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Proto:Monsters, Inc. Scream Team

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Monsters, Inc. Scream Team.

A demo of Monsters, Inc. Scream Team, representing a pre-final build of the game, is present on the PSone: Wherever, Whenever, Forever Demo Disc, Kiosk Demo Disc Version 1.17, and Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 52 demo discs.

While two European demos were released on some of the Euro Demo discs and The Magical World of Disney on PlayStation, it is based on the final build of the game.

General Differences

File Format

The demo appears to use a less compressed version of A2M's .BZZ format, as any PlayStation file viewer can read TIM files.

Save Icon

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo SaveIcon.png MINCScream Final SaveIcon.png

The save icon was the Scare Island logo in the demo.

Monster Tokens

Demo Final
MINCScare Demo Token.png MINCScare Final Token.png

A monster token icon was different.

Bag O 'Calories

Demo Final
MINCScare Demo Calories.png MINCScream Final Calories.png

The bag o' calories used a different texture.

Level Icons

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo ARCTIC.png

MINCScream Demo DESERT.png

MINCScream Demo URBAN.png
MINCScream Final ARCTIC.png

MINCScream Final DESERT.png

MINCScream Final URBAN.png

While most of the icons have a "not available in demo" message across them, what is visible indicates that all of them are different from the level icons used in the final game.

Title Screen

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo PressStart.png MINCScream Final PressStart.png

The "Press Start" prompt is different in the demo, as well as being yellow.

Scare Island

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo Island.png MINCScream Final Island.png

The level geometry is different, the big M appears to be untextured, and the sun is a small yellow circle.

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo Lobby.png MINCScream Final Lobby.png

The lobby appears much more primitive and lacks the movie theater entrance.

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo NoSwim.png MINCScream Final NoSwim.png

The "no swimming" sign was changed from a one-eyed monster to a four-armed monster. Interestingly, this texture in the demo is used in the PlayStation 2 port.


Demo Final
MINCScream Final LoadingOrient.png MINCScream Demo LoadingOrient.png

The text is right next to the Monsters, Inc. logo was removed, leaving only the eye from the logo. The level name was shifted over slightly.

Demo Final
MINCScream Demo Orient1.png MINCScream Final Orient1.png

The orientation level appears much brighter with different textures. Also, instead of interacting with mailboxes to prompt hints, they pop up on their own.

The Oasis

Demo Final
SCUS 946.64 29122020 225426 0396.png SCED 039.93 29122020 225153 0245.png

The loading screen for The Oasis originally featured Boo, who was replaced with Sulley in the final.


Demo Final
SCUS 946.64 29122020 225511 0936.png SCED 039.93 29122020 225246 0274.png

Downtown was originally called "Streets at Night". Mike is also slightly brighter.