the dumbass in a room to sober up boys! Oh, and clean those soiled chips!


A mysterious mission from C.R.A.S.H that would have involved CJ blowing up a bridge and delivering a van to a warehouse. Not much is known about it.

Go and collect the explosives.

Plant the explosives on the bridge before the convoy gets there.

Press L1 to plant the explosives.

Get to a safe distance and blow up the bridge! ~N~ Press R1 to detonate.

Get the van back to the warehouse.

Walk into the corona to open the door.


Quite a bizarre and unique mission from Woozie where Player was set to kill a rival gang leader wearing a gimp suit strangely enough. It should be mentioned the outfit is unlocked after Key To Her Heart in Las Venturas not during San Fierro mission strands.

~s~Sneak into the triad complex and perform the traditional execution.
GUARD - 'Aya! That was sore.'
GUARD - 'I need backup!!'
GUARD - 'Eh? What was that?'
GUARD - 'Hey! Who the fuck are you?'
GUARD - 'An intruder!!'
GUARD - 'Guess it was nothing.'
GUARD - 'Eh? I thought I heard something.'
BOSS - 'What's that? An intruder! I'm doing a bolt'
~s~The boss has escaped!
~s~The boss got away
~s~The boss has been alerted and is doing a runner!!
~t~ = Wear Gimp Outfit
~s~You are now wearing the Gimp outfit.
GUARD - 'I see you've broken free again, gimp boy.'
GUARD - 'You know the consequences of your actions.'
GUARD - 'Follow me.'
GUARD - 'On you go, they're waiting for you.'
~s~You've freed the gimp.
~s~There are a lot of guards in this building.
~s~Use dark areas to avoid detection.
GUARD - 'Baw bags, I've lost him.'