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Development:The Simpsons: Hit & Run/Models

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This is a sub-page of Development:The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Maya Files

The Art\Character-models folder contains the original Maya files for all the characters in the game, including some from the FMV cutscenes.


SHAR homer fmv with blendshapes.png

Homer\old_homer_fmv\homer_fmv_w_blendshapes.mb is an early version of Homer's FMV model.


"Holy macaroni!"

Homer\Homer_FOX_scanned_model\homer_scan.mb is a very high poly model of Homer. As the directory name indicates, it was sent to the developers by Fox, to use as a reference. It's not wholly clear how the model was made or where/when it originated, though it greatly resembles his 3D model used in Treehouse of Horror VI's final act, Homer³.


To do:
Render the animation without the rings (these would normally not be seen during gameplay) and maybe with textures, if possible.
Click the image to see the animation.

chars\normal\homer\scenes\animations\hom_idle_sleep.mb seems to be an unused idle animation for Homer.


"WOW! They'll never let us show that again! Not in a million years!"

Props\IS_Set\scenes\full_set.mb is a recreation of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon Burning Down the Mouse, from the season 5 episode Homer Goes to College.


"He's totally in my face!"

Pootchy/pootchy_F.mb is a model of Poochie. The texture for his surfboard is missing. Given the low-poly nature of the model and the fact that it is already pre-posed, it is possible it was originally meant to appear alongside the Itchy and Scratchy balloons in Level 2.


"That's a paddlin'."

Jasper/jasper_FMV.mb is a model of Jasper meant for an FMV cutscene. He was likely meant to appear in the Level 4 cutscene, as earlier versions of the game's story had Jasper tell Marge about the crop circles instead of Grampa.


SHAR Mouse.png

Mouse\mouse.mb is an unfinished model of a mouse.

Cut Characters

According to characters.xls in the aforementioned Character_models folder, Sideshow Bob and Poochie were meant to appear in the game. While a model of Poochie exists, the same can't be said for Sideshow Bob.

P3D Files


SHAR Level1Homer.png

game\exportart\nis\gags\Level1Homer.p3d is an early model of Homer seen in some document screenshots. The most noticeable difference is his beard color.


SHAR Unused hover car animation.gif

game\exportart\Cars\Drivable\frink_v\frink_veffect.p3d is an animation for the Hover Car that makes it emit green smoke when being driven.


Click the image to see the animation.

game\exportart\levels\L01B\z1\animated\chimney_smoke.p3d is an animation for smoke coming out of the Simpsons' and Flanders' house chimneys.


SHAR Level 2 Unused Cranes.png

game\exportart\levels\L02\r1\Animated\Cranes.p3d is a Level 2 version of the cranes seen in the construction site in Level 5, this variation never gets used in the actual game since the card that they lead to is only present in Level 5.


SHAR icrm.png

documents\exportart\missions\art\level01\icrm.p3d is a model of an ice cream cone.


SimpsonsHAR wasp.png

game\exportart\missions\art\generic\camera.p3d is one of two early wasp models that can be found. This is completely different to the one used in-game, having a cartoonish and less serious design than the wasps do in the final game. The unused wasp camera icon found in the game's files use this model. The file dates to the 10th of June but a majority of files in that folder have the same creation date down to the second, so it is possible this date is not correct.


SimpsonsHAR wasp2.png

Art\Character-animations\chars\normal\wasp\p3d\camera.p3d is the second early wasp camera model. This one appears to be higher quality than the one used in the final game. This could potentially mean it was cut to help performance. But it could also have been intended to be the model used for cutscenes, it being placed in the art folder could support this. This model dates to the 25th of May 2003. meaning it predates the previous model if we assume the dates on that one are correct.

Test Models

game\libs\sim\apps\coverage\bin\art\ contains a number of P3D files that seem to have been used to test the game's collision engine.


A model of Max Guevara from James Cameron's Dark Angel. The collision used on this model is far more detailed than the character collision used in the final game.

Model Collision
Shardev maxbv4.png Shardev maxbv4 collision.png


A model of Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena found in the CompressionTest folder.

SHAR Mike.png


The Red Brick car from The Simpsons: Road Rage. Unlike the version in Road Rage it does not contain any actual vehicle data, so it was likely just a simple physics test object (though an updated vehicle version does appear in the final game).

Model Collision
Shardev redbrick3.png Shardev redbrick3 collision.png


A simple capsule-shaped mesh likely used to test Collision Cylinders with rounded ends.

Model Collision
Shardev simcapsule.png Shardev simcapsule collision.png


A crate-shaped mesh likely used to test Collision Boxes.

Model Collision
Shardev simcrate.png Shardev simcrate collision.png


A cylinder-shaped test object likely used to test Collision Cylinders with flat ends. Interestingly, there is no model present inside this file, only collision.

Shardev simcylinder collision.png


This file has the same collision data as simcyl.p3d, but also has an accompanying cylinder model.

Model Collision
Shardev simcylinder.png Shardev simcylinder collision.png


This file is almost identical to simcylinder.p3d, but the collision is set to be round-ended instead of flat-ended...for some reason.

Model Collision
Shardev simcylinder.png Shardev simcylinder noneFlatEnd collision.png


A basic cube model...or so it would seem. In actual fact, the collision for this object contains many shapes other than just a cube.

Model Collision
Shardev simple.png Shardev simple collision.png


A sphere model, likely used to test Collision Spheres. But unlike the other test models, this one is red! Exciting stuff.

Model Collision
Shardev simsphere.png Shardev simsphere collision.png


A flat, checkerboard patterned object. It contains a collision type not found anywhere in the final game - Collision Walls! Since this collision type can't be read by the P3D Editor at the moment, it is unclear how this collision works or what it would look like.

Shardev simwall.png