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Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

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Title Screen

Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: THQ
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: September 14, 2002
Released in EU: April 11, 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena is a simple dodgeball game based on the movie.

Unused Graphics

FE.p3d contains all of the main menu's graphics.


Monstersincscream backgrnd.png

backgrnd.png is an early version of the main menu's background, rendered at a different angle.

Menu Thumbnails

Four unused main menu thumbnails.


Monstersincscream arial 25 texture 0.png

arialtex.p3d contains an unused font.

Unused Models


Monstersincscream Sully BV test.png

Sully_BV_test.p3d isn't Sully, it's just a purple cylinder.