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Fighting Vipers 2 (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Fighting Vipers 2

Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega Model 3 Step 2.0)
Released in JP: March 1998
Released in US: August 1998
Released in EU: August 1998

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Fighting Vipers 2 is the aptly named sequel to Fighting Vipers that set out to improve upon what the first game did. Completed in less than a year, this sequel adds new characters, new features such as a ranking system for your combos, and expanded on the armor system the first game introduced. Sadly, it had to cut all the Pepsi adverts to compensate.

Development Text

Present at 0x882B4 in the main CPU.

SPD: %8f
speed change(1p:G double click)
obj change  (1p: P+U, P+D)
xpos        (1p: L  , R  )
ypos        (1p: U  , D  )
zpos        (1p:PK+U,PK+D)
xang        (2p: U  , D  )
yang        (2p: L  , R  )
zang        (2p:PK+L,PK+R)
speed up pos(1p: G       )
speed up ang(2p: G       )
pos ang clr (1p: PK+S    )

Present at 0x888BA in the main CPU.

xpos  %8f
ypos  %8f
zpos  %8f
ixpos %8f
iypos %8f
izpos %8f
camera test mode
speed change(1p:G double click)
SPD: %8f
xpos        (1p: L  , R  )
ypos        (1p: U  , D  )
zpos        (1p:PK+U,PK+D)
ixpos       (2p: U  , D  )
iypos       (2p: L  , R  )
izpos       (2p:PK+L,PK+R)
speed up pos(1p: G       )
all pos clr (1p: PK+S    )
1P look     (2p: P+S     )
2P look     (2p: K+S     )
center look (2p: PK+S    )

Present at 0x88A5C in the main CPU.

(Source: Original TCRF research)