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Duke Nukem Forever/Downloadable Content

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This is a sub-page of Duke Nukem Forever.

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Duke Nukem Forever would see two DLCs released after the game's release in 2011; Hail to the Icons Parody Pack and The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

In addition to these two, there was also a DLC given for preordering the game called Duke's Big Package, but all it did was enable some on-disc content in-game.

Hail to the Icons Parody Pack

Hail to the Icons Parody Pack is the first DLC for the game, released on October 11th, 2011. It added four new maps and weapons to the multiplayer that are references and parodies (hence the name) of other popular first-person shooters. Pretty great for a game's online scene that is all but dead nowadays!

Internal Names


Internal In-game Notes
DLC01_DM-Forts, forts, Fort 2Forts1Bridge
DLC01_DM-Hell, hell Inferno
DLC01_DM-Sand, sand Sandbox
DLC01_DM-Town, town Call of Duke


Internal In-game Notes
DukesBadAssGun, dbag DFG
stickyGrenade, sticky Sticky Bombs
noobtube N00b T00b
Minigun, minigun, MiniGun Tittyana


DLC01_game.jpn appears to feature early/alternative names of things in the DLC. Some differences include:

  • The DFG is referred to as "B-Fee G".
  • The Sticky Bomb is referred to as "Poop Bomb".
  • There is a mutator called "Naughty", what this mutator is supposed to do is not certain.
ItemName=B-Fee G

DamageName=B-Fee G
DeathMessage=%o was disintegrated by %k's B-Fee G
SuicideDeathMessage=%o vaporized %s with a B-Fee G

ItemName=Poop Bomb

DamageName=Poop Bomb
DeathMessage=%o was blown up by a Poop Bomb from %k
SuicideDeathMessage=%o blew %s up with a Poop Bomb


The Doctor Who Cloned Me

The Doctor Who Cloned Me is the second and final DLC of Duke Nukem Forever, released on December 13th, 2011. Packing a new single-player campaign loaded with new weapons, vehicles alongside four new multiplayer maps. It sees a lot of concepts and ideas through various stages of development like Area 51 as a location and the return of Doctor Proton implemented.

Unused Audio

Filename Audio Transcript Notes
"Oh watch the teeth baby." A line for a cut joke related to the donkey from the level The Burning Bush.
"Ooh right there, oh watch the teeth babe, watch the teeth." (Gasps before being cut off) Ditto.
(Audible disgust) Ditto, seems Duke learned the horrible truth.

Unused Text

In most of the DLC_DLC03_Maps language files in DLC03/System is mention of a test map that has been removed.


It also has a corresponding map hint description.

dm-DLCTest=MP Sample Downloadable Content Map

This text was also translated in the Spanish and Italian versions of the file.

dm-DLCTest=Mapa de ejemplo MJ de descarga de contenido

dm-DLCTest=Esempio mappa contenuto scaricabile MP

DLC_DlcInfo.ini has a developer message.

;; RAF @ BUCKEYEDLC-2665 - It doesn't really matter what goes here as long it's from DLC03_Game, 
;; so the package linker will be ready by the time we attempt to navigate to the menu.

Internal Names


Internal In-game
MoonBoss, moonBoss Alien Empress
Internal In-game
npc_girl_scientist Dr. Valencia

Singleplayer Maps

Note: The singleplayer maps are not numbered in order of game appearance in the files.

Internal In-game
DLC03_Map00 Rude Awakening
DLC03_Map04 Going Down
DLC03_Map05 In Security
DLC03_Map06 The Clone Carousel
DLC03_Map07 Me, Myself, and I
DLC03_Map10 Meat Grinder
DLC03_Map11 The Doctor Is In
DLC03_Map12 Magic Carpet Ride
DLC03_Map13 Drunken Crane Master
DLC03_Map01 All Your Base...
DLC03_Map02 Tunnel Vision
DLC03_Map03 The Burning Bush
DLC03_Map14 Teleportation Spire
DLC03_Map15 Duke Side of the Moon

Multiplayer Maps

Internal In-game
DLC03_DM-Rooftops Sky-High
DLC03_DM-Dropzone Drop Zone
DLC03_DM-Biohazard Biohazard
DLC03_DM-Command Command


To do:
DLC_DLC03_loading.jpn also has early/alternative names for the levels.

Two of the .jpn files appear to feature an early or alternative name for the DLC, referred to as Dr. Proton's Robot Army.




Entries[1]=(Text="DR. PROTON'S ROBOT ARMY",Command="DLC03_Game.UDukeSceneSinglePlayerDLC03")

Both DLCs

This section discuss content that is found in or relevant to both DLCs.

Language Text

Unlike the base game, both DLCs contain all text from all languages of the game. The base game will only have one language present in its files depending on your settings when running the game on Steam (e.g. Having English as the selected language of the game).

Empty Folder Oddities

Both DLCs have a folder called PrecacheIndex, Hail to the Icons Parody Pack has an empty folder called sounds and The Doctor Who Cloned Me has an empty .txt file called NULL.txt. In addition, the Textures/bik folder of Hail to the Icons is empty.

Regional Names

These names have been taken from stores and the DLC_DLC01_Dlcinfo and DLC_DLC03_Dlcinfo language files from the game.

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Hail To The Icons Parody Pack

German French Italian Spanish Notes
(Same as the English title) Gloire aux icônes pack parodie Pacchetto parodia "Saluta i classici" Paquete parodia: Saluda a los iconos
  • Strangely in DLC_DLC01_Dlcinfo.spa the DLC is referred to as "Paquete de coñas", roughly translated as "Cup package".
  • Unlike the other versions, the German version uses the English title.

The Doctor Who Clone Me

German French Italian Spanish Notes
Der Doktor, der mich klonte Le Docteur qui m’a cloné Il dottore che mi clonava El doctor que me clonó *Spanish storefronts refer to the DLC using its English title.