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Final Fantasy VIII/Debug Room

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This is a sub-page of Final Fantasy VIII.

A handy map for navigational purposes. Yabuta, Iriguchi and Moriya's pages will crash in the JP version!

As in FF7, there is a very detailed debug room in FF8.

To enter it, enter the following codes into your GameShark:


D00705E8 010F
800704A8 0001
D00705E8 010F
800704AA 0049

NTSC-J: (WARNING! Some debug rooms WILL crash! These will be noted.)

D006F308 000F
8006F1C8 0001
D006F308 000F
8006F1CA 0049


D0070A98 010F
80070958 0001
D0070A98 010F
8007095A 0049

Then, when you're not on the World Map or in a fight, press Select + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time to travel to the Debug Room!

All translations in this page courtesy of GlitterBerri.

The Lobby


This is the first area of the Debug Room, and it primarily acts as a means to access the other rooms. There is, however, one NPC here.

Man In Red

This cheery fellow acts as your main menu for debuggery. Think Yuffie, but without the pyramids.

  • Quit - Self-explanatory.
  • To main - A quick warp to many events in the game. See warps below
  • Cut out battle (Disables world map music, strangely.)
  • Cut out movie (Nothing?)
  • Save menu (Lets you save your game in the debug menu, on the disc of your choice.)
  • PHS menu (Lets you form your party from a choice of Squall and the seven other party members, including Seifer and Edea.)
  • Fly to world (Get dumped back onto the World Map, in front of Balamb Garden.)
  • Turn off music (Does exactly what it says. To turn it back on, re-enter the Debug Room.)
  • Clear global (Presumably resets flags? Seems to do nothing though.)
  • Lots of one hits (Seems to do nothing. The translation is correct, the original Japanese is equally as confusing.)
  • (Blank option) (Nothing.)
  • Next page (Quits out of menu.)

Disc 1 Warps

  • 1. From the beginning
  • 2. Ifrit dungeon
  • 3. Start Dollet exam
  • 4. In front of Dollet antenna
  • 5. Back from Dollet, Balamb harbor
  • 6. SeeD inauguration
  • 7. In front of training center
  • 8. Front of train bound for Timber
  • 9. Before kidnapping the President
  • 10. In front of TV station
  • 11. Before forest event
  • 12. Arrive at G-Garden (Galbadian Garden)
  • 13. Arrive at capital of Galbadia
  • 14. Explanation of fury plan
  • 15. Ceremony begins
  • 16. Quistis lock in
  • 17. To clock tower
  • 18. Sorcerers vs. Squall

Disc 2 Warps

  • 19. Prison
  • 20. To missile base
  • 21. Before fighting Missile Base boss
  • 22. Arriving at Garden after Missile Base

Yabuta Page


Will crash in the NTSC-J version! There is nothing in here. I don't mean that figuratively, I mean there is actually nothing in here. Squall can wander around the background a bunch, but he's not going to find anything.

Tatsuya Yabuta was one of the map planners and an FMV contractor co-ordinator, by the way.

Tange Page


Upon entering this room, you'll be told that if you want to go to Esthar, you should use the PMS of the soldier in the middle, then talk to the person on the bottom right.

Kyoko Tange was one of the event planners, if you were wondering.


This jerk deals with the Esthar Laboratory events. Apart from the first one, these options require you to be playing on disc 3:

  • Research facility full? 10-21 - Opens the PMS system for some reason.
  • Magic research lab lobby (Zell) - Zell, Selphie and Edea riding the seat lift in Odine's Lab
  • Magic research lab lobby (after lunar cry) - Squall, Selphie & Quistis at the above place
  • Magic research lab Restraining room 1 - Party junction screen (Squall->Laguna), view of Odine's restraining room, then Doc Odine wondering who has raised the Lunatic Pandora, hangs after that
  • Magic research lab Restraining room 2 - Laguna chasing after Ellone, but ends up stuck running into a glass window
  • Magic research lab explanation - Explanation of Lunatic Pandora's course over Esthar, hangs on black screen after that
  • Magic research lab Laboratory - Odine wondering who's raised the Lunatic Pandora again, this time you have a normal party and can continue
  • Laguna Magic research lab - Laguna et al entering Odine's Lab for the first time
  • Laguna Magic research lab laboratory - Upstairs in Odine's Lab straight into a fight with an Esthar soldier
  • Magic research lab before making contact - Outside Odine's Lab room (after Lunar Cry)
  • Magic research lab after making contact - Outside Odine's Lab room (before meeting Laguna)
  • Magic research lab after hearing story - Outside Odine's Lab room (before rescuing Ellone from Lunatic Pandora)


The Man With The Machinegun! He deals with a couple of Laguna/Julia events.

  • Hotel lobby with everyone - Galbadia Hotel lobby with Laguna's crew (not Disc 4)
  • Julia and Laguna Hotel lobby (can't drink) - Galbadia Hotel Lobby with Laguna (not Disc 4, can only go to Julia's room on Disc 1)
  • Julia and Laguna Hotel lobby (can drink) - As above in all respects
  • (Blank selection) - Esthar, can't move (people are walking in place, there's nothing to control) (Disc 4 only)


Music test! All of her options change the current music.

  • Select Music - Quits out
  • Julia
  • Piano solo
  • Waltz
  • Unsure
  • Solo chorus
  • Sound of ocean
  • Secret
  • Sound of wind
  • Sound of gentle breeze


Rinoa deals with disc 3 stuff (except where noted).

  • Select where you want to go - Quits out
  • Fisherman station - FH train station (discs 2 & 3)
  • Fisherman Horizon track - Carrying Rinoa to Esthar
  • For event on the tracks - Cutscene, on FH tracks carrying Rinoa to Esthar, screen after the above
  • Esthar station - Cutscene at Esthar station, screen after the above
  • Esthar station after Lunar cry - What it says. Your party of Zell, Selphie & Edea starts too close to the camera, the only place you can move swiches screens and traps you on the FH station train tracks
  • Lunatic Pandora Lab Moor - The Lunatic Pandora Lab with Laguna and chums. The active party is cleared, so there'll be a game over when you progress to the unavoidable battle
  • Eshtar Magic Lab - Outside Odine's Labatory building


Ol' robocop here does things.

  • Select setting setup - Quits out
  • PHS - Sure enough, opens the PHS
  • MD Level - Nothing...?
  • Laguna, to Julia's room - More nothing.
  • Laguna Party - Whole lot of nothing here.
  • Junction SquallXLaguna - Set Party Junction screen, Junction between the Laguna and Squall parties.
  • Squall alone - Sets active party to just Squall
  • Meet FH Dobe - Nothing.
  • Arrive in Esthar - Quite a bit of nothing as well.
  • Squall gives piggy back - Nothing but net.
  • Clear - Nothing.
  • Junction LagunaXSquall - Reloads the room and restarts the conversation?


Selphie deals with Galbadia Hotel & Balamb crap.

  • Select where you want to go - Quits out
  • Galbadia hotel lobby - Sure enough, sends you exactly where it says. Party is set to Selphie, Irvine & Quistis (not disc 4)
  • Galbadia hotel room - The hotel room just past the lobby (not disc 4)
  • Balamb Garden MD level 4-1 - These are the rooms after defeating the Oilboils in Balamb Garden's basement (disc 2 only)
  • Balamb Garden MD level 4-2 - As above
  • Balamb Garden MD level 4-3 - As above
  • Balamb Garden Cid's office - Cid exclaims "Squall, what have you done", before you take control in the room where Squall starts Balamb Garden's engine (you're initially in mid-air). Again, disc 2 only
  • Cid's office, cockpit - Directly before the 'Balamb Garden can fly' FMV. Disc 2 again
  • (blank entry) - No visible effect
  • (blank entry) - No visible effect

Man In Red

This guy deals with Esthar! And more Disc 3 only-ness! Yes!

  • Select Lots of Esthar - Quits the menu
  • Official residence - Cutscene, being driven to the palace
  • In front of official residence - Two screens outside the palace
  • Capital entrance 1 - Esthar foot entrance
  • Capital entrance 2 - Riding the lift to car park
  • Zell Capital entrance 2 - Same as above, but party is forced to Zell, Irvine & Edea
  • Encounter Lunatic Pandora 1 - First boarding point (23 seconds on clock!)
  • Encounter Lunatic Pandora 2 - Second boarding point (20 seconds on clock!)
  • Encounter Lunatic Pandora 3 - Third boarding point (58 seconds on clock)
  • In front of landing zone - In mid-air, half inside and half outside a 'seat lift' tube
  • Shopping Arcade - The shops, you're positioned offscreen behind the camera, trying to run onscreen triggers a screen change
  • Presidental palace meeting room - Edea explaining why she came to Esthar. Second half of the 'Official Residence' cutscene (above)
  • Inside the residence after Lunar cry - It isn't kidding when it says inside, stuck embedded within some furniture
  • (Unseen option) - Riding the 'seat lift' down from Odine's Lab

Maeda Page


A bit of everything in here. Controller vibration tests, sound effects tests, party creation, and some teleporting too.

The name probably refers to Akihiko Maeda, who was an event planner.


Your guide to the Tomb of the Unknown King and the Missile Base. To make a working party for the Missile Base options, use the Dollet Soldier's 'Selphie First' option

  • Dungeon - All these take you to rooms inside the Tomb of the Unknown King
    • Outside - Apart from this which puts you in the grounds
    • Dungeon 1 - Entry screen
    • Dungeon 2 - Second screen. You can't exit in any direction
    • Dungeon 3 - A right turn
    • Dungeon 4 - A left turn
    • Dungeon 5 - Stuck running in mid-air over a chasm
    • Room 1 - Fighting the first of the Brothers
    • Room 2 - Float draw point
    • Room 3 - Water wheel
    • Room 4 - The coffin where the second Brother resides, you're trapped running inside the coffin
  • Missile Base
    • Deserts - Prerequisites to the base, requires disc 2
      • Station - The desert train station
      • Platform - Sneaking onto the train
      • Desert - Formation of the teams at the desert crossroads
    • Grounds - To work properly these require a base-ready team (Selphie as lead plus two others), otherwise they'll hang at the initial screen
      • No Launchers - Start of the Missile base mission with 20:00 on the clock
      • Launcher Arrives - Couldn't stop missiles. Balamb Garden blows up, game over.
      • Launcher Broken - Couldn't stop missiles, Missile Base blows up, Balamb Garden blows up, game over
      • Outside - Outside the front gate (doesn't require a particular party)
      • Leave - Exit menu
    • Corridors
      • Corridor 1 - First room as you enter the base, both doors locked
      • Corridor 2 - Where the first guard is
      • Corridor 3 - Catwalk between the above and the launchers
      • Corridor 4 - Where the missile guidance system is
      • Corridor 5 - Blank screen
      • Leave - Exit menu
    • Rooms
      • Substation - Where you cause the power cut
      • Launcher Room - What it says
      • Hunger - Hangar where the Blind drawpoint is
      • Control Room 1 - Blank screen
      • Control Room 2 - As above
      • Monitor - Missile map screen
      • Leave - Exit menu
    • Leave - Exit menu
  • Leave - Exit menu


Your guide to early game Balamb and the disc 2 Ironclad battle. Note, after selecting the first three options the game will crash trying to play the "boats arrive in Dollet" FMV if you're not playing on Disc 1

  • Garden Car - With Squad B inside the car before driving to Balamb to start the Dollet mission
  • Landing Ship 1 - On disc 1 & 3, just before the briefing starts. On Disc 2, after the briefing on the boat has finished
  • Landing Ship 2 - The briefing on the boat
  • FH21 - Outside the train station in FH (If you go back to the crashed Balamb Garden on foot, when you reach the screen with the garden entrance/exit, you'll end up *coming out* of the garden)
  • FH22 (Meet Again) - Listening to the soldier intimidating Mayor Dobe before you fight the Iron Clad
  • FH23 (Before Battle1) - Fighting the soldiers in the soldiers and Ironclad battle
  • FH23 (Before Battle2) - Transition from fighting the soldiers to fighting the Ironclad
  • FH23 (Rinoa(in)) - Conversation with Rinoa after defeating the Ironclad (if she was in your party)
  • FH23 (Rinoa(Out)) - Conversation with Rinoa after defeating the Ironclad (if she went to the Missile Base)
  • FH24 - When the Ironclad is defeated and the Missile Base crew climb out the water
  • (Unseen option) - Exit menu

Dollet Soldier

Your guide to miscellaneous party and game things

  • Set Flags - Marks various disc 1, 2, & 3 events as completed? No visible effect
  • Clear Flags - Clears all event flags?
  • Add Party - Adds a member to the first empty slot (active party or reserve)
  • Delete Party - Remove a member from the party, (active or reserve)
  • Selphie First - Create a party tailored for the Missile Base
  • Chage Clothes - Self explanatory, change the outfit of certain individuals, or the whole party
  • Refresh Party - Reloads the room to show the whole party running around, instead of just Squall
  • Leave - Exit menu


Your guide to Balamb Garden

  • Restaulant
    • Restaulant1(First) - Cafeteria at start of game (Seifer, Raijin & Fujin, Zell runs in for Hot dogs)
    • Restaukant1(Rinoa) - Lining up at the cafeteria for hotdogs
    • Restaulant1(FH) - Cid announcement appointing Squall leader (Squall must be in the party or you'll be unable to move)
    • Restaulant2 - Seating area at the back of the canteen at the start of the game (the party starts too close to the camera, moving will switch screens)
    • Restaulant3 - An Ellone flashback. Zell & Rinoa discussing Squall's ring (disc 3 only)
  • Classroom - Entering the classroom for the first time
  • Level MD - These sub options are all the individual screens (in order) on the way down to and after the Oilboiles (not Discs 1 or 4)
    • Elevator
      • Elevator1 - As it breaks down going to the basement
      • Elevator2 - Initial shaft (nobody on screen, can't move)
      • Elevator3 - Second shaft screen (The Squall sprite quickly flies up the shaft into position, before you can guide him back down, he's also climbing down facing the wrong way)
      • Elevator4 - After and out of the shaft
    • MD1
      • MD1-2 - You start offscreen to the left, trying to run triggers a screen change
      • MD1-3 - You're stuck partially through the floor (can't move)
    • MD2
      • MD2-1 - Stuck at the top of the ladder, appear to be standing in mid-air (can only just make out feet it you turn left)
      • MD2-4 - Can only exit by climbing the ladder
      • MD2-8 - Squall's initial position is messed up but it rights itself
    • MD3-1 - Where you encounter the Oilboyle
    • MD3-2 - After defeating them
    • Leave - Exit menu
  • Leave - Exit menu

Esthar Soldier

Your guide to controller vibration tests.


Your guide to disc 3 Esthar stuff

  • Great Soltlake - These are all before Esthar is revealed
    • View(Raguna) - Seems to be a Laguna position test (direcions and buttons cause him to change pose)
    • View(Squall) - First screen at Esthar
    • Road1 - Screen before where Esthar is
    • Road2 - Screen with the dinosaur skeleton, first screen in
    • Road3 - Thoroughfare between the two above screens
    • Blind Alley - The screen where Abaddon jumps out
    • Wall1 - The Esthar reveal screen (you start off screen to the left, trying to move on screen triggers a screen change)
    • Wall2 - The Esthar reveal screen with the portal flashing
    • Wall3 - Screen to the right of the above (portal flashing)
    • Wall4 - Screen to the right of 'Wall1' (no portal)
    • Leave - Exit menu
  • Great Wall
    • Bridge1 - Mystery Building (no background rendering, you leave a 'trail' when you move, can't exit)
    • Bridge2 - After taking the hexagonal lift (before being driven to the palace)
    • Gate - Screen before entering the lift
    • Elevator1 - Entering the elevator (going horizontally)
    • Elevator2 - Elevator going up
    • Elevator3 - Finished ride
    • Panel1 - Walkway after entering Esthar hatch - (start offscreen at the bottom, trying to move onscreen switches screen)
    • Panel2 - Second screen of walkway before entering elevator
  • Luna Gate
    • Outside1 - Entry point of the facility (start too close to the bottom of the screen, moving will change screen to the world map)
    • Outside2 - Same as above but after the Lunar Cry
    • Concourse1 - After Squall has blasted off to space (party must be set to a story appropriate crew or Edea will run in wrong direction and get stuck)
    • Concourse2 - Before blasting off for space (start offscreen to the left)
    • Control room - Cutscene before the blast off FMV plays
    • Freezing Room - Where you select who's off to space. You're trapped inside the green chute in the middle
    • Launcher - Capsule going into ship, immediately before 'Control room' above
    • Leave - Exit menu
  • Sealing Establishments - The Sorceress' Memorial
    • View1 - The steps outside
    • View2 - As above but after the Lunar Cry
    • Enterance1 - Guarded door - nobody onscreen to control
    • Enterance2 - As above
    • Pod - Rinoa's broken cryo capsule, can't exit the room
    • Lunatic Pandora - Pandora at Tears point, Zell says something but the FMV starts and corrupts the text box
    • Leave - Exit menu
  • RGROAD11 - On Ragnarok, Joker (from the card club) is standing in the Aisle. trying to go to the cockpit puts you at the back of the ship!
  • Leave - Exit menu


Your guide to a 3 person party. All you get is the party select screen


Your guide to music and sounds

  • On memory sound - Sound FX test
  • Load sound - Wave sound test
  • To start map - Back to the debug room lobby
  • Exit - Exit menu

Iriguchi Page


Animal house comes to Final Fantasy! There's an invisible save point to the far left of Rinoa. Will crash in the NTSC-J version!

This is probably the work of Junko Iriguchi, an event planner.


Screens of Dollet, after the mission, before getting to East Academy Station. Not disc 4

  • After Dollet Mission - Exit menu
  • Outside the city
    • Outside Dollet - Exit menu
    • Entrance by the sea - Screen after the beach
    • City 1 - Main street 1
    • City 2 - Main street 2 with the pub
    • City 3 - Main street 3, with the Nautilus shop
    • Square 1 - The main square with the fountain
    • Entrance WM side - Outside the car rental shop
    • Harbor - At the harbour
    • Beach 1 - On the beach
  • Inside the house - All indoor scenes in the town
    • Pub 1 - Downstairs
    • Pub 2 - Upstairs
      • Normal - Before you beat the owner
      • Beat the man - After you beat the owner
      • Queen is here - When the Queen of Cards is in town, haven't beaten the owner
    • Pub 3 - The owner's secret room
    • Hotel Lobby - As it says
    • Hotel Room - After exiting the room, not actually in the room
    • Minka 2 - The Queen of Cards' father's house (The artist)
    • That's all - Exit menu
  • (Blank option) - Nothing visible
  • CARD rule - Play a card game with all rules enabled
  • Photograph 06 Pub - Laguna cowering in the Dollet pub, can't move (disc 4)
  • Photograph 07 Pub - Laguna at the end of peer, can't move (disc 4)
  • That's all - Exit menu. The Chocobo will say 'It iz Nothing, it iz stupid', and will then hop


The bumbler is this room's equivalent of the man in red in the lobby.

  • Biggs - Exit menu
  • Reset all - Clears all flags that can be set belowPHS
  • No battle - Nothing visible, battle on the world map still occurs
  • Scenario flag - Set various parts of the game as done
  • Individual flag - Flag's relating to various people events
  • To Black BG - Fade to a black screen
  • Change the Music - Cycle through 46 music cues. If you select this option for a 47th time, the game will hang
  • Turn off music - Does what it says
  • PHS on off - Turn the PHS system on or off

Dollet Dog

Cruel or not, this is definitely animal testing

  • Expirement with dog - Exit menu
  • Input name!! - Change the name of Squall, Rinoa and Angelo
  • Change screen color test - Changes the screen to one of red, blue, green, white, light black, blank, and vibrant (throbbing blue). The white option displays dummy messages
  • SEP Continuation - Both options reload the current screen
  • Test test - Infinite inescapable card games
  • Innkeeper - Nothing visible
  • Code test - President Deling's train codes test. They seem programmed to fail after the first number
    • Beginner - One button per code number, as normal
    • Novice - Two buttons per code number, don't remember this being in normal gameplay
    • Advanced - Three buttons per code number, as above


Laguna's back, and in second flashback form

  • Laguna/Centra - Exit menu
  • LunaPan Excavation Scene - Disc 1 only
    • Excavation Scene - Exit menu
    • 1 Start - Start of the second flashback
    • 2 Separate Paths - The divergent paths where you fight the Esthar soldiers
    • 3 Go down the ladder - At the bottom of the ladder on right divergent path, going back up will freeze the game
    • 4 To LunaPan 1 - Screen after taken the left divergent path
    • 5 To LunaPan 2 - Left turn before entering the colourful mines from the right path
    • 7 To LunaPan 3 - Exiting the first section of mines
    • 8 To LunaPan 4 - Before entering the second section of mines
    • 6 To dive off the cliff - End of the flashback
  • Inside LunaPan/Laguna - Also disc 1 only
    • Exit 1 from Cd4 - First screen of the mines from the left path
    • Path 11 Hatch - Where the three loosenable hatches are
    • Path 21 Tilted Hole - Where the furthest boulder from the detonator ends up
    • Exit 2 From Cd5 - Same as To LunaPan 2 above, entering the mines from the right path
    • Exit 3 S-iwa/B-ana/To Cd7 - Room before the detonator where the furthest boulder starts
    • Path 31 B-iwa/Dynamite - Detonator and nearest boulder room
    • Path 5 natural cavity - After going up the steps in the previous room
    • Path 41 Crumbling Wall - Where the Cure draw point is
    • Exit 4 From Cd8 - Save point room
    • Exit 5 To Cd6 - Top of the cliffs
  • LunaPan Labo - These require disc 3
    • LunaPan Labo - Exits menu
    • Moor (Lag) - Forced to work in the Lunatic Pandora Lab
    • Labo (Lag) - Sneaking out of Lab
    • View 1 (Lag) - Escaped, outside it
    • Laguna/Scenario
      • LunaPan Lab Scenario - Exit menu
      • Moor First Battle - Choose whether you save the Mumba, PHS junction screen then same as Moor (Lag) above
      • Moor after 1'st battle - Allowing the man and the Mumba to escape, Esthar soldier fight
      • Labo Odine iru - Same as 'Labo (Lag)' above
      • View Get information - Same as 'View 1 (Lag)' above
      • Labo Odine inai - After going back in to find Odine
      • Moor Before 2'nd battle - Before finding Odine and fighting the Esthar Soldiers
      • Moor After 2'nd battle - Lower level - after Odine has escaped
      • View Escape - Upper level - Odine Escapes From Laguna
    • Labo (Squ) - Squall inside the lab
    • View 1 (Squ) - Outside the lab
    • View 2 (Gate falls) - Outside the lab after Lunar Cry
    • To WM (Squ) - Squall on the World Map outside the facility
    • To WM (Gate falls) - As above but after the Lunar Cry
  • Laguna Kaiso - These options are the various stages of Laguna explaining how they moved the Crystal Pillar and captured Adel
  • Edeas Ship - These options require disc 2 or 3
    • Edea's Ship - Exit Menu
    • Front1(Middle) - On the deck of the SeeD ship
    • Front2 - The bow
    • Back1 - Meeting Watts and Zone again
    • Cont1 - The bridge, if you leave the 'meeting Watts and Zone' cutscene will play but Zone wil be stuck trying to run past you
    • Room1 - The captain's room
    • Day and Night Map - These options take you to what looks like a testing map. Characters are placed on the ship but none of them have collision detection, appear in multiple rooms, and aren't interactable with.
    • WM near the ship - Controlling Balamb Garden on the world map next to the ship ()


Around Timber in 80 screens. Like many other places, not disc 4

  • Timber - Exit menu
  • City 1~5 - If you go to the train station from any of these places, you'll end up getting off the train
    • Entrance - Helping two security guards fight two Galbadian commanders
    • City 1 - Outside the hotel. You start positioned in its revolving door but you can escape
    • City 2 - Railway bridge
    • City 3 - Outside the train station
    • City 4(Start) - Getting off the train
    • City 51 - Outside the Timber Maniacs building
    • City 52 - Town square
  • City 6~8 back
    • City 6~8 back - Exit menu
    • City 6 - Outside the pub
    • City 7 - In the main train station
    • City 8 - On the right hand platform of the other station
    • Back way 1 - Out the back of the pub with the save point
    • Back way 2 - Outside the TV station steps
  • Agit - Disc 1 only
    • Base - Exit menu
    • 1 Entrance - First screen of the train
    • 2 Meeting room - The train's meeting room
    • 3 Waiting room - Yep, the waiting room
    • 4 Rinoa's room - And, Rinoa's room
    • 5 Operation - The train models
  • Inside the house
    • Inside the house - Exit menu
    • Hotel lobby - As it says
    • Hotel room - And again
    • Minka 1 - The room at the other train station
    • Minka 21 - Downstairs of the house next to the Timber Maniacs building
    • Minka 22 - Upsatairs in the abovementioned house
    • Pub - In the pub
  • TV station - Disc 1 only
    • TV Station - Exit menu
    • Gaito TV - With the big Matrix-y screen (Selphie must be in your party or you'll be unable to get past it)
    • TV Screen 1 - The TV broadcast, testing announcer
    • TV Screen 2 - President Deling's address
    • TV Station Exterior - Screen just before entering the station
    • Studio 1 - Entering the studio
    • Studio 21 - As Edea enters
    • Studio 22 - After Edea and Seifer disappear
  • Rati plan - Also disc 1 only
    • Abduction plan - Exit menu
    • Roof 1 - On top of the first train
    • Roof 2 - On top of the second train
    • Roof 3 - Jumping to the President's train car
    • Connection 1 - Uncoupling the first car
    • Connection 1 - Uncoupling the second car
    • President's car - The fake presidents car, nobody on screen to control, nothing happens
  • Follow the plan - Various parts of the mission covered by the above options and beyond


Your guide to Dollet during the mission!

  • Dollet/Mission - Exit menu
  • City (Going) - Leads to sub-menu
    • City/Going - Exit menu
    • Mission/OP - Puts you at the start of the Dollet mission.
    • Beach 2 (No movie) - Puts you at the start of the Dollet mission, but skips the FMV.
    • City Entrance 1 - Puts you at the screen after the above option, with the Save Point.
    • City 1 - Puts you at the screen after the above option, on the streets.
    • City 2 - Puts you at the screen after the above option, near the bar entrance.
    • City 3 - Puts you at the screen after the above option, with the car and the Junk Shop.
    • Square 1 - Puts you at the same screen as the above option, after Seifer runs to the square. If you go to the square the game proceeds as usual.
    • Square 2 - Puts you at the square, after you're done scouting, when Seifer is trying way too hard to be cool.
  • City (After Square 2) - Leads to sub-menu
    • City/After Square 2 - Exit menu
    • Square 1 - Puts you at the Dollet square, after the events of Square 2.
    • City 3 - Same as the previous menu, but after the events at the square.
    • City 2 - Same as the previous menu, but after the events at the square.
    • City 1 - Same as the previous menu, but after the events at the square.
    • City Entrance 1 - Same as the previous menu, but after the events at the square.
    • Beach 2 - Same as the previous menu, but after the events at the square.
  • Miti antenna (Going) - Leads to sub-menu
    • Path/Going - Exit menu
    • Path 11 - Puts you at the Dollet Bridge, after the events at the square.
    • 21 - Puts you at the screen after the bridge, when you get attacked by the Anacondaur.
    • 51 - Puts you at the screen after the last option.
    • 31 - Puts you at the screen after the last option, when you overhear the Galbadian soldiers talking about the Comms Tower., and Selphie comes tumbling down.
    • 41 - Puts you at- you know the drill.
    • 33 - Puts you at the tower entrance, when Selphie asks you if you have equipped a GF.
    • Exterior 11 - The scene right after the above option, with the closeup of the tower.
  • In antenna (Going) - Leads to sub-menu
    • During Tower/Going - Exit menu
    • During 11 - Entering the antenna
    • 21 (Not used) - Does nothing, sadly!
    • 41 - Wedge and Biggs fixing the antenna
    • 31 (before movie) - The FMV of the antenna activating
    • 42 (after movie) - The Wedge, Biggs and Elvoret fight
  • In antenna (Back) - Leads to sub-menu
    • During Tower/Back - Exit menu
    • During 32 (After order) - Having to retreat from the antenna back to the boat
    • 42 (After withdrawal) - Biggs activating the X-ATM092 machine (98:40 on the clock!)
    • 32 (After withdrawal)- Going back up to the comm tower roof after the above (not that you have to in-game, no visible clock (it appears when you go back down the lift))
    • 22 (Not used) - Does nothing.
    • 12 - At the bottom of the comm tower's lift (98:58 on clock)
  • Miti antenna (Back) - Leads to sub-menu, all options have 98:58 as the escape time limit
    • Path/Back - Exit menu
    • Exterior 12 - Coming out of the comm tower, first X-ATM092 fight
    • Path 34 - Outside the comm tower after fleeing from the above battle
    • 41 - The screen in between the above and below one
    • 32 - The narrow ledge that X-ATM092 jumps up on
    • 51 - The second forced fight with X-ATM092
    • 61 - Crashes
    • 21 - Screen before reaching the bridge
    • 11 - The bridge
  • City (Back) - Leads to sub-menu
    • City/Back - Exit menu
    • Square 2 - The city square with the X-ATM092 crawling on the wall chasing you
    • City 3 - Outside the Nautilus shop with the 'X-ATM092 car squashing' FMV
    • City 2 - Outside the pub
    • City 1 - The last screen of the chase leading to the 'Quistis shoots up the X-ATM092' FMV
    • Beach 2 (Beat crab) - Getting back on the boat
    • Beach 2 (Pass by crab) - Same as above (must just set a different flag)
    • Extra Path 51 - Where the X-ATM092 clone blocks your path, if you try to go back to the comm tower after the dollet mission
    • BetuInfo Square 2a - Same as 'Square 2'

Big Cat

More party changes than a politician...

  • Cat - Exit menu
  • Squ Switch - Make a Squall centred main party
  • Lag Switch - Make a Laguna centred main party
  • Squall by himself - Squall alone in the active party
  • Input GF name - Rename all acquired GF's
  • From Laguna to the Present - Messes with the active party. It's not random but the correlation is unknown. Can on occasion fill your party with 3 Squalls! Fight a battle while this is the case to be entertained
  • Item full! - Gives all items
  • Let's do battle
    • Decline - Exit menu
    • 1 Galbadian Soldier - Exactly what it says
    • Sabotemda - 2 Cactuars
    • Go TEST1 - Go to The Girls debug room
    • Biggs & Wedge - B&W at the communication tower
    • Crab mecha - XATM092 (not immortal as the FAQ says)
  • Card & TIPS - Gives all cards

Sato Page


The jaunty Chocobo riding music plays upon entering. The page mostly contains portals to various incarnations of Balamb Town and the two gardens. Some NPCs have an extra menu which is accessed by trying to play cards with them. Most of the NPCs here reference fashion brands.

This was probably by Yaeko Sato, an event planner.


Has two different menus, try to play cards with him for the other one. "Tocca" and "Ozoc" are fashion brands. "Hellmoot Lang" is actually Helmut Lang, another fashion brand. All these options go to the same menu, on which the options do nothing visible. All except for the 'Sugino! Where is Sugino?' option which will cause the Galbadian Soldier to start saluting


Agost Shop! - Is actually referencing Agosto Shop, a fashion brand.

  • Balamb - Entrance to Balamb Town (Galbadia occupied, Disc 2 only)
  • After Balamb occupation, money - Doesn't give money, instead its various music cues
    • Chocobo - Chocobo Forest theme
    • Battle 2 - Boss battle theme
    • Trabia field - World map music
    • Voice de Chocobo - Chocobo theme (this is the music the room plays when you enter it)
    • ..." - Exit menu
  • Basic - Entrance to Balamb Town (After occupation) (not Disc 4)
  • Housewife talk, 2nd time - Nothing visible happens
  • Housewife talk, 3rd time - Main street in Balamb Town (must be in SeeD uniform to be able to get back into Balamb Garden or appear on world map)
  • ... - Same as above
  • (Unseen option) - Exit menu


This funky feline spouts a bunch of card game rule spreading dialog, then stuff from the Balamb Town mechanic, before finally giving you access to its menu. This does not happen on the Japanese version however, it goes straight to the menu.

  • Mr Iriguchi? - Balamb Station
  • Mr Nojima? - Balamb Town Hotel Room (Disc 4 only! Nobody on screen, can't move)
  • Mr Minekawa? - Plays random noises
  • Mr Minekawa 2? - Plays different random noises


Also has an extra menu you can access if you try to play cards with her.

  • 'Talk' menu: Manipulates the party and their dress sense. "J.P.G" is referring to Jean-Paul Gaultier, a fashion designer.
    • Add Party - Add member to the active party
    • Add member - Add member to the reserve party
    • Leave me alone - Make the active party just Squall
    • All in uniform - Party wears SeeD uniform
    • All in street clothes - Party wears normal clothes
    • Delete all members - Remove all members except Squall from active and reserve parties
    • Give money - Adds 10,000 gil to the current party funds
    • Laguna Alone - Chucks everyone who's not Laguna out of the active party (if you're not in "*Laguna Mode" this will empty the active party, trying to enter battle in this state is immediate game over)
    • All cards - Gives you all cards
    • Summon Beast - Gives you all GFs
    • ... - Exit menu
  • 'Card' menu: "Beauty:Beast" is a Japanese fashion brand.
    • All the options here seem to have no discernible effect.


This NPC is named 'Mikami Reiko' which is the name of the main character of Ghost Sweeper Mikami. Also has an extra menu.

  • 'Talk' menu: Obsessed with Balamb Garden's library. All but one of the 'Love love Hallway' options result in the same three choices. Given the submenu names, they would seem to relate to the various steps of Zell's love quest with the ponytailed girl from the library, but that's just an educated guess.
    Note for the Ellone 2 option, Rinoa will be added to your party.
    • To Wilderness - After returning from space with Ragnarok (disc 3)
    • Commander and Captain - All suboptions go to Balamb Garden library
    • Library 7 love love test - Also goes to the library
    • To Winhill - Outside the inn (disc 2 & 3)
    • To Winhill (Square) - Outside Raine's house (disc 2 & 3)
    • Love love Hallway - All options and child menus eventually go to the same submenu except for 'Borrow Book'
      • Borrow Book
        • Library - On the library path in the main Garden Hall
        • Balamb Gate - Outside the mechanics in Balamb Town
        • Balamb station - Train station
        • In front of Balamb Hotel - Outside the hotel
      • All others
        • Road 7 - In the Library Hallway
        • Hall 3 - On the library path in the main Garden Hall
        • Book 2 - In the back of the Library with the Esuna draw point
        • (Unseen option) - Exit menu
    • ..." - Exit menu
  • 'Card' menu: Gives you two options which presumably deal with locking a character in the party, but I haven't been able to verify this.


Also has an extra menu!

  • 'Talk' menu: More places and times in Balamb. "A/T" is referring to Atsuro Tayama, a fashion designer.
    • X0 During car event
      • 1-4 - Various stages of driving to harbour and boarding the boat for the Dollet mission
      • 5 - Disembarking boat after Dollet
      • 6 - After Seifer drives off in the car (Squall starts in the bottom left corner, if you finish all the dialog before he walks into position, you'll be stuck)
    • X1 On platform to Timber - Balamb station (if you board the train on a disc other than the first, the game will crash as the train enters the tunnel)
    • X2 To Zell's room after the event - In Zell's room (disc 2 & 3)
    • X3 Zell's room - As above
    • Low Battery - Exits the menu
  • 'Card' menu: "Intension chisato" is actually a mistranslation of Tsumori Chisato, another fashion designer.
    • X1 Cut Battle - Zell's house after the occupation
    • X2 Raine 1F ghost - Downstairs in the Winhill pub
    • X3 M room, elevator - Balamb garden lift 1F. Before the Norg fight. You get to nominally select a party but it has no effect except for the Rinoa selection
    • X4 Chase dog - Using the dog to find Raijin during the occupation
    • X5 After Raijin, Fujin - Balamb town entrance, after occupation
    • X6 Vertical check arcade street - Nothing
    • X7 outta control kid and girl friend - Same as X5
    • X8 After shortest clear of T-garden - Trabia Garden, revisited after the group flashback
    • X9 For checking master's room - Various sections of the report to Norg before fighting him
    • X10 Right after defeating Raijin - After beating Raijin outside Balamb hotel during the occupation (Squall & Zell must be in the active party, disc 2 only)
    • ..." - Exit menu

Galbadian Soldier

The soldier is named Tony Redwood, which is a reference to Policenauts. As noted before, Beauty:Beast is a japanese fashion brand. Various different scenarios of Balamb Town locations during the Galbadia occupation (not disc 4)

  • Gate - The entrance to Balamb Town
  • Arcade Street - Main street
  • Residence 1 - Old man's house
  • Residence 2_1 - Zell's house
  • Zell's Room - Self explanatory
  • Residence 2_3 - Main room in Zell's house
  • Station - Outside the station
  • To the next page - Next page
  • ..." - Exit menu

Page 2:

  • Platform - What it says
  • Path to platform - Outside the hotel
  • Port 1 - Main dock
  • Port 2 - Closeup dock (nobody to control, stuck)
  • Hotel Lobby - What it says
  • Hotel Room - Self explanatory
  • Library - As if it was required, more parts of the Balamb Garden library
  • Masters Room - Norg's room
  • ..." - Exit menu


The screen of Trabia Garden during various scenarios (discs 2 & 3)

  • Distant View - Outside Trabia Garden wall (requires at least a 2 person party or the scene will hang)
  • Front - Path to Garden grounds
  • Academy Gate - Front gate (you start off screen to the right, hold left to run on screen)
  • Cemetery - The graveyard
  • Temporary Housing Garage - Where the two homeless students live
  • Fesitval Stage - The stage with the embedded rocket (you start too close to the bottom of the screen, any movement will take you to the previous screen)
  • Classroom without roof - Roofless classrom
  • Classroom computer operating - At the back of the classroom with the two people trying to fix the computer
  • Basketball court - The various stages of the reminiscing group at the court
  • ..." - Exit menu


Has an extra menu!

  • 'Talk' menu: All Balamb Town locations during occupation. Disc 2 only except where stated
    • Gate - Entrance to Balamb Town
    • Arcade Street - Main street
    • Residence 1 - Old man's house
    • Residence 2 - Zell's house
    • Station - The station
    • Platform - The platform
    • Path to Port - Outside hotel
    • Path to Port 1 - Main screen of docks
    • Path to Port 2 - Closeup screen of dock
    • Hotel Lobby - what it says (going upstairs will crash)
    • Hotel Room - Balamb Town Hotel Room (Disc 4 only, on top of bed, can't get off)
    • ... - Exit menu
  • 'Card menu - "Abba House Doobie Net" is actually Abahouse Devinette, a Japanese fashion brand, the same with Via Bus Stop (yeah I know, quite an odd name for a fashion brand isn't it)
    • The first menu selects from various stages of the Balamb occupation
      • The second menu selects the stage of the 'Big Bad Rascal' sidequest

Hishinuma Page


If you enter this room in the English versions, you get treated to the Ifrit Cave/Dollet mission results screen... in German! Weird.

English Version Japanese Version
FFVIIIPS1 Germanseed.png FFVIIIPS1 Hishinuma.png

However, if you enter this room in the Japanese version you get a much more helpful message, telling you what every NPC does.
Balamb Bound Train, From Selphie 'Train 3'"
East Academy Bound, From Seifer 'Hi'
Deling City Bound, From Seifer 'Shi'"
FH-Related, Will Begin From Zell 'FH Bound'
Town of Countless Races, From Lower Left X Seifer 'Dome Entrance'
Sea Floor Dungeon, From Dollet Soldier
Chocobo-Related, From Rinoa

This weirdness is from Hiroaki Hishinuma, an event planner.


Screens of the train ride from Balamb to Timber (Disc 1 only)

  • Train3(Start) - Vestibule
  • 2 - Corridor
  • 1 - Private Cabin (first dream sequence)
  • Junction? - Corridor (after waking up)
  • 4 - Same as above
  • 5 - Vestibule (arriving in Timber)
  • Out - Exit menu

Blue Whale

A portal to various places in Esthar post Lunar Cry. Note if you exit Esthar and you haven't revealed it storyline-wise from where you entered the debug room, you'll be stuck in the middle of an invisible Esthar.

  • Entrance - What it says
  • Outload1 - Screen one left of the entrance (in the tube, at the extreme left of the screen)
  • Outload2 - Normal street
  • Outload3 - Inner walkway. You start in the green tube in the top left, the sprite is tiny (can only exit running into the screen)
  • InLoad1 - Outer walkway. Start offscreen to the left
  • InLoad2 - Walkway outside the palace. Start offscreen to the right
  • Next - Next page
  • Out - Exit Menu

Page 2:

  • Midload4 - In the red tube, start offscreen behind the camera, trying to run on screen will change screens
  • Shop - Start offscreen behind the camera, trying to run on screen will change screens (Entrance)
  • Next - Next Page
  • Out - Exit menu

Page 3:

  • Magic - Tube hub outside of Odine's Lab. You start too far back, trying to run into the screen will change screens
  • Outmagic - Outside Odine's Labratory again
  • Airport Enter - 'Flying' in the air, half in a tube and half out, can't move
  • Airport - Outside the airport
  • Park - Two screens in front of the palace, offscreen to the right (trying to run on screen will change screens)
  • Park2 - Tube hub to the right of the palace, in the mouth of the bottom right tube
  • Park3 - Tube hub to the left of the palace. You're placed on the green path, offscreen to the right. You can run onto the screen but while you appear above the ground, you're tied to the green path
  • Kaitei Entrance - Outside the Palace
  • Out - Exit menu


Guarding of the Chocobo Forest sidequest bits

  • Member - PHS screen
  • All Clear - Sets all chocobo's as captured?
  • Chocobo1 - Chocobo Forest Beginner (Outside of Shumi village)
  • Chocobo2 - Chocobo Forest Beginner (Trabia Snowfield)
  • Chocobo3 - Chocobo Forest Intermediate (Trabia Snowfield)
  • Chocobo4 - The Chocobo Sanctuary (Esthar - Grandidi Forest)
  • Chocobo5 - Chocobo Forest Expert (Esthar - Talle Mountains)
  • Chocobo6 - Chocobo Forest Intermediate (Centra - Nectar Peninsula)
  • Chocobo7 - Chocobo Forest Expert (Centra - Lenown Plains)
  • Out - Exit menu


Presenting Fishermans Horizon, after the crash (Disc 2)

  • FH GO - After crashing into FH, exiting garden with FH 'welcoming' committee
  • FH Home - Outside the Inn
  • FHAFTER - In the inn, beaten the Ironclad
  • Irvine Alone(exe) - Controlling just Irvine (outside the Inn)
  • Leave - Exiting Balamb Garden after crash (no welcoming committee)
  • Out - Exit menu


More Fishermans Horizon

  • Deck - After crashing into FH, exiting garden
  • Deck2 - Exiting the garden - carrying Rinoa - crashes if you try going into FH (disc 2)
  • View - FH Intro FMV
  • Roof - Top of the tower - Screen before taking the lift operated by the Familiar Face
  • Fish - The Master Fisherman's fishing spot
  • Bridge - Bottom of the tower
  • Road to Home (After Garden fest) - Meeting Irvine at the top of the tower after the festival
  • Omake - The Master Fisherman's fishing spot after completing his sidequest (Full-life draw point)
  • Add to deck 6 - Exiting the Garden to FH, tecnicians finished fixing
  • Over - Exit menu

Ghost Seifer

All about Shumi Village in Trabia.

  • Dome Entrance 1 - Start offscreen behind the camera (moving takes you to the world map)
  • Dome Entrance 2 - closeup entrance to Shumi Village
  • Desert - First screen inside Shumi Village (Disc 2)
  • Elevator - Elevator to underground Shumi village (can't exit, welcome animation doesn't play)
  • Villege Entrance - In the underground village
  • Hotel - Shumi Village Inn. Stuck behind the counter (hold right to run into scene)
  • Next - Go to next page
  • Stop - Exit menu

Page 2:

  • Villege Inside1 - Outside the Elder's house (Positioned offscreen to the left)
  • Villege Inside2 - Beside the pond
  • Presbyter - The Elder showing you his hands and receiving the Phoenix Pinion (stone quest complete)
  • Min - Artisan's house
  • Kobo1 - Front of the Sculptors' workshop (stone quest not complete)
  • Kobo2 - Back of the Sculptor's workshop
  • Hotel Room - Standing on the bed in the Hotel's room (stuck)
  • Stop - Exit menu


Other trains. Boo! (Disc 1 only)

  • Hi(To Garden East) - To East Academy Station
  • Shi(To Deling City1) - To Deiling City - just got on train
  • Nu(To Deling City2) - To Deiling City (Irvine trying to get with Rinoa)
  • Ma(To Deling City3) - To Deiling City (waiting around)
  • Shi(Over) - To debug room lobby

Edea's Ghost

That's the figure on the right if, like the Gamefaq's FAQ, you thought it was a 'glass crack'

  • Down Town - Outside the Inn in FH
  • Hotel Lobby - What it says
  • Hotel - The room in the hotel
  • Water - Outside the shop (end of the Master Fisherman sidequest)
  • Min - The Grease Monkey's house
  • After - Exit Menu

Dollet Soldier

Deep Sea Research Station teleports (Bahamut, Eden, Ultima Weapon sidequest). On Tower1 to Tower3, you can only go up as the terminals don't respond

  • Island - Outside with Ragnarok
  • Core - The resonating core room
  • Breaked Core - After defeating Bahamut
  • Tower1 - First floor
  • Tower2 - Second floor
  • Tower3 - Third floor
  • Tower4 - Fourth floor (stairs down open)
  • Tower5 - Fifth floor (no onscreen characters)
  • Tower6 - Elevator room
  • Next - Next page
  • Out - Exit menu

Page 2:

  • Sub steam - Steam room
  • Ruin1 to Ruin5 - The depths
  • Digging - The bottom floor (where you trigger Ultima Weapon)
  • Out - Exit menu
  • (Unseen option 1) - Do nothing
  • (Unseen option 2) - Do nothing
  • (Unseen option 3) - Do nothing

Moriya Page


"Welcome Moriya's room. I'm poor worker." There's only two NPCs here, and a funny glitch. The background is also different from the other rooms and is quite funky-looking. The demo version of the Dollet invasion theme is playing in the background. Will crash in the NTSC-J version!

Apparently Event Script Programmer Shun Moriya is a poor worker.

Girl running around

  • Gives you the Junction Exchange tutorial. However there's a glitch with it. If you try to use the music player after watching the tutorial, the music will now sound off-key!

The other girl

Gives several options relating to music, FMVs, etc, while a subplot involving a lunch date for beef bowls unfolds...

"Can you correct my English?" (An earnest request that seems to have been ignored)

  • 1.Music - Music player. However, there's a catch- refer to the above NPC.
  • 2.Sound Streaming - Will play Eyes on Me, provided you have Disk 3 inserted, otherwise it will just hang. It may play the chanting at the start of The Extreme on Disc 4, however, will need to test this
  • 3.Video Streaming - Allows you to play each FMV in the game (each FMV is a number), however there are more options than FMVs, so some options will hang the game. Also be sure to have the correct disk inserted!
  • 4.Battle - Battle against a single Galbadian Soldier while The Extreme is playing in the background.
  • 5.DISC Change - Brings up the disk change menu for the next CD, so if you have CD1 inserted it will ask you for CD2, and so on.
  • 6.Cardgame - Plays a card game.
  • 7.Etc - Brings up a sub-menu

Music Sub-menu 1

Student "What are you play music?" (Correction: 'What music will you play?)

  • Gameover - The Loser
  • Fanfale - The Winner
  • Landing (Trial Version Only) - The beta version of The Landing
  • Battle(SE) - combat ambience heard on occasion throughout the game
  • Escape1 - Never Look Back
  • Battle(SQUALL) - Don't Be Afraid
  • Funsui(SE) - unknown ambience
  • Escape2 - Dead End
  • Antenna - Staring Up
  • Mounten(Kill) - Intruders
  • Next Page - brings us to page 2

Music Sub-menu 2 - Student "I'm glad to see you again."

  • Machin Noise(SE) - mechanical sounding background noise, heard at Dollet etc
  • Wind SE - wind ambience
  • Crab - The version of Don't Be Afraid that plays when fighting X-ATM092
  • Battle(SQUALL) - Force Your Way
  • Friend2(Kill) - Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (the version that starts in the middle, when Quistis and team close the gate)
  • Anxious2 - Unrest
  • March2 - The Stage is Set
  • Landing2 - The Landing (final game version)
  • JULIA - Love Grows (not the actual track on the OST called 'Julia')
  • Walz - Waltz For The Moon
  • Next page - brings up to page 3

Music Sub-menu 3 - Student "I'm hungly." (Clearly whoever translated this menu didn't actually correct the English, despite the request earlier)

  • Friend - Ami
  • Dungion - Find Your Way
  • Piano - Julia
  • Parade Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (full version)
  • March1 - SeeD
  • Secret - Tell Me
  • Garden - Balamb Garden
  • Anxious1 - Fear
  • Polka2 - Dance of the Balamb Fish
  • GURBADIA - Cactus Jack
  • Next page - brings up page 4

Music Sub-menu 4 - Student "Would you eat lunch with me?" (Well, if there's hot dogs at the cafeteria...)

  • Flang Chorus - a chanting of 'Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec' that plays a handful of times, usually when Ultimecia is involved
  • DubChorus - similar to above, unsure if this one is used
  • SoloChorus - a female chanting that doesn't seem to be used
  • FemaleChorus - the chanting from 'Succession of Witches' isolated
  • Chorus - another variant that is used at least once
  • M7F5 - The Mission
  • Majo - Succession of Witches
  • The inner part of a IFREAT Cave - ambience (background ambience from the Fire Cavern)
  • Breeze - birds chirping
  • School of a corridor - similar to the above
  • Next page - brings up page 5

Music Sub-menu 5 - Student "I like Japanese rice 'KOSIHIKARI'." (Koshihikari is a popular cultivar of Japonica rice)

  • Bug voice - nighttime ambience
  • Field - Blue Fields
  • Town - Breezy
  • Concert - All eight of the Concert instruments together (so it sounds like two tracks on top of each other)
  • The roar of the sea(SE) - Sea ambience, from Balamb
  • Not use - silence
  • Registanse - Timber Owls
  • Flashback - Fragments of Memories
  • Horizon - Fisherman's Horizon
  • Master - Heresy
  • Next page - brings up page 6

Music Sub-menu 6 - Student "What do you like?"

  • Battle2(test)- Force Your Way (repeated, for some reason)
  • Rinoa - My Mind
  • TORABIA - Where I Belong
  • Horizon2 - Starting Up (Gerogero variation)
  • Truth - Truth
  • Jail - Trust Me
  • GARUBADIA Garden - Galbadia Garden
  • TINBER - Martial Law
  • GARUBADIA Town - Under Her Control
  • Pinch! - Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
  • Next page - brings up page 7

Music Sub-menu 7 - Student "Ok,go to YOSINOYA." (Yoshinoya is a fast-food chain in Japan but with branches in the US as well)

  • Junction - Junction
  • Eyes On Me - Roses And Wine
  • Lagna - The Man With the Machine Gun
  • Witch - A Sacrifice
  • Ancient Chokobo - Odeka de Chocobo
  • White SEED - Drifting
  • EDEA VS SQUALL - Wounded
  • Jail - Jailed
  • Missile - Retaliation
  • Speech - The Oath
  • Next page - brings up page 8

Music Sub-menu 8 - Student "May I have two beafboals?" (again, not much English correction seems to have been done here)

  • Gardgame - Shuffle or Boogie
  • Torture - Rivals
  • Rescue Rinoa from Garden - Blue Sky (note, does not actually play in the FMV where Squall does rescue Rinoa)
  • EDEA VS SEED - Premonition
  • Train(SE) - train ambience
  • GALBADIA GARDEN2 - Galbadia Garden (opening cut off)
  • Lass Boss(Intro 2) - Maybe I'm A Lion
  • Last MAP - The Castle
  • ? - Movin' (did Moriya not know what this track was to be used for?)
  • Start Demo - Overture
  • Next page - brings up page 9

Music Sub-menu 9 - Student "...(Now eating)"

  • SPY? - The Spy
  • VoiceDeChokobo - Mods de Chocobo
  • Salt - The Salt Flats
  • Alien - Residents
  • Column of Stone - Lunatic Pandora
  • Esta - Silence and Motion (Esta - Esthar, obv)
  • Moon - Tears of the Moon
  • MD(SE) - some sort of ambience that's presumably connected to the Lunar Base
  • Tear of moon(short) - Tears of the Moon (short version)
  • hikuutei - Ride On
  • Next page - brings up page 10

Music Sub-menu 10 - Student "Oh! I have no money!" (Oh, you)

  • Last Boss(Intro1) - The Legendary Beast
  • Movie - Slide Show Part 1
  • LAGUNA VS DRAGON - Slide Show Part 2
  • Last Boss - The Extreme (the chanting at the start is a separate sample)
  • White(SE) - ambience after defeating Ultimecia (when everyone except Squall is running around in a white expanse)
  • Black (SE) - second post-Ultimecia ambience (when just Squall is alone in darkness)
  • Ending (Intro) - The Successor
  • Compress of time - Compression of Time
  • Next page - exits menu completely

Etc. Sub-menu

  • We are now going into zone FH21 - Takes you to the square in Fisherman's Horizon (not disc 1 or 4)
  • We are now going into zone Ending - Plays the ending FMV (disc 4 only)
  • DISC1-4MOVIE - Four options, each playing all the movie from one of the disks in a row.
  • Change DISC1-4 - Four options that seem to do nothing?
  • Cansel - Exits menu.

Girls Room


Transportation, party supplies and game event management from the most testosterone free zone in the entire game.

Rinoa (Top Left)

Lavishes gifts and tests upon your game

  • @F - Exit menu
  • Party - Allows you to change the active party
  • Member plus - Add characters to the inactive party
  • Change - Change the clothes of Squall, Zell, Selphie or Quistis
  • Give me series
    • Item - Give 100 of each item
    • Card - Select between receiving either all cards, or just normal ones (Lv1 through 7)
    • Magic - Gives 100 of certain spells to certain individuals
      • The character options give those characters 100 of the first 32 entries in the 'choose' list below (Selecting a character individually only givem them magic if they are in the active party)
      • New - Manually choose which spells to give to which character
        • Choose - Select which spell the character receives 100 copies of. Note that after the first page, to select a spell choose the option above it. This is because the 'Next' option on the first page is actually the option for 'Water', the actual 'Next' option is the first unseen option below it. Apocalypse is referred to as 'Mega Ultima', and the last option labelled 'Scan' is actually 'Full-cure'
        • Recommend - Gives 100 of the 30 'best' magic (All -aga's, Water, Bio, Holy, Flare, Meteor, Quake, Tornado, Ultima, Full-life, Esuna, Dispel, Protect, Shell, Aura, Triple, Haste, Slow, Stop, Confuse, Sleep, Break, Death, Pain, Zombie, Meltdown, Scan)
    • Money - Adds 100,000 gil to your total
    • Summon - Gives the specified GF, self explanatory except for
      • Squall - doesn't seem to do anything
      • Rinoa ¬¨
      • Angelo - These both allow you to rename the characters but nothing else happens
      • Sacred - This is Brothers
      • Innocent You - Next page
      • Death Express - Doomtrain
      • Bartandres - Eden
    • Summon All - Give all GF's
  • Battle ON/OFF - No visible effects (i.e. selecting off and going to the world map still triggers battles)
  • To start map
    • Start Map - Debug Room lobby
    • Start Map O - Restart the game from the initial FMV with stats/GF/Gil intact
    • Black Map - Fades to black and mucks up the music, you can get back to the debug room lobby by the usual means
  • Battle Scene Test - See Notes:Final_Fantasy_VIII/Debug_Room for a table of what the numbers produce for the International version
  • Movie Test - FMV Test (After viewing the palette of the characters will be corrupted)
  • Music Test - Play the soundtrack of the game
    • @F - exits menu
    • Lose - The Loser
    • Win - The Winner
    • Open(out) - Raid On Dollet, the demo's version of The Landing'
    • Combat - ambience of fighting, plays a handful of times in the game's events
    • Run - Never Look Back
    • Battle - Don't Be Afraid
    • Funsui - some ambience I can't quite identify
    • End - Dead End
    • Antenna - Starting Up
    • Waiting can be used somewhere - Intruders, the name here suggests they didn't originally know what to use this track for
    • @G - takes you to the next page which has the next options**

Menu 2

    • @H - exits menu
    • Ante - machine backing noise, i.e. at the elevator in Dollet's Radio Tower
    • Wind - wind ambience
    • Crab - Don't Be Afraid - X-ATM092 version
    • Battle2 - Force Your Way
    • Friend2(Out) - Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, one that starts from the 'middle' so to speak, that plays when Quistis' team have to lower the gate
    • Fuan2 - Unrest. Fuan is Japanese for anxiety
    • March2 - The stage is set
    • Julia - Love Grows - not the actual track on the OST called Julia
    • Waltz - Waltz For The Moon
    • @I - takes you to the next page which has the next options

Menu 3

    • @J - exits menu
    • Friend - Ami
    • Dungeon - Find Your Way
    • Pianosolo - Julia
    • Parade Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (full version)
    • March1 - SeeD
    • Secret - Tell Me
    • Garden - Balamb Garden
    • Fuan - Fear
    • Polka2 - Dance of the Balamb Fish
    • Anthem - Cactus Jack (Galbadian Anthem)
    • @K - takes you to the next page

Menu 4

    • @L - exits menu
    • FlangChorus - a chanting of 'Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec' that plays a handful of times, usually when Ultimecia is involved
    • DubChorus - similar to above, unsure if this one is used
    • SoloChorus - a female chanting that doesn't seem to be used
    • FemaleChorus - the chanting from 'Succession of Witches' isolated
    • Chorus - another variant that is used at least once
    • M7F5 - The Mission. What significance M7F5 has is unclear
    • Sorceress - Succession of Witches
    • Reet - The lava sounds from the Fire Cavern, just before reaching Ifrit. 'Reet' probably comes from Ifrit
    • Soyo - birds chirping. Soyo means breeze
    • Rouka - similar to the above. Rouka means corridor, so this seems to be for corridors i.e. the ones in Balamb Garden
    • @M - next page

Menu 5

    • @N - exits menu
    • Night - nighttime ambience
    • Field - Blue Fields
    • Guitar - Breezy
    • Concert - All eight of the Concert instruments together, thus it sounds like two tracks are playing at once. In the story you'll only hear four of these at once
    • Sea - Sea ambience, from Balamb
    • Silent - silence, no music or ambience plays
    • Resistance- Timber Owls
    • Kaiso - Fragments of Memories. Kaiso in this case means reminiscence
    • Horizon - Fisherman's Horizon
    • Master - Heresy, for Master NORG
    • @O - next page

Menu 6

    • @P - exits menu
    • Battle2- Force Your Way (repeated, for some reason, there doesn't seem to be a difference between this one and the earlier one)
    • Rinoa' - My Mind
    • Trabia - Where I Belong
    • Horizon2 - Starting Up (The short Gerogero variation, but it does play in Fisherman's Horizon once too)
    • Truth - Truth
    • Prison - Trust Me
    • Galbadia Garden - Galbadia Garden
    • Timber - Martial Law
    • Galbadia - Under Her Control
    • Pinchi - Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
    • @Q - next page

Menu 7

    • @R - exits menu
    • Scene1 - Junction
    • Pub - Roses And Wine
    • Bat3 - The Man With the Machine Gun
    • Stage - A Sacrifice
    • Choco - Odeka de Chocobo
    • White - Drifting (White refers to the White SeeD)
    • Majomv - Wounded (Majo - sorceress/witch, mv - movie)
    • Musho - Jailed (Musho is Japanese for prison)
    • Missile - Retaliation
    • Speech - The Oath
    • @S - next page

Menu 8

    • @T - exits menu
    • Card - Shuffle or Boogie
    • Gomon - Rivals
    • Soto - Blue Sky (Soto means 'outside)
    • Majobat - Premonition
    • Train - train ambience
    • Garden2 - Galbadia Garden (opening cut off)
    • Bossbat2 - Maybe I'm A Lion
    • Last Dungeon - The Castle
    • Gafly - Movin. The ga is short for Garden
    • Demo - Overture
    • @U - next page
    • @V - exits menu
    • Spy - The Spy
    • VoiceDeChocobo - Mods de Chocobo
    • Salt - The Salt Flats
    • Alien - Residents
    • Sekichu - Lunatic Pandora
    • Esta - Silence and Motion (Esta - Esthar, obv)
    • Moonmv - Tears of the Moon
    • MDmotor - some sort of ambience that's presumably connected to the Lunar Base
    • Moonmv2 - Tears of the Moon (short version)
    • Fly - Ride On
    • @W - next page

Menu 9

    • @X - exits menu
    • Bossbat1 - The Legendary Beast
    • Rag1 - Slide Show Part 1
    • Rag2 - Slide Show Part 2 (Rag presumably is short for 'Raguna', aka Laguna
    • Lass boss - The Extreme (the chanting at the start is a separate sample that can only be found on Disc 4)
    • Last white - ambience after defeating Ultimecia, in the white void where everyone except Squall is
    • Lasbl - second post-Ultimecia ambience, this time in a black void where Squall is all alone
    • Keicho - The Successor, keicho means congratulations
    • Compressione - Compression of Time
  • Sound Reset - Stops music

Rinoa (Middle Left)

Story flags and progress

  • @B - Exit menu
  • Set flags 1/2/3/4/5 - Mark progress in the story
  • (Blank option) - Nothing visible
  • Play With Scenario Global - Mark various story events as happened, or not
  • Clear Guro - Unset all flags?
  • Junction - Squall to Laguna junction (Laguna et al. then become the active party)
  • Fei Wong - Disables the party menu button
  • Talent is Matured - Exit menu

Selphie (Bottom Left)

On the Ragnarok with the Propagators. Squall must be alone in the active party or you'll be offscreen and unable to move when selecting certain options. You can toggle which Propagators are alive or dead using 'Play With Scenario Global'->'Spaceship bit' from the above menu (Erect they're dead, Erase they're alive)

  • @C - Exit menu
  • Cockpit 1 - Cockpit cutscene with Rinoa
  • Cockpit 3 - As above
  • Exit 1 - Rear exit ramp
  • (Blank option) - Does nothing
  • Guest room 2 - Meeting room
  • Hangar One - Lower level of the hangar
  • Hangar Two - Small room off the side of Hangar one
  • Passage 1 - The room with the lift to the cockpit
  • Passage 2 - Room to the right of the exit ramp
  • Passage 3 - Walkway above the hangar
  • @D - Next Page

Page 2

  • @E - Exit
  • Airlock 1 - Before entering the hangar (Start too close to the front of the screen, trying to move on triggers a screen change)
  • Airlock 2 - As above but after you have manual control of the Ragnarok
  • Airlock 3 - Entering the Ragnarok from space
  • Hatch 1 - Grabbing on to the Rangarok while floating in space
  • Hatch 2 - Does nothing
  • (Blank options 1-5) - Do nothing
  • @F - Next Page

Page 3 All on this page are after you have manual control of the Ragnarok

  • @G - Exit
  • Airlock 2 - Same as 'Airlock 2' on the previous page
  • Exit 2 - The rear exit ramp
  • Seat 1 - Meeting room cutscene (Squall enters, shakes his head and the cutscene hangs)
  • Seat 3 - Meeting room with a space background
  • Seat 4 - Meeting room normal
  • Hangar 11 - Lower level of the hangar
  • Passage 11 - Room with the lift
  • Passage 21 - Room off to the side of the hangar
  • Passage 31 - Walkway above hangar (start off to close to the front of the screen, trying to run on will trigger a screen change)
  • Cockpit 2 (For Check) - Cockpit with everyone
  • @H - Exit menu

Selphie (Bottom Middle)

Lunatic Pandora, discs 3 and 4

  • @I - Exit menu
  • Air rush 1 - After crashing Ragnarok into Lunatic Pandora
  • Air rush 2 - On Lunatic Pandora - after beating Raijin & Fujin
  • Air rush 3 - As above, with Wedge & Biggs
  • Entrance 1 (up) - (start hidden at the bottom of the screen)
  • Entrance 2 (middle) - (start hidden on the right)
  • Entrance 3 (down) - At the Meteor drawpoint before the elevator lobby
  • Entrance 4 (down) - Near the number 3 elevator
  • Pilot Seat 1 - Rescuing Ellone from Seifer, Raijin & Fujin
  • Pilot Seat 2 - Cutscene where Raijin and Fujin abandon Seifer
  • Pilot Seat 3 - Nothing
  • @J - Next page

Page 2

  • @K - Exit
  • Entrance 6 - The 'Lunatic Pandora at Tears Point' FMV (disc 3 only)
  • Passages - These are various parts of the Lunatic Pandora 'caves'
  • @L - Next page

Page 3

  • @M - Exit menu
  • Inner floor (up) - Meeting Fujin & Raijin, before the Mobile Type 8 fight
  • Inner floor (middle 1) - The tube to the side of the one below
  • Inner floor (middle 2) - The tube at the top of elevator 2
  • Inner floor (middle 3) - A 'no-debris' version of where you meet Biggs & Wedge (disc 4 only)
  • Inner floor (down) - The elevator lobby
  • Adel 1 - Outside Adel's room (you start in the alcove at the top of the screen)
  • Adel 2 - Close-up of outside Adel's room
  • Adel 3 - Seifer advancing to Adel with Rinoa cutscene (camera is panned further right than normal)
  • Adel 4 - Does nothing
  • Adel 5 - Ellone expelling Ultimecia from Rinoa
  • @N - Exit menu

Selphie (Bottom Right)

Trabia Canyon

  • @O - Exit menu
  • Canyon (1 - 5) - Various screens of the canyon where Laguna fights the Ruby Dragon
  • (Blank options) - Do nothing
  • Laguna11 - Laguna, Ward, Kiros filming with the Ruby Dragon. Disc 4 only, you can't move
  • @P - Exit menu

Quistis (Bottom One)

Balamb Garden, not disc 4

  • @W - Exit
  • Hall 1 center - Main hall in front of the directory
  • Hall 2 left - Bottom left screen of the hall, on the inner ring (can't exit)
  • Hall 3 right - Bottom right screen of the hall, outside the path to the library (Disc 1 only)
  • Hall 4 front - Exiting the 1F elevator
  • Hall 5 back - On the path to the Dormitory
  • Hall 6 event - The meeting with Quistis in front of the directory when preparing for the SeeD mission (can't exit)
  • Hall 7 directory - Selecting from the directory
  • Hall 8 Event 2 Cid - Cid giving orders for the SeeD mission
  • Ballroom - The party cutscene after the SeeD exam (disc 1 only)
  • Balcony - The cutscene where Quistis tells you of the secret area (disc 1 only)

Page 2

  • @X - Exit menu
  • Gate 1 front gate - Reentering Balamb Garden from the world map
  • Gate 2 roadside trees - The cure draw point in the grounds (you start atop the stairs in the background. Running down the stairs triggers a screen change)
  • Gate 4 clock - The arch
  • Gate 5 entrance - (you start behind the In/Out turnstiles which block your path, you can't exit, not disc 3)
  • Gate 6 card reader - The In/Out turnstiles, you're embedded in mid-air inside one. Can't move)
  • Hallway 1 - 2F, coming out of the lift
  • Hallway 2 - Outside the classroom
  • Hallway 3 - Corridor to the back exit
  • Hallway 4 - Same as Hallway 2 but unexitable (disc 1 only)
  • Hallway 22 - Same as hallway 2 (discs 2 and 3)
  • Next Page - Exit menu

Quistis (Middle One)

More non disc 4 Balamb Garden

  • @Y - Exit
  • Road 1 to cafeteria - The screen between the main hall and the cafeteria
  • Road 2 to parking lot - As above but for the parking lot
  • Road 3 to front gate - As above but for the Training Centre, not the front gate! (exiting back to the main hall requires Disc 1)
  • Road 4 to infirmary - As above but for the infirmary
  • Road 5 to dorm - As above but for the dormitory
  • Road 6 to infirmary 2 - The walk from the infirmary with Quistis from the intro
  • Road 7 to library - As above but for the library
  • Infirmary beginning - The start of the game, after the FMV
  • Inside infirmary - What it says
  • Infirmary event up - Ellone in the Infirmary from the start of the game

Page 2

  • Big room 11 Living room - The communal area in the student dormitory (disc 1 only)
  • Big room 14 Bedroom - Squall's room in the student dorm (disc 1 only)
  • Small room 21 - Squall's SeeD room
  • Room 17 Living room (night) - Same as Living Room above, but at night (disc 1 only)
  • Room 15 Bedroom (night) - Same as Bedroom above but at night (disc 1 only)
  • Room 22 Small room (night) - Squall's SeeD room, at night
  • Monster 3 you know the one - Camera footage of the training centre? (disc 4 only)
  • Parking lot - What it says (you start offscreen to the bottom, trying to run on screen triggers a screen change)
  • Secret area 1 - What it says, with Quistis (disc 1 only)
  • Secret area 2 Up - Second screen of the secret area (disc 1 only)
  • Next page - Exit menu

Quistis (Top One)

Balamb Garden during the garden riots. Discs 2 & 3 only unless stated

  • @B - Exit menu
  • Hall 1b - Entering the main hall during Missile Base mission
  • Hall 6b - Talking with Raijin & Fujin in front of the directory
  • Library 1a - As it says
  • Deck 4 - The rear deck overlooking the White SeeD ship (you start offscreen to the right)
  • Deck 7 - As above, but with a different camera angle and you are on screen
  • Quad 1a - The garden festival stage (you start hidden behind the pipe)
  • Quad 3a - The screen before the stage (you start offscreen to the left)
  • Cafeteria 1a - As it says
  • Deck 3 - The rear deck
  • Deck 5 - Rear deck FMV

Page 2

  • @A - Exit menu
  • Monster 1 Entrance - First screen of the Training Centre
  • Monster 2 Left - Screen to the left of the above
  • monster 4 Right - And this is to the right
  • Monster 5 ? - On the walkway to the secret area. If you're not at a position in the story where you can visit it, you'll be stuck
  • Monster 6 Event - Saving Ellone from the Granaldo and the Raldo's
  • Headmaster 1 Entrance - 3F Lift (Disc 1, 2, & 3)
  • Headmaster 2 Room - Cid's Office (Disc 1 & 2)
  • Headmaster 5 Room After modification - Cid's Office with the lift to the Garden cockpit
  • Headmaster 7 Cockpit - Said cockpit
  • Headmaster 8 During Modification - As above but disc 2 only
  • @Next Page - Exit menu

Selphie (Top Centre)

D-District Prison, disc 2 only. For the passage options, Zell must be in the party for the game to continue. For the Inside big room 2, 4, and 5 options, the specific story flags must be set for the game to continue properly (these are the 'Begin Prison', 'Rinoa is taken away', and 'Mumba appears' options in middle Rinoa's Set Flag 2 menu)

  • @P - Exit menu
  • Passage Towards the stairs - Black screen (disc 2 only)
  • Passage left - Floor 1 of the prison (stairs side) You can go down a level from here to floor 256 and back up from there to floor 1
  • Passage right - Floor 1 of the prison (other side)
  • Passage 1a - After escaping from the cell (If somebody who's not Zell, Selphie or Quistis is in the party, you'll be stuck)
  • Passage 2a - Same as 'Passage right'
  • Inside big room 1 - The left cell room (on the prison floors)
  • Inside big room 2 - The cutscene cell (after the Laguna dream sequence)
  • Inside big room 3 - The right cell room (on the prison floors)
  • Inside big room 4 - The cutscene cell (after Rinoa is taken away)
  • Inside big room 5 - The cutscene cell (being let out)
  • @Q - Next page

Page 2

  • @R - Exit menu
  • Control Tower Entrance - Crossing the walkway between prison towers FMV
  • Arm control 1 - Being lowered to the basement (Zell shouldn't be in the party)
  • Arm part 1 - The basement (Squall must be in the party to continue)
  • (Blank options) - Do nothing
  • Bic in 6 - Various floors of the prison. In order they are 1, 4, 8, 11, 13, 1 (other side), 3, 7, 9, 10 and 14
  • @S - Next page

Page 3

  • Torture room - What it says
  • Torture room passage - Outside the room
  • Torture room passage further down - Stairwell down to the prison floors
  • Torture room 1a - Same as Torture room
  • Solitary cell - What it says
  • Escape door - The hatch at the bottom of the prison
  • Top floor 1 - The very top floor, control room
  • Top floor 2 - The floor below the above
  • Parking lot - Where the cars are parked in the prison
  • Prison Tower Entrance - Outside at the top of the towers
  • @V - Exit menu

FMV Test

English Version Japanese Version
FF8-fmvmenuroom2.png FF8-fmvmenuroomjp1.png
English Version Japanese Version
Ff8-fmvmenuroom.png FF8-fmvmenuroomjp2.png

This room plays first FMV on the current disc

  • 1 - Balamb Garden intro
  • 2 - D-District prison cell being moved
  • 3 - Revealing Esthar
  • 4 - Seifer offering Rinoa to Adel

After the FMV has finished, press Square to bring up a menu containing garbled text in the English versions, because the Japanese font is gone. Translations from the JP version are used here instead:

  • Return to TEST8 - takes you to another debug room
  • Leave it be - replays the FMV

The second room also has a menu with garbled text, translations are used here instead:

  • A1 Movie A1
  • A1 Movie A2 - I have no idea on what these are supposed to do, as they end up playing the Balamb Garden FMV on Disk 1 regardless of what I do.
  • Quit - quits the menu. You can get back to the menu by talking to Rinoa