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Devil May Cry 5 (Windows)

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Title Screen

Devil May Cry 5 (Windows)

Also known as: Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Devil May Cry 5: Deluxe Edition
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 5 (Special Edition), Xbox Series X (Special Edition)
Released internationally: March 8, 2019

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Dmc5 ui5010 03 iam.png
Unused UI Elements
Special Edition was supposed to come to PC guys, I swear.

Unused Taunt

Nero has an unused taunt in the game data which isn't used anywhere in the final game. It was intended that he would remove the currently equipped breaker from his arm before putting it back on; however, as the taunt is unfinished, that functionality isn't present.

Early Playable Vergil

Before the release of Special Edition, a primitive version of Vergil could be accessed in-game via trainer, by changing the player character value to 4 instead of the vanilla 1-3. While he has most of his base Yamato moveset, all the animations are of his boss counterpart and he has no other weapons or abilities. His lock-on, jumping, Sin Devil Trigger animations and trick actions are unfinished.

Unused Moves

Kiss of Death

V has an unused move by the name of 'Kiss of Death', which drains all DT when used. The attack depicts V rising up into the air and saying "I'm taking my time", conducting Familiars with his cane to destroy enemies in a large radius around him. It also has a description associated with it.

Expend all of your power to destroy all enemies in the area. Consumes all of your DT Gauge. Cannot be activated if any of your demon companions are in stalemate.

The animation and voiceline would later be used for Vergil's move "World of V" in the Special Edition of the game.

Unused Clear Bonus Art

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There are clear bonus arts relating to the Vergil DLC

DMC5 Clear Bonus Art 1.png DMC5 Clear Bonus Art 2.png

Two clear bonus arts are present in the game data that aren't used anywhere in the final game. Judging by what they depict, its very likely that they would've been for the Prologue mission.

Unused Devil Breaker and Character Files

The Mega Buster, Pasta Breaker, and Gerbera have weapon files that cannot be viewed in the final game.

Mega Buster

Japanese English
子供の頃、右腕が様々な武器に変化 するヒーローの番組があってな。私はそいつが大好きだった。今、お前の右腕作りに夢中になって いるのもその影響かもしれないな。

この作品は、そのヒーローの右腕を 私なりに再現した物だ。我ながらいい出来だと思ってるが、使いこなすのは難しいかもな。
When I was a kid, there was this superhero who'd fight evil by changing his arm into all kinds of weapons. Man, I loved that little fella! Heck, I might not even be here helping ya today if not for that scrappy little guy.

Anyway, this arm is a tribute to the arm of that noble hero. A spitting image, if I do say so myself. Think you got what it takes to rock it, man?

Gerbera GP01

Japanese English
これは素晴らしい逸品だぞ。カワモリという伝説の職人に依頼し ガーベラを強化して 貰 (もら) った。


This bad boy's something else. I upgraded the Gerbera at the request of another legendary artisan, Kawamori.

This guy has a flair for flash, let me tell ya. The color scheme was all his idea.

Something like this doesn't come along every day. You best treat it with respect.

Pasta Breaker

Japanese English

前に、お前がパスタを食い 辛 (づら) そうに していたのを見てな……うん。

Say, remember that time I saw you fumbling all over yourself trying to chow down on some pasta? Man, I couldn't believe my eyes. Like, who has trouble with a freaking bowl of noodles!?

...Anyway, you best do a better job with the newest dish I've cooked up. Take a "stab" at it, if ya get my drift.

There is also unused text implying that the unlockable Super Costumes for Nero, Dante, and V were going to have viewable models in the gallery.

Super Nero

Some people talk about conquering their inner demons. Nero awakens his and grows wings!?
What kind of power has he tapped into here? What if there's no limiter on this stuff? The armies of the underworld had better watch their asses!
Still, with great power comes great screw-ups. Let's hope Nero can keep his head and not get drunk on his new power.

Super Dante

No limits, no barriers, no contest! Dante with access to unlimited power is enough to make Hell itself shudder.
With this Dante on the scene, you can bet your buns some devils may cry.

Super V

What happens when V finds that his usually unstable power is suddenly unlimited?
You ask me, it'll make it easier for him to stay alive out there.
Then again, he's still so physically weak he can hardly stand. If he gets carried away, he could be settin' himself up for a smackdown.