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FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction

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Title Screen

FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction

Also known as: Flatout (Wii)
Developer: Team6
Publishers: Zoo Games (Wii US), Strategy First (Windows), Funbox Media (Wii EU)
Platforms: Wii, Windows
Released internationally: December 13, 2011 (Windows)
Released in US: November 23, 2010 (Wii)
Released in EU: July 24, 2012 (Wii)

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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What happens when you take a beloved racing game series, give it to the team that made Pizza Dude, and let them recycle nearly everything from their other games? You get one of the worst racing games in existence, a game so terrible that for a time it was the #1 (Now in #4 as 2024) Worst-rated game on Steam.

To do:
  • Unused sounds.
  • Leftover Wii files and other stuff such as debug scripts.
  • Flatout Stuntman and Wii differences.

Unused Map

test.dcw, present in the Maps folder. This map is just a skybox and nothing else.

Wii Differences

  • Has split screen.
  • Main menu screen is different.
  • Only 4 game modes: Racing, Stunt, Battle Arena, and the Wii-exclusive Car Basher (which has you quickly smash your cars to gain more points).
  • Just 14 cars are present. Further, Niago, Aumedo GT, and Orbetti have different car designs.
  • Extra menu doesn't exist and can view "Credits" in this version.
  • Selecting your car is different: there are three tuning options (suspension, engine, and tires) instead of using tuning presets, and info is displayed for each car instead of stats.
  • The cars have no drivers except in Stunt mode.

Revisional Differences

To do:
There is 11 updates had to investigate

v1.01 (aka Update1)

  • Added “Classic” option for more realistic springs, slower paced gameplay as well as harder physics for destroyable objects.
  • Multiplayer lobby game mode select
  • Improved physics (especially on landing), especially for offroad and monstertrucks.
  • Fixed the respawn issue in multiplay.
  • Video options: disabling of postFX, amongst others.
  • Radar fix in destruction derby & monster trucks.
  • More proper health balancing (especially useful in challenge / destruction mode but also during races).
  • G25 fix
  • Less spinning when being hit by opponents
  • Added ability for playing music from the Windows Music folder. (OGG/MP3/WMA/M4A formats are supported)
  • Multiple stability and functionality fixes for multiplayer
  • AI difficulty rebalanced
  • Car physics properties rebalanced
  • Reduced timeout for dropped multiplayer clients during loading.
  • Fixed performance issue in long battles with lots of cars becoming slower after a while.
  • Added Damage multiplier option
  • Now can spectate other players after wrecking your car or finishing a race.(Undocumented)

v1.02 (aka Update2)

  • Car deformation.
  • Improved physics model for all cars
  • Stability and functionality fixes for multiplayer
  • Ability to turn health regaining on/off ?
  • Improved gameplay / fov for battle, big battle and monster truck game modes

v1.03 (aka Update3)

  • Active lobby games are now join-able
  • Options such as game mode can now be switched inside the lobby.
  • Performance optimization for race maps.
  • Fixed car tuning bug in multiplayer.
  • Misc. (multiplayer) fixes.
  • Added Xmas 2011 character
  • Added ‘Moscow battle’ map.

v1.04 (aka Update5)

  • Cars get less stuck in other cars.
  • Roll of certain classes have been tweaked.
  • The default settings of Classic cars have been switched with the new settings. (eg: standard setting is now the chaos&destruction setting)
  • Smashing destructible objects now will earn you boost and supermove, but are currently due to work on multiplayer functional in singleplayer only.
  • Speed game mode now has the same functionality / game logic as race mode.
  • "Classic Mode" now renamed to "Game Speed".
  • Now can change "Game Speed" while entering Challenge (Undocumented)
  • Game version now can see in menu (Undocumented)

v1.06 (aka Update6)

  • Removed the developer and publisher logos from startup.(Undocumented)
  • Replaced an old loading screen to few new loading screen including an removed loading screen in an later update.
  • Fixed "monstertruck wheels crushes my car" issue
  • Improved physics for the 'default' Classic class tuning setting.
  • Added 'Classic' setting for the Muscle Class.
  • Tempered reaction for all explosions and other impact effects.
  • Upgraded first skin for default car, Grinder.
  • Greatly reduced the chance of cars getting stuck in each other.
  • Streamlined 'CrashSiteX' track.
  • Reduced default A.I count for both race and challenge mode.
  • Renamed chaos&destruction to fast and compromise to default in Game Speed
  • Now can finish 3rd or better in order to unlock tracks and car in Race,Speed,Derby,Offroad and Big Battles game modes (Undocumented)

v1.04 (2) (aka Update7)

  • Player can now bash it's way easier through opponents.
  • Balanced / tweaks for damage system.
  • Tweaks and feature improvements for the A.I.
  • Reduced default startgrid count for race and challenge mode.
  • Made cars and general gameplay feel 'heavier'.
  • Improved A.i. behaviour in 'race' mode.
  • New free DLC, "bad boy" vehicle, custom-made for Leon Furst for his ubercool and fun review.
  • Added "Heddly's SkinPack" for everyone.
  • Increased field of view for F3 camera.
  • Challenge / race mode: Don't have to be first anymore to proceed to next challenge.
  • Added more end-of-race cameras.
  • Reduced intensity of rear- and brake light for all vehicles.
  • Enabled framerate display in the video menu.
  • Tweaked various visual effects (sparks, tiresmoke on different materials).
  • Some minor improvements on performance / rendering system.
  • Reconfigured video-presets and video-customization menu.
  • Fixed Area-P's jump and lighting.
  • 'Harbor' map is now a lot easier to race.
  • Fixed cars colliding without character eject in the 1st stuntmap, Windmill.
  • Localization added for French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German
  • Now can turn Show fps in options menu (Undocumented)
  • Added 5 message when hitting an opponent in Derby/Big Battles mode (Undocumented and removed later update)
You've Ticked him!
Minor Scratch!!
Wohooo, Ultra-Mega-SUper SMASHHKILL!
MONSTAHH Destructor!
  • For some reason this update revert back to 1.04 (Undocumented)


  • Language fix
  • Added splatout mode



There is a demo can found in Steamdb. However, it cannot be installed because it is missing a depot and was added 3 February 2013 then removed in one day later. Probably a mistake putting this demo by the developers.

Broken stat

There is a broken stat char_max_flytime (Max single Fly-time (character)) which is you crash your car then your ragdoll fly out but doesn't work for some reason